PFLAG Calls On Palin To Denounce Ex-Gay Conference

Upon hearing news that the ex-gays were coming their way, the parental figures of Alaska’s PFLAG today came out against this weekend’s Love Won Out conference.

And, realizing that Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s former church endorsed the event, PFLAG used the opportunity to ask the politico for a little compassion:

“It is unfair, at this point, to assume that Governor Palin endorses so-called ‘ex-gay’ therapy like that espoused by Love Won Out,” but that “Saturday’s event in Anchorage provides an important opportunity for the first GOP mom on the party’s presidential ticket to make clear that she, as a mother and a public servant, will not condone, either explicitly or implicitly, such attempts at dividing our families and hurting our kids.”

“Palin, and lawmakers of both parties, should seize that opportunity,” the group said, “and stand up as boldly and outspokenly for all of our kids as much as they do for their own.”

So, how much money do you guys want to bet that the ever-silent Palin ignores PFLAG’s pleas?

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  • Timothy

    I suspect that Sarah Palin will respond to PFLAG’s request for condemnation of Love Won Out with exactly the same words as Joe Biden, Barack Obama, and John McCain.

  • ajax

    The only response Ms. Palin is likely to make is a sarcastic one-liner, behind closed doors – like every good Republican would.

  • Puddy Katz

    This is a hard issue. Should we ask Joe Biden, a Catholic, to denounce Benedict XVI’s statements that homosexuality represents a disorder that tends toward evil? At what point do we stop asking folks to do this. I believed Obama should not have been asked to denounce Rev. Wright although I thought what Wright said was over the top.

  • dafountain

    I can’t imagine her saying anything. Why should she? She nor the Republicans in general don’t give a rat’s ass what gays think. They don’t want our votes to begin with. Don’t expect them to ask.

  • rick

    we are watching the downfall of the christian right. they all praised palin while not knowing a thing about her. and they are on youtube doing it.

    watching fox is a hoot. thank you george w. bush for that check in the mail. i bought a dvd recorder and am recording it all for posterity.

  • Michael

    Dafountain is right. Even if they succeeded in pressuring her, they’ve done only that. They should leave her be so that everyone may see her true colors: a red so deep it makes one wonder if she doesn’t spend her nights muttering, “Out damn spot!”


    Well PFLAG I’m on your side but please do the same with the DNC leadership. I mean there’s no doubt about what some people like Leah Daugherty think about us. Please no partisanship on this issue PFLAG.

  • michael

    Of course she won’t denounce it, but it is not because she is afraid of pissing off the Christian Reich, its because shes a fucking trailer trash Nazi who believes in it!

  • mark

    too many Palin’s

    too few polar bears

  • Gerard

    If you want to hear a puppet talk, you have to move the lever in back!

  • Bonnie Earle

    I do not believe either Obama or Biden will discriminate against Gays. The Christain Rights
    own the Republican party. My wonderful Lesbian daughter (and her many friends) could not accept the fact that Gays/Lesbians would not vote Democrat. PLEASE let’s not believe otherwise.
    This election is too important. Why even doubt that the Democrats will be better to and for Gays/Lesbians. Bonnie

  • Bent Alaska

    Whether or not Gov. Palin responds, Anchorage PFLAG will be outside the conference showing the participants what it means to love your children. I’ll post the photos on Bent Alaska Saturday afternoon. Thanks!

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