PFLAG Calls On Palin To Denounce Ex-Gay Conference

Upon hearing news that the ex-gays were coming their way, the parental figures of Alaska’s PFLAG today came out against this weekend’s Love Won Out conference.

And, realizing that Republican vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin’s former church endorsed the event, PFLAG used the opportunity to ask the politico for a little compassion:

“It is unfair, at this point, to assume that Governor Palin endorses so-called ‘ex-gay’ therapy like that espoused by Love Won Out,” but that “Saturday’s event in Anchorage provides an important opportunity for the first GOP mom on the party’s presidential ticket to make clear that she, as a mother and a public servant, will not condone, either explicitly or implicitly, such attempts at dividing our families and hurting our kids.”

“Palin, and lawmakers of both parties, should seize that opportunity,” the group said, “and stand up as boldly and outspokenly for all of our kids as much as they do for their own.”

So, how much money do you guys want to bet that the ever-silent Palin ignores PFLAG’s pleas?