Peter Serge Avsenew Was ‘Cool’ With Gays Like Kevin Mark Powell + Steve Adams

Peter Serge Avsenew, the man police arrested in connection with the killing couple Kevin Mark Powell and Steve Adams in their Wilton Manors home, has a lengthy criminal record. Which is what allowed police to pick him up: Avsenew, whose Facebook profile is still alive and well and features many photos of him beaming over his son, was arrested on a probation violation, not murder. His rap sheet includes “vehicle theft, robbery, grand theft and engaging in fraud through bounced checks in multiple jurisdictions.” Oh, and he so doesn’t hate the gays!

“He was cool with all the employees, and many gay ones,” says Farrah Willis, who dated Avsenew for seven months in 2007. :He was not anti-gay in any way. He was a really nice guy who had been doing good; a genuine person who liked to party a little.” His penis even has a Prince Albert piercing, Willis adds (seriously), so how could he not think highly of the homos?

As you might’ve guessed from his Facebook wall here, the messages about being “free” pertain to being let out of jail; he’d served time twice this year already.

Police say Powell and Adams’ attacker knew the couple, and that they were not randomly targeted, though it’s unclear the nature of the pair’s relationship with Avsenew.