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Philly Hate Crime Convict Kathryn Knott Released From Jail After Only 5 Months


It’s not as if though we needed more evidence that we currently live in an unjust world, but here you are: Kathryn Knott has just been released from jail after serving a mere five months for her part in a brutal 2014 assault against two gay men in Philadelphia.

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The attack resulted in one victim being hospitalized with a broken jaw and two broken cheekbones.

The original sentence, issued in February, had been 5-10 months in jail — but Philly Mag reports Knott was just granted parole after serving the shortest possible sentence.

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Her motion for parole was granted by Philadelphia Common Pleas Court judge Roxanne Covington.

William Brennan, her lawyer, issued the following limp statement:

“Miss Knott has been an exemplary inmate.”

“She completed anger management in a timely, quick fashion. And she elected not to appeal. That speaks volumes to her sincerity.”

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Knott herself issued a statement upon her conviction in an attempt to drum up sympathy:

“I am so sorry to what happened to you both on the night of Sept. 11, 2014.

I ask you now for your forgiveness and I hope that you some day will be able to provide it.

Again, I apologize to you and your families. I wish you nothing but the best.”

At the time, Andrew Haught, the man who suffered the injuries to his cheekbones and jaw, didn’t accept her apology.

Pointedly, he said, “I’ll never forget that everyone in that group, including Kathryn Knott, left me the alleyway to die.”

It should be noted that Knott’s father is Chalfont, Pennsylvania’s police chief, Karl Knott.