Peter LaBarbera’s A Despicable Monster

A Colorado-based second grader born a boy wants to be a girl. Thus, school officials and the child’s parents have agreed to let “him” dress as a girl, his preferred gender identity.

And you can bet social conservatives are flipping their wing-nut shit, like Americans For “Truth” leader Peter LaBarbera, who took some time to blast the decision:

[LaBarbera] says the real victims of the supposed “diversity policy” are the young man’s classmates. “If the parents are so misled to encourage their child in this gender-confused behavior, they should not be allowed to teach that same behavior to all the other students in the school,” argues LaBarbera. “I think it’s a terribly sad situation. This boy needs help, the parents need help, obviously.”

This from a man who claims to hate gay people, yet consistently shows up at leather events for “research”? Okay…