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Peter Thiel cozies up with homophobic Tucker Carlson to attack “identity politics”

Peter Thiel

Gay billionaire and Trump devotee Peter Thiel met up with one of FOX News’s resident homophobes Tucker Carlson last night to discuss one of the 58,740 things he believes himself to be an expert on, politics.

During the sit-down, 51-year-old Thiel, who offered a full-throated endorsement of Donald Trump in 2016, labeled Elizabeth Warren is the most “dangerous” of the 2020 Democratic candidates.

“I’m most scared by Elizabeth Warren,” said the venture capitalist. “I think she’s the one who’s actually talking about the economy, which is the only thing that I think matters by far the most.”

Which might make sense since Warren is criticizing the kind of economic system where wealthy people game the system to become not just billionaires but multi-billionaires while nearly half the country works for minimum wage in soulless strip malls owned by said billionaires who would never visit one but do fly over them in private jets.

Thiel, who donated $1.25 million to Trump’s campaign and a pro-Trump Super PAC in 2016, continued: “I think almost all the others are equally unimpressive in the sense that it’s all identity politics of one flavor or another. I wouldn’t want to rank how unimpressive they are since that would be forcing me to rank the different identities and which one’s more privileged and more special, and that would be a dangerous thing to get into… But I think Elizabeth Warren’s the dangerous one.”

We’re assuming he’s not a fan of the first credible openly gay candidate, Pete Buttigieg. Because, well, billionaires don’t have to worry about the sacrifices of others who allowed Thiel the freedom he enjoys today as a gay man himself.

During the interview, expert Thiel also opined Google should be investigated for treason, prompting Trump–who of course does not engage in identity politics at all–to fire off a tweet saying he would “take a look” at the matter.

Watch. Or don’t.

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