Philip Seymour Hoffman Identified With The Gay Characters He Played

scotty-shades1When I play somebody gay, I never think of it as ‘I’m playing a gay character.’ It’s interesting to play all the different aspects of the character. There’s something else about the character that’s pulling me there that I identify with. With Flawless, it’s not that he was gay—I found it more interesting that he thought he was a woman. With Capote, it’s the story that he had as an artist. And in Boogie Nights, he was so completely stunted I don’t even think he knew his attractions were of a gay nature.”


Late actor Philip Seymour Hoffman asked about his penchant for effectively playing gay characters in an interview with Out magazine’s Michael Musto

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  • Cam

    I really understand that this is a big news story and the site wants to get in on it. But two postings about it? He wasn’t gay, and just mentioning that he played some gay characters seems like an attempt to justify posting about the story.

    Or am I just being a picky fucker? lol

  • Len John

    PHS could play a gay character without it becoming yet another stereotypical parody.

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