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Peter Andre Embarrassed To Find Another Man’s Legs Attractive

Peter Andre, the Australian singer known as much for his abs (and dating Katie Price) as his awful ingle “Mysterious Girl,” appeared on the new game show Odd One In, where he unknowingly professed to find a man’s legs attractive. Ewww, right?

The game show puts celebrity guests in “hilarious and unusual line-ups” of regular folks. “In each case, one person will have a special skill, impressive talent, strange job or shocking secret and the participants must guess who is the Odd One In.” And Andre’s was saying which legs of four different people, hidden behind a screen, he found attractive.

Except three of the people were dudes. And he said he liked best the legs of No. 3, who was a guy! He was embarrassed!! His teammate poked fun at him!! OMGZ!!

It airs on ITV1 in the U.K. on Saturday, which means by Sunday, when the clip is online, you’ll be even more inclined to tweet mean things about him.