Phone Fury All The Rage

Everybody who is anybody is having phone drama these days. Who knew Paris Hilton, always a visionary before her time, would start such a trend when she got herself entangled in that unfortunate Sidekickhacking incident. The scandal brought the celebutant almost as much press as her sex video–and now telecommunications crises are the must-do of the A-list and its hangers-on.

First Russell Crowe rips out a phone handset and beats a hotel concierge to a bloody pulp; then Naomi Campbell zings her Blackberry across the room and brains her housekeeper after accusing the poor woman of stealing her favorite pair of jeans. Now even Thom Filicia is throwing phone-related hissy fits in casinos–when will it stop? Before you know it, Melissa Joan Hart will attack someone with her Cingular. And we’ll know it’s gone too far.

Alas, for now the trend is hot–and if you’re going to hit the town, you better make sure you’re packing the cutest weapon. Allow us to recommend a few of our favorite new talkie trinkets (click on phone names for more info):

Nokia N90
nokia n90.jpg

Complete with a movie camera lens and adjustable swivel-screen, it’s perfect for long days playing with the Gawker Stalker interactive star map, filming celebs around town caught in embarrassing situations. You might even be able to download the site with the phone’s web browser! Perfect.


Motorola Pebl

Now the Pebl comes in colors, which are so so cute. We’ve wasted enough time at the Pebl Pond as it is. We can’t imagine how much fun the phone would be.


Nokia 3250
nokia 3250.jpeg

Download 750 songs–and three hours of battery life! iPods are so over already.


Nokia 7380
nokia 7380.jpg

So thin, there’s no number pad. But why would you need one? Everyone’s calling you, anyway.