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  • Adam

    Whelp. That’s that.

  • keoki3

    As if… Good riddance.

  • Spike

    Desperate. Wonder if he even knows what HRC is or does.

  • LVgay

    what a whore

  • Josh

    Few people have a heart as big as James and those that actually know him are extremely proud of him. It’s sad when people judge another person without actually knowing them, but then get upset when they are judged by others. That’s called hypocrisy people. How can we expect equality when we attack one another? Bravo James! I’m glad to call you a friend.

  • Ron

    He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone

  • Jose

    – “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Most of y’all are reading James for this picture. Unless you ACTUALLY know him, his heart and how he really is, why attack him!? I mean, I think he looks great!! Despite it all, Mr. Doyle has done well for himself. Keep in mind, this picture isn’t of him in the complete nude (like some of his fellow cast mates) and he did it with good intention and purpose. With that said, I think James has done an excellent job putting himself out there and getting his path paved further. You go boy!! Glad to know ya mister. xoxo ;)

  • Jose

    @Ron: – I am no one to cast a stone and neither is anyone else so for the time being, I’ll take shelter in my brick house. Stones just can be painful, ya know!? ;)

  • Pygar

    Josh. Yes, I know him. (Hung out in Lawton, OK a few times.) Sure he’s friendly to me, but what a mess!

  • Stupid

    He may be a wonderful person (despite all the televised evidence to the contrary), but this picture is stupid. No matter who’s in it, it would be stupid. I know stupid, and this is it.

  • Jacob

    I see a lot of hateful comments from faceless names…how brave of you to take shots at someone we know exclusively from watching a reality show–because we all know those shows always portray people exactly as they are. I won’t say anything about HIS actions here, but if this picture is going to be a magazine cover, obviously someone higher-up than a random blog commenter felt it was a good idea and got this picture together. But if we’re in the business of making snap judgments without knowing who people really are, let’s do it:
    A comment from “LVgay” about whoring seems appropriate… Nice to see you picked a name of subtance and materialism. Either you’re pretending to be a slave to a fashion brand (how original and not at all whore-like) or perhaps you’re just pointing your finger in a random online forum to distract from actually looking at your insecurities in person.
    And if “Spike” knows so much about the HRC from media or internet surfing, I would expect someone who is showcasing it on the cover of a magazine with even more resources at his disposal would also be similarly informed. But then, even if for some reason James isn’t, surely using any level of popularity or fame to draw attention to something as important as the HRC on the cover of a magazine–and indeed, on the internet, as shown here–is something that is GOOD for everyone involved, don’t you think? So yes, let’s admonish someone for making an effort to help our plight even in the slightest bit, because we’re doing so well now that we can afford to attack each other. Oh wait…
    And before you come for me, I’m currently unemployed, very single, and not famous, and have nothing to gain from speaking out. But as I’m trying to show you with my remarks, there’s no reason to throw hate around at someone we don’t know just because we’re safe on the other side of our computers. In the midst of Pride month, I’m sickened to see such blunt nastiness within our own community. We reap what we sow, and our community could do without some of the hatred you’re sowing.

  • wayne

    This picture was hotter when Adam Levine did it.

  • abOUT Magazine

    abOUT magazine is PROUD to have James Doyle on our cover for Houston Gay Pride! We are PROUD to never judge anyone in our community! How can we LEAD by example if we within our own community are the first to judge! Everyone here is allowed their own opinion, and are protected by the First Amendment! Thats what makes our country so amazing!

  • Jose

    @Jacob: WERRRRRRRRK!! Amen Jacob, AMEN!! That was excellent. Love the Pride Month reference. So true tho. xoxo ;)

  • dave


    which one??

  • Unoriginal

    Are we supposed to care about this picture? It’s so unoriginal – Janet Jackson did the whole someone-elses-hands-covering-up-body-parts pose 20 years ago when she did that Rolling Stones cover.

    Maybe this never-was will come up with something original that we’ll actually pay attention to.

  • Chris

    He looks like a living Ken doll. Despite missing some overtly masculine features like body hair I would still do my hair in the reflection on his stomach. Don’t move, I’ve almost got this cowlick!

  • roxorz

    Of course people are going to judge him. He went on a reality show and flaunted the fact that he lives off a “trust fund” and was a sloppy mess the whole time!

  • Cam

    I LOVE all of these friends of this guy, (Or this guy himself under multiple names) coming in here and saying….

    “How DARE anybody form an opinion about a person who agreed to go on TV and have his entire life filmed and presented to others for their judgement?!?!”

    Yes, how AWFUL of people to have an opinion about somebody who DESPERATELY did everything he could to insert himself into our life.

    Give it a rest people, this guy wanted the attention. If he came off badly on TV it is his fault. They may edit, but they can only work with what he has given them.

    As for the picture. It is the one of the least sexual things I have ever seen. He has waxed himself so much that he could get a role in Japanese schoolgirl porn.

  • cecil

    I don’t get it. Is that Amanda Lepore – or another trans-gender? If so, I get it.

    If it’s a lesbian, I get it.

    If he’s bi, I get it.

    If that’s a straight woman, I don’t get it or like it.

  • LizHale

    Haters are gonna HATE! Y’all are JEALOUS! James is a GREAT person inside and out. He is extremely courageous and is shooting for the starts. Y’all are just sitting on the couch hating your lives and green with envy. This doesn’t make him a bad person. It just makes u an IGNORANT COWARD! Not to mention he’s SEXY and you know he’ll never let u tap that! He’s AMAZING. Period.

  • LizHale


  • LVgay

    @Josh: I know people who know him and have hooked up with him too and he is a fucking dumbass according to them. This is the kind off gay that should go kill himself, not the poor little middle schoolers!

  • Spike

    @Jacob: “…let’s admonish someone for making an effort to help our plight even in the slightest bit,

    Really, seriously, how exactly does the picture help our plight? Specific to what HRC does, how does the picture help? Unless the HRC has made shaving one’s body their #1 priority, I’m not sure how this picture helps, I also didn’t realize that body hair falls within the plight of gay politics. BTW, I have that same sticker, been to more then a few HRC fund raisers, I can assure you the folks at HRC would rather that sticker on his mouth, instead be on the back of a car.

    Funny all the friends of this guy posting comments defending our passing judgement of a guy who last appeared on a reality show, where he share with all that he is a trust fund gay and now appearing naked with his junk covered by some chick. How dare we not be seriously talking up this potential to be the next Nobel Peace Prize winner!

  • Josh

    Wow, you totally just proved my point with your ignorance. I could get mad, but you’re not even worth it. You are a sad person and I hope you get help.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquedama de la Cueva

    I liked him in A-List Dallas. He seemed like a vulnerable and essentially decent guy. A big reason why Dallas was so much better than New York.

    That said: That is one hairless man. When did it become OK for a grown man to be that smooth?

  • shannon


  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquedama de la Cueva

    @Cam: Whoa, so much bitterness. Did you come on to this guy only to get rejected?

  • Laura

    Really people, so much hatred for someone that 3/4 of you don’t even know. I don’t know him personally but I’ve conversed online once or twice and he’s a very young, nice guy. He’s doing what he wants to do and making a name for himself. So what if you don’t like him, it’s no reason to be rude and unkind. Keep your nasties to yourselves.

  • jj

    Here’s the thing…we don’t need to be fighting for our equality with nude photos. Ultimately it’s a self serving and self promoting pic–I think he looks hot in it, so that’s lovely–but he and the A List franchise really aren’t an asset in the fight for equality. Wish him the best in the future and hope drinking doesn’t do him in.

  • FelixWood

    Eugh. This is regressive nonsense, like the NOH8 campaign that’s more about self-promotion than anything else.

  • FelixWood

    Also to the people addressing ‘haters’ and not to be negative, grow up. Being able to accept and understand criticism is a vital process of becoming an adult, I suggest you try it.

  • Esculapio Mitiríades Torquedama de la Cueva


    I so agree.

    For instance: You’re a pretentious, self-righteous @@shole. Your posts are long on big words and short on actual meaning. You enjoy using fancy language and hectoring other people because it lets you think you sound “smart.”

    Being able to accept and understand that you are all those things is part of your becoming an adult. I suggest you try it.

  • Okcgay

    What a loser.
    This asswipe actually lived in the OKC area for a few months when he was low on funds and claimed he was going to school to be a personal trainer (insert laugh here). He’d go out every night expecting lesser mortals to buy him drinks because he was on a Z level reality show.
    And as for how this horrible picture advances the cause of gay rights, I’m still waiting for someone-Anyone-to explain that to me.

  • Dylan

    Not trying to be negative, but being a Dallas native. The A-list Dallas show was embarrassing and painful to watch. I guess the guy is trying hard in his way for human rights, but I don’t get him. I kinda think he just promotes himself and only into himself a little too much. Oh well it’s a fad. It will pass…

  • MandN

    I don’t know him personally, but I do know what he was trying to do because I do it for a living as a marketing professional.

    He was outreaching to prospective influencers under the guise of a cause. James has a degree in PR, he could be dumb, but he knew what he was doing in this instance. I’m not going to lie, I do this all the time for clients, but I do it with far more flawless weaving. James should have done his research. He thought gays love naked + equal rights; therefore, if I put them together=viral image. It’s not that simple, but I must say, he did get his image published here either way, so it may not have been the light he had hoped for, but in the end, he met his goal. It’s longevity and impact will probably be minimal at best, however. Personally, I have a problem with someone so blatantly riding the rights wave to get some PR, because it insults my intelligence. But 50% of the gays will probably fall for it.

    What this SHOULD have been: “James Doyle Donates $4,000 to Local HRC Chapter and Volunteers 30 Community Service Hours” Accompanied by this photo, because alone, this photo is not sufficient content.

    Again, this is the science behind what he was doing. Not a personal reflection.

  • Caleb

    @FelixWood: Celebrities become apart of NOH8 to show support to our community just like everyone else that has become apart of the campaign, not self-promotion. You need to stop acting so jaded..Also criticism is one thing, bullying is another. That is exactly what some of these comments are. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • GayMayorOKC

    I am the Gay Mayor of OKC and this bozo even tried to bum drinks off me! I told him no way, go find another sugar daddy boyo!

  • toboot

    I won’t dwell to much on Jame’s character and or flaws, but I will say this much. From watching him bounce recklessly from one city to another every few months, the heavy drinking, the failed educational endeavors, the failed military endeavors, and lack of personal identity I really don’t know if you men realize that he doesn’t represent the structured part of our community but the crumbling one. I do think it is something that should be discussed, but neither idolized or slandered. You men defend him because you.fawn after the Adonis Factor… Other men hate him because he is the embodiment of all your insecurities. This is definitely not a moment of which someone is reaching for the stars… Nothing can be after that show. It felt like setting a mass reset on progress. But as much as I feel James is a bit caught up in ‘limelight’ he needs to not commercialize himself off our community in such blatant disreguard for HRC… Pictures like this kinda throw their agenda off the tracks on an international scale when they are trying to show the LGBT as normal everyday society. Also, quit calling him a whore. We all have issues. And finally you guys that idolize him need to pull it together. Quit acting like you know him and heis so special. He ain’t any better than the rest of us… And you aren’t helping his ego. Sorry I get to hide this lame name and say this James. :P

  • MandN

    Amendment to previous statement at 2:03 a.m.: I believe I mis-wrote. James “studied PR.”

  • GayMayorOKC

    Yeah, he also studied Advanced Drinking 101 with a minor in pharmecuticals!

  • Gay Bacon

    The show definitely portrayed him as an alcoholic out of control. Stillll confused about what made him A-List. What exactly were his accomplishments?

  • James Doyle

    – You know, I’m only gonna write about this once. I do alot of crazy stuff at times and yes, people don’t like me and have something against me no matter WHAT I do. I have been called a whore for my new image, a hypocrite, I’ve been told I have no right to do a picture for equality, I’ve been called a mess, a drunk, a slut, a user, a druggie, a poser, and I’ve been told I should kill myself. The gay community in my opinion is one of the most vicious and hateful places someone can live in, but you know what, I don’t care anymore. I’m tired of doing things and just having people rip me apart like they fucking know who I am. You don’t know who I am, you might have known me in the past or you might have heard shit about me from your friends, but you DON’T know me. Only those people who I truly let into my life know me. Yes, I was on a reality show, and yes I wasn’t the best example in the world, but guess what, that DOES NOT give somebody the right to tell me who I am, nor does it give someone the right to tell me I should kill myself. Our community makes me SICK to my stomach at times, and we all know how mean we are, I’m guilty of it at times. But seriously, I have owned up to my actions on the “A-List” and I will continue to improve my life and myself. I don’t care what people think of me other than those I truly care about. I did this picture to show my passion for equality and I have been completely RIPPED apart, which is fine. I knew it would happen and I am not going to play a victim. But seriously, some of those comments are very hateful and really do hurt, people act like since you were on tv that you don’t have feelings, well guess what, I do. And I try my best EVERYDAY to be sweet and kind to everyone I meet, but still it doesn’t seem to be enough. I am gonna live with the image I was portrayed as for the rest of my life and I’m ok with that. I have very thick skin now. But honestly, reading some of these comments tonight really breaks my heart and my drive. People are disgusting at times, gay people make me ashamed at times, but I know that they are just either jealous or bitter as hell. My friends are my life, my rock, and my passion to continue doing what I do and to be myself and without them I honestly would be lost. Thank you guys for supporting me in everything and coming to my defense anytime someone says something hateful. But for all the haters out there and the people saying horrid things about me and my friends, remember, I might not sleep well tonight because it really does tear me up, but that is what separates me from you. You sleep well knowing you emotionally hurt someone and I’ll sleep knowing I’m loved. Life will go on, this picture and my show will be forgotten but I know who I am now, who I use to be, and who I will be, and ya’ll can’t ever hurt me like you wish too. Goodnight and sleep tight ya’ll, it’s been a long day. And go ahead and continue writing whatever you honestly care about saying. I care and don’t care at the same time, at least you took the time to write about me. xoxo.

  • Spectra

    I love my James, he is the sweetest down home boy I’ve ever known, and I’ve had a good 6 pr 7 years of time with him to know this as fact. He is a doll and a dreamer and has every right to do whatever he wants, he isn’t hurting anyone and he is truly an inspiring individual. James does nothing but uplift those around him and put a smile on peoples faces. He is just trying to find his place in life, just like the rest of us, and you people with your ugly black hearts can do nothing but get mad at him for having the balls to embrace the freedom you can’t digest let alone imagine having. You are all so consumed with cramming the world inside of your little box when really you are just pissed at everyone who can live free of it. Go do something meaningful or at least fun with your lives and stop wasting away behind a computer screen trying to tear the rest of us down for doing so.

    James you are a sexy bitch and I love you to pieces. Having this many haters means you must be doing something right! I guess you are finally making it!! Love u cookie <3

  • Mk Ultra

    Holy crap! This guy has got his fan club working overtime.
    Yes we know. He walked on water and feed the poor.
    A deer stepped out of the forest and ate from his hand.
    He was born and doves wept.
    How wonderful. He is my hero, right after Justin Beiber.

  • amy

    For those of you bashing James, its shameful. I’ve known James, in real life for almost 12 years. In fact we went to high school together. He is very sweet, and brutally honest. I KNOW him. And i can honestly say that i am very proud of James for taking a stand for something that means something to him. He has opened up his personal life to you, and how do you respond? By treating him like trash. Reality tv makes even the most wonderful people look horrible. It’s a fact. You only see what “the man” wants you to see. They choose bits and pieces to cause drama, make people look bad, fill an ideal that they have for this character, and most of all to get ratings. How about every one of you take a moment and look at yourselves, and all of the shameful things you have said or done? Let someone follow you around with a camera and capture the most private moments and put them on tv, and see how you feel. I’m sure that the James I know and love has sat back and said, “oh Damn, I shouldn’t have said, done, or acted like that” but he can’t change that now. All he can do is move forward and shove it down every doubter’s throat. He is and will continue to be successful, I have faith that he knows how and where he wants to go. And he will get there.

    JB, honey, you are doing wonderful, no shame in being human. I’m very proud of all you have done. And please don’t let the hateful people bring you down. I know you are sweet and wonderful, and don’t lose yourself.


  • Lifer

    @James Doyle:

    You forgot porn star, cause that’s what I call you, & I couldn’t be happier
    that you’ve gone back to your first love.

    Also, when you say you feel naked, it’s because:

    1) you are
    2) there are no tv cameras around you anymore

    In truth, if there was someone I could’ve liked on A-holes Dallas, it would’ve been you.
    I tend to like the Bethenny housewife that calls people on their messes and
    Acknowledges their own. However, it became clear that your most prominent trait became
    being an entitled ass who deep down doesn’t really want to work for anything in life.
    But, you do look good, although that still appears to be your only achievement in life
    from my superficial vantage point.

    I guess what I’m saying is that you lack serious substance in your character.
    The good news is that it ain’t too late.

  • Bailey

    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • David1985

    I love how people can be so hateful from behind the computer screen smh

  • Bailey

    @James Doyle: “I’ve been called a mess, a drunk, a slut, a user, a druggie, a poser, and I’ve been told I should kill myself. The gay community in my opinion is one of the most vicious and hateful places someone can live in, but you know what, I don’t care anymore.”

    If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have written a diatribe about ‘not caring’ you media whore!

  • David1985

    @James Doyle:
    I wouldn’t take any of this shit to heart I doubt anyone would even say any of this to your face. I know you’re always nice to me when I see u out when you’re in okc. Keep ur head up:-)

  • Cherry

    All i know of him is what ive heard and seen every time ive tried to talk to him he has either ignore me like a douche probably cause im not pretty enough or somethingo or asked me for sex…which i have proof of this…all i wanted to do is be nice to the guy cause ive heard things about him which i dont judge i give everyone a chance but so far he has held up to what i have heard about him…he claims to want a relatiopnship but he doesnt give the guys who dont have money or a nice car or nice body the time of day to me its judgemental he only talks to pretty boys who have alot of stuff otheriwse he acts like your beneth him when really he needs to realize its whats on the inside that counts not the outside…


    Its sad that we as gays already have to be bashed by straight society, and James is being bashed by his so called FAMILY. Shame on you people. I applaud you James for your strenght and bravery. Thank you for standing up for equality, in the buff :)

  • CJ

    Um.. yeah i used to date this boy when he lived in Oklahoma since that is actually where he is from and not dallas TX. This always made me wonder how he ended up on a list dallas .. when he isnt a local he just moved there a few years ago. I did watch the show and thought eh.. he acted the same as he always did. He really does have a desperation to be in the spot light that only booze and being a whore has been able to full fill.

  • Max

    I honestly have no idea who this person was until this article so I won’t judge him for the A-List, but this picture and the above response were in incredibly poor taste. The Human Rights Campaign has done and will continue to do more for GLBT rights than I can currently list, and it’s use hear for this one man’s naked self promotion is a bit appalling (no matter how attractive he may be).

    Normally I would not judge any celebrity on any photo but when the photo was specifically envisioned by the celebrity in question, it becomes less about judging a book by it’s cover and more about judging an artist by his work. After this, I do not care to see more.

  • megz shroomz

    It amazes me how many of you all are quick to judge. I’m sure you’ll judge me on this and that’s fine. You don’t know James and you don’t know me! That boy has a huge heart just like me. We’ve had our ups and Downs together but James did a lot for me!! We lived together for a while after he was kicked out for being gay. James and I’s dream was to make it big and follow our dreams. I’m so proud of him. Because a big difference between he and I he isn’t affraid to move city to city. This photo I know was in support for all the bullshit, bullying, and judgmental people out there. If you strip everything we are all equal. Those that judge or demean anyone else… that makes us better than you. There is only ONE GOD…. PRETTY SURE NONE OF YOU PEOPLE COMMENTING HAVE THE TITLE GOD. James is a great person. If you don’t know him you really have no room to talk. Further more… its not like he got naked for a just cause. PETA supporters do.lastly… James and I are a lot the same this way. We want to get our names and our photos out there. There might be a lot of y’all pointing fingers, calling names, but the end of the day it worked… just think before you judge people. James I love ya. :)

  • Chris

    @LVgay: Considering the current social environment, i find your suggestion that ANYONE should kill themself to be irresponsible and disgusting. Really, when did that become an appropriate thing to say??

  • ousslander

    @MLEWIS: He may be your family but he sure as hell ain’t mine.

    If you don’t want people to label you as a douche bag then don’t act like one onn a reality show.

  • RealOKCGayMayor

    Haha, STILL not one person can say exactly what this whore has done to improve gay rights.
    Come on people does posing naked with a tranny cupping your tiny dick in a black and white picture make things easier for gays nationwide? Or in OKC where I get trashed and coked up every weekend? No way.
    This is all about one thing and one thing only…getting attention. Now that his shitty reality show got canceled he’s deserate to do anything he can to try and keep his name out there.
    He doesn’t give a shit about gay rights. He only cares about where the next drink is coming from!

  • shawn kidwell

    First off dont know the guy, I have seen him at the clubs that is about it, and have never watched the dallas a list show, that isnt something i would want to watch, that being said, we have choices in this world to not view, click, or watch something that so called upsets or promotes something we dont agree with, but noooooo it is much easier to go after some kid, who is young and fortunate enough to have looks, and in a culture that is looks obsessed, goes out and uses his looks and himself to be something that matters to him. I am confused at the toxic nature of people who have the choice not to let this person or anything about him into their lives, yet go out of their way to click on the story and then put the kid down in a toxic way. He is doing nothing that any of us dont do, just in a different field of employment. If your young and finding you footing in the world and looking for employment you train, you use your talents, who you know and all your skills to get the job done, this is no different, he is in no way doing something that actually harms others, he is self promoting and that it. How is what he doing wrong to a culture that sits behind a computer and bitches. Let the kid be a kid, let him learn make his mistakes claim his success’s, and be himself, in other words do no more nor no less than what you would expect from others in regards to yourself.

  • Tyler Frazier

    This makes me sick. Not the picture but all you hatin ass bitches. James is doing nothing wrong here so why bash him. At least he’s contributing to equality. What are y’all doin besides bitchin and hatin ? I support you James all the way

  • REALokcgaymayor

    Whatever Shawn Kidwell I’m the gay mayor of OKC and am more f*cked up every weekend than anyone so I think I know another loser when I see one. James Doyle blew through his trust fund so now he’s desperate to do anything to make a buck. Pathetic loser!

  • REALokcgaymayor

    And for the last time, HOW THE HELL DOES POSING NAKED WITH AN UGLY TRANNY COVERING YOUR JUNK advancing the cause of gay rights? All this crap about “haters” but not one of you jerks can answer that question, can you? Because this crappy picture doesn’t do a thing but show what an attention whore James Doyle is!

  • shawn kidwell

    @James Doyle: be yourself do what you do move forward and stare straight ahead of this stupidity

  • Bored

    Every gay guy has to do a naked photoshoot right?…

  • Baha trash

    KNOW JAMES… lol everyone in Oklahoma has been WITH James… Skinny cheer boy… Fat druggy, Everyone thought he had aids for a while…

    Needless to say…. Kids not the brightest crayon in the box… and that takes a lot of work in Oklahoma… Ya… I remember him hanging out the Copa… aimlessly looking for a hookup…

    GROSS… I don’t even know how he got cast…

  • OrchidIslander

    Shootz James, I’m into you for no more reason that she had to use two hands to cover your junk!

    Shine the negativity on. The internet is not exactly a warm and fuzzy place.

    It seems you have plenty of friends who speak out and up for you.

    You need no more than that.


  • Gay Bacon

    My “what makes him A-List?” question still didn’t get answered. Was there like a lot of pro gay activism, does he own a company, was he the first openly gay man in Ok? Wtf? I really don’t care if he’s a scene queen. Scene queens can be great people too. The guy I met tonight had a tramp stamp on his back that said,”JIZZ LOVER” and when we were walking to my car, he saw a homeless guy and gave him $20. Great person.

    What did James do to get Logo’s attention and earn him the title A-List? Don’t mean to come off as a cyber bully but it’s a question that google has not answered.

  • Marco

    I don’t get it!? He’s not naked…why is she covering-up his vagina?


    I find this entire dialog sad. Reminds me of the play ground when in grade school… Do you not have anything better to do than to take the time to be disrespectful and hateful? I can think of a million things I rwould ather be doing than sitting here saying my piece to this juvenile rhetoric, but fact remains, I’m sitting here on a movie set burning my ass off bored. So at this moment I have nothing better than to stick my two cents out for this boy… Basically, I nailed it on the head in one word. He is young and making his place in life. We have all done things we are not proud of; we move on.

    As far as whether I agree or not with who James is or what people say he is, it doesn’t matter unless he depicts that persona to me. If it listen to what other people say, that is just hearsay. I don’t judge people by what people say, but how they act. That is how grown-ups act. Ladies, we are not on the playground or a bad version of “The Housewives of Orange County.” Stop the gossip.

    I didn’t know James before or during the show, but knew who he was before meeting him, thanks to people talking out of turn, much like here… He recently moved into my building and has been respectful and guinuenly nice and I appreciate that especially in a city such as Dalllas, where people are not.

    My last observation is apparently no one read “Queerty’s Comment Policy” where even with out selecting the link, it says “avoid personal attacks on bloggers and fellow commenters.” almost every comment is on violation….. Kind of makes you think….

    In any case, James, keep your chin up!!!!

  • Spike

    @James Doyle: If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen, and don’t submit tired unoriginal wannabe naked pics of yourself for publication on a gay website then get your panties in a bunch readers DARE pass judgement. BTW, what makes you A-List? And as for the Gay Community making you sick to your stomach, I’m guessing that is because that same gay community couldn’t be bothered to provide the ratings needed to extend your 15 minutes of gay fame, for an additional 3 minutes.

  • JV

    FYI the transgendered girl in the picture is Kandy Cayne of Dallas, TX

  • David

    This guy is a total slut. He hasn’t even been in the Austin/San Antonio area for a month and he’s already hitting up my friends for sex via Facebook messages. It’s really sad.

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