Wants America To Change Pro-Gay Ways

Peter Akinola Boycotts Church Conference

Peter Akinola will not budge when it comes to his homo-hating. The Nigerian Archbishop and his conservative allies may boycott next year’s Lambeth Conference unless the American Episcopals change their gay loving ways.

He tells The Times:

The condition for having communion together is for [the Episcopal Church of the United States] to return to where we were by giving up its agenda. The problem is [the US Church’s] and the Western Church’s way of seeing and handling Scripture. Gene Robinson is just a symptom. I kept on saying, you do not have to go through Canterbury to get to Christ.

Akinola’s referring to Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury and spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion. Williams recentl announced that New Hampshire-based Bishop Gene Robinson, who is gay, can attend next year’s conference. Martyn Minns, who leads one of Akinola’s American colonies, has not been invited.

Meanwhile, Akinola had some harsh words for Williams and others who decry his American ambitions.

For God’s sake let us be. When America invades Afghanistan it is in the name of world peace. When Nigeria moves to Biafra it is an invasion. When England takes the Gospel to another country, it is mission. When Nigeria takes it to America it is an intrusion. All this imperialistic mentality, it is not fair.

You know what’s really not fair, Akinola? When people use religion to oppress people. That’s not fair.