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  • HIW

    Wow. O’Malley takes care of himself, huh.

  • ChiGuy76

    The First Lady of Maryland is one lucky woman!

  • Chopsie

    Damn, Christie really is one big ol’ tub o’ guts.

  • BigBlowJob

    I’m glad I live in MD and have O’Malley on the side of TRUTH! I don’t tend to cut another one down, but, Christie has a “choice” to not be as BIG.

  • Christopher

    No you didn’t create this image, but you are promoting it and giving it a wider audience..
    There are many reasons to dislike Chris Christie, I just don’t believe his weight is one of them. There are equality friends and foes, of all shapes and sizes. And readers of all shapes and sizes, Queerty and Dan Avery would be wise to remember that.

  • DonsterNYC

    It makes you wonder: You vote for a person because you believe he will be the best to take care of the society he governs. Why would anyone think Christie is best to do this when it is obvious he cares so little of himself?

  • Name (required)

    Every time I see Governor Chris KrispyKreme, he gets bigger. That’s just not healthy.

  • Timmmeeeyyy

    One of these guys is truly ugly, and not because he’s fat.
    One of these guys is a rock star, and not because he’s holding a guitar.

  • Idi Amin Dada

    Fat-ass Christie is the perfect embodiment of today’s Republican party.

  • tjr101

    Good grief, from now on I’ll certainly be looking at Maryland’s governor in a different light! As for Christie… no comment.

  • Kostas

    Gov Christie and Maggie are interesting political bedfellows. Reinforce the bed.

  • FreddyMertz

    MAN!…that is one hot man(O’Malley)…shallow yes..but I own it.

  • pedro

    I’m sorry, as someone hoping to be doctor, why do people act as if obesity is a random affliction and therefore one must tip-toe around it. The reality is that it is the product of a simple equation: daily calories expended < daily calories consumed. In other words people who eat more calories than they expend in daily physical activity will gain weight. Looking at Chrisite, the man is a freaking glutton…For a man who has as demanding a job as he does, in as demanding a profession as he's in, he has got to be consuming sickending amounts of calories to maintain that size…And yes I know some people have glandular problems, I doubt that's Christie's problem though…

  • Cam

    Oh Malley needs to get better tailored suits, because I had NO IDEA that he was built like that.

  • Kostas

    Nightmare -Gov Christie and Rush Limbaugh jello wrestling in thongs.

  • CBRad

    ha ha ! It shouldn’t be the ultimate way to guage a person’s worth, but I still love how furious gays, and Queerty’s writers, get just because O’Malley (both Irish-American AND Catholic, the definitive enemy) has a bod like that.

  • Rick

    @pedro: As a fat man I agree with you dude.

    But there needs to be a level of maturity when discussing over weight people and obesity. There are many reasons people are over weight in the US and instead of dialogue about that we have, on this comment thread, “Big ol’ tub o’ guts”, “Chris KrispyKreme”, “Fat-ass Christie”, “Reinforce the bed”! These are comments you would expect to hear from the playground bully in 3rd grade not from adults who are suppose to be capable of intelligent conversation.

    Now before someone goes off about me being sensitive and I should just lose the weight and shut up, I have just lost 20 pounds since Jan 1st and I plan on losing more. These comments add to the problem they don’t help. Some people are over weight because of emotional baggage. (Some NOT all)I was one of those people and I started to lose the weight without even trying because of a change in my life. I found I felt better and the weight kept coming off. When fat people like myself see comments like this it brings that baggage out and the first thing I would have done is eat. Words have weight too!

    I guess what I’m trying to say is just be adult about this. The more love and less ridicule someone has in their life is better for everyone.

  • Jersey

    CBRad, yeah it’s just his bod it doesn’t have anything to do with him being an uber cool dude and signing a marriage equality law. Believe me we’d give Christy a pass on his weight if he wasn’t such a shit-stain.

  • CBRad

    @Jersey: But him signing that law drove them up the wall too.

  • Mike Kilpatrick

    Social pressure exist for a reason. the guy’s a fucking pig. Sorry kids but simple physics says this guy shovels in the food. He’s a pig period. If your this fat your a pig too.

  • Huh ...

    @Mike Kilpatrick: Diet and exercise can take away the pounds. But how do you get rid of being an asshole?

  • Jersey

    CBRad, O’Malley signing the marriage equality law drove gay people up a wall? What am I missing here?

  • Jersey

    Btw same Jersey as before, different computer.

  • Adam

    “the guy’s a fucking pig”
    “big ol’ tub o’ guts”
    “Governor Chris KrispyKreme”
    “Fat-ass Christie”
    “Reinforce the bed”

    Why not just go all-in folks and start chanting “Fatty, fatty, two-by-four; can’t get through the bathroom door”? If he was black instead of fat, would you call him a “ni***r”? Or if he was Jewish, would you call him a “kike”? But because he’s fat, that is a fully legitimate and justified reason for y’all to bring out the grade school insults. Criticize his actions, policies, and statements… there’s plenty of material there without resorting to fat jokes.

  • Ben

    lol this picture made me laugh but yes, so true! :p

  • CBRad

    @Jersey: Sorry. I meant that, with the way gays like to categorize everything into black-and-white (and actually get vicious when it doesn’t work out that way), they were infuriated that it was O’Malley who did that.

  • Rick

    @Mike Kilpatrick: The type of social pressure that you’re speaking of is bullying. You simply want to make someone feel bad so you feel better about yourself. Plain and simple. Kind of like someone making fun of you for incorrect usage of the word “your” in your post. I’ve used the corract usage in my post now three times… Print this up and circle them! Next time you would like to appear intelligent use this post as your guide. (Just using a bit of YOUR social pressure on you)

  • pedro

    @Adam: Adam you need to think clearer, people are born black, or born into Jewish families…Being black or Jewish is not automatically cause for health concerns…It makes zero sense to compare ethnic identities to being obese, which usually comes about because of excessive caloric intake and lack of adequate exercise. It is in fact a personal failing for a person to allow themselves to be this unhealthy. It may not be politically correct, but there is no way a human can carry around that much fat for an extended period of time without experiencing serious health repercussions (high risk for diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems especially sleep apnia, and shortness of breath as well as bone and joint problems from carrying around more weight than the human skeleton was designed for). I do not agree however, with the senseless name-calling but the man needs an intervention…

  • Adam

    @pedro: I feel like you read my words and completely missed my point so I’ll simplify…

    1 – Governor Christie’s weight is between him, his family and loved ones, and his doctor.
    2 – Governor Christie’s weight is completely irrelevant to his stance on marriage equality.
    3 – Mocking Governor Christie’s weight with taunts that don’t even belong in a schoolyard (or have I been missing the point of the anti-bullying campaigns?) makes us look bad more than it makes him look bad.

    And yes Queerty editors, by giving childish crap like this a wider audience, you make us look bad… like grade school bullies picking on the fat kid. Great job.

  • Mk_ultra_again

    While we shouldn’t make fun of him for being fat as that is wrong, it is perfectly reasonable to look at the disregard Christie has for his own health, which is evidenced by photos of him, and ask ourselves but more importantly the electorate; If this man makes such poor choices regarding his health then how can he be trusted with any responsibility made on behalf of the people?

  • pedro

    @Adam: The average fat kid doesn’t have the power to deny you basic human rights…This man does and he used that power without remorse. To compare a man who runs a whole U.S. state to a defenseless child is ridiculous…I also think that his constituents would be very justified (even prudent) in asking if their Governor is at risk for serious health problems and whether those problems could in anyway impair his ability to govern…

  • Adam

    @Mk_ultra_again: Come on, that’s a bullshit argument. By that same token, we should all have voted for McCain because at the time Obama smoked cigarettes. Because as you put it “If this man makes such poor choices regarding his health then how can he be trusted with any responsibility made on behalf of the people?”

  • Caleb

    @Timmmeeeyyy: Nice turn of phrase, Sir!!! Very well done.

  • Adam

    @pedro: Again Pedro, you’re missing the point… I wasn’t so much comparing Governor Christie to a defenseless child as I was comparing us to the bullies in the schoolyard. It comes across as Person A making an argument (reasonable or not) and Person B responding “Well, you’re FAT!”. At that point it doesn’t matter which side is right or wrong because Person B just blew any chance they had at sounding like a reasonable adult.

    And please, don’t take my statements as a defense of Governor Christie as a person or his political views… as far as I’m concerned, tear him a new one and show him for the bigoted piece of political trash he’s shown himself to be. I just don’t want to see us or our community descend to the same tactics as schoolyard bullies in the process. We’re better than that.

  • BigBlowJob

    >@ Pedro/Comment # 31…Yes, you are correct too. He [Christie] has a CHOICE to BE a glutton. Being gay is NOT a choice nor is being of color or of an ethnic race. We are all born into this world the same. Our CHOICES are what makes us who we are WHEN we HAVE the choice. Being born “this way” is not a choice as is fueling a fire in your belly.

  • Hephaestion

    Maryland definitely has one of the hottest governors of any state EVER. And he’s doing a damn good job in these hard times.

    Christie sucks, but not because he’s heavy. Congressman Jerrold Nadler of Manhattan also happens to be quite heavy, and he has been one of our greatest supporters of gay equality.

    Those who think being fat is a choice are idiots. To some extent, for some, it may be. But for most, it is not a choice. Wait until you are 60 and see how easy it is to stay thin. For some it’s easy; for many it is impossible.

  • dvlaries

    I agree. A man of Christie’s size, before 10a.m. any morning, is going to have some aching back and shoulder muscles just trying to reach around to wipe his own ass.

    Wiki says both governors are 49. I wonder how many of those commenters whining not to pick on Christie’s (clinically morbid) obesity would be prepared to wager on his longevity?

  • Brand

    @CBRad: That makes no sense at all. I pity the gay people you know if that’s your impression of the gay reaction to a Catholic man signing gay marriage equality into law. Because that’s not at all the response I’ve ever heard from a single person.

    Most people I know are thrilled at this example of a religious politician who isn’t out to get them, is willing to buck the trend in his own party, and has a clearer understanding of what the Constitution and our founding documents and other legal precedents establish on this issue.

    And some people I know, including myself, are thrilled at this example of a religious person who sees that his religion doesn’t compel him to participate in the disenfranchisement of gays.

    In other words, it’s both unconstitutional and un-Christian to exclude gays from the federal, financial, social, and spiritual benefits of marriage. I personally believe Catholics let a whole lot more get in between them and God than the average religious person, and hold fast to more dogma than your average mainstream Christian sect. But apparently this is one example of an exception to that experience. Why on earth would someone be infuriated about that?

    Compare the progressive laws of late in Maryland with the draconian measures taken in neighboring Virginia under, in my estimation, one of the worst four or five governors we’ve had in decades—current governors of Florida, Michigan and Wisconsin included—and it’s absolutely no surprise that O’Malley did what he did.

  • Brand

    To several posters in this thread:

    People aren’t disparaging Christie’s weight and drawing conclusions from it because they’re bullies, or because this factor makes him less of a human being. They’re doing it to highlight his hypocrisy. This is absurdly wrong either way you look at it, and he should know better. In fact, I’d venture to guess that he does know better: what he knows is that if he didn’t give some pushback on this particular social issue in his state, that his name would not come up when determining who to give prime-time speech time in the Republican National Convention this summer, or be on the short list for Vice President for whichever Republican becomes the nominee, or considered for Attorney General or notable cabinet post in a hypothetical GOP win in November. And I think he knows that Republicans would not have evolved to forgive such a thing by 2016, should the climate then be right for a different kind of Republican candidate.

    Jerrold Nadler’s obesity (though I seem to recall him losing a great deal of weight) is merely a personal peccadillo when you look at his record on telling other people what to do in their own lives. Chris Christie’s obesity (he does seem to have gained weight) leverages his hypocrisy in believing homosexuality to be outside the provisions of the laws of equality in this country.

    There may be a glandular, chemical, genetic element to Christie’s weight, but there is certainly the element of how he was raised, and the element of his own lack of self-restraint. And Christie’s own religion considers both Gluttony and Sloth to be two of the Seven Deadly Sins.

    So with Christie’s obesity we have the “nature/nurture” question, as well as the “lifestyle choice”, the “unhealthy” aspect, and the “sinful” Biblical element. Everything that has been said, ignorantly, ideologically, or even compassionately from believers against homosexuals is true about Christie in spades. That is unquestionably relevant.

    It’s in this context that he vetoes the New Jersey Legislature’s considered opinion about marriage equality, on the grounds that black civil rights should have been put up for a vote and so should this. That’s not only hypocritical, it’s historically inept at best. Everybody knows that this country did not have majority support for black civil rights laws in the 1950s and 1960s. Beyond that, the whole reason we have fundamental rights as citizens (self-evident and bestowed by our creator, with all men being equal, so they said) is so that it cannot be “given” by one state or “taken away” by another, and does not go up for a popular vote. I don’t take the governor for a racist (the same cannot be said about many others in his party), but this reason he cited for vetoing gay civil rights comes off as not only homophobic but racist. Which tells me his decision was motivated not by his considered, educated understanding of the issues and legal precedents in their regard, but by his political, egotistical, and financial self-interest.

  • Adam

    @dvlaries: So, let me get this straight… it’s only because you’re concerned about Governor Christie’s longevity and health that you think the following comments are completely justified and furthermore relevant to either his position on marriage equality or his ability to act as Governor: “the guy’s a fucking pig”, “big ol’ tub o’ guts”, “Governor Chris KrispyKreme”, “Fat-ass Christie”, or “Reinforce the bed”?

  • Seaguy

    O’Malley is hot for a politician. Christie is morbidly obese.

  • KR

    Hotness aside, O’Malley is just a better governor running a superior state, plain and simple.

  • the crustybastard

    CHRIS CHRISTIE: You can’t get married. You’re a homo and that’s not normal.

    ORDINARY GAYS: You’re a whale and that’s not normal either, but that doesn’t affect YOUR right to have a family!

    CLUELESS OVERSENSITIVE FOLKS: Stop making fun of people’s weight, it’s not nice.

    ORDINARY GAYS: If that fat asshole gets to judge us by our “lifestyle,” by god, I’m gonna judge him for his.

    Lather, rinse, repeat in next Chris Christie thread.

  • SFHarry

    What strikes me more than their differences in weight is their differences in facial expression. Christie looks very angry and O’Malley looks more happy and self confident.

  • Mike

    Bleh. It’s bitches like some of you that make fat people try twice as hard at excelling professionally so they never have to hear nasty-ass comments like these.

    Many bigger people are well-adjusted, (for the most part) comfortable in their own skin, and in many cases had to build their self-esteem from the ground up because of people and comments like these. And don’t get me started on how I feel regarding what some stranger thinks of “my health.” How big of you (and me, pun intended!).

    I’m not sad or affected, just disappointed.

  • Aries3dc

    Dear God, Martin O’Malley is beyond hot. Wow.

  • Meowzer

    Christie is the typical straight guy who thinks every gay man is checking him out and drooling over him. Delusional.

  • BigBlowJob

    [Inserts in brackets] It can just as easily be turned around for you “Mike” and we feel the same way. What’s up with THAT? Are you BOTH fat and gay? If SO, watch what you consume. It can be regulated. Being gay is NOT. Spare us your opinion when ours will do quite nicely…BBJ

    @ – No. 46 · Mike
    Bleh. It’s bitches like some of you that make fat [gay] people try twice as hard at excelling professionally so they never have to hear nasty-ass comments like these.

    Many bigger [gay] people are well-adjusted, (for the most part) comfortable in their own skin, and in many cases had to build their self-esteem from the ground up because of people and comments like these. And don’t get me started on how I feel regarding what some stranger thinks of “my health.” How big [gay] of you (and me, pun intended!).

    I’m not sad or affected, just disappointed.

    DITTO! Well said…

    See how it can pertain to ANYof us? What’s YOUR grind?…

  • Anchor baby

    I took one look at the picture then I read all your comments and back and forth bickering, and then I looked back at the picture and still don’t get it. How do you guys know Cristie is as fat as some of you claim? In that pic all I see is a muscular guy holding a guitar on one side and a hippopotamus wearing human clothes on the other. Where is this Cristie you speak of?

  • Huh ...

    @BigBlowJob: You clearly derive some sort of weird pleasure from looking down on fat people, and have latched on to this whole “they have a choice” thing to justify your attitude. You’d come off better if you dropped the pretense and just admitted it: You don’t like fatties.

  • Brand

    Saw Governor O’Malley in two clips tonight, one where he was telling it like it is right next to the fascist Virginia governor Bob McDonnell who was blinking in disbelief, and another being interviewed on Rachel Maddow.

    He’s definitely a role model, a good human being, and someone to be thankful for. That’s what a responsible public servant is supposed to be like. It’s so rare with the oppressive wave of Tea Partiers these days, it takes on a heroic quality just to speak the truth and stand up for freedom and progress. Though I guess it always has.

  • Mike

    @BigBlowJob: LOL, all that bitterness. You don’t even have a clue, my dear. I’d educate you if I felt it’d get you somewhere.

  • BigBlowJob

    This is directed @ Numbers 50 & 52…

    You both seem to be trolls and therefore not give a shit for others “opinions”. Maybe yours is the only one(s) existing in your universe. I, too, was “fat” at one time and I know the hardships in maintaining control about what goes in my piehole. It was NOT the people around me that got me to lose the excess weight, it was ME, AND ME ONLY. I KNOW the choice(s) between being FAT and GAY. I CHOSE to be healthy [***WARNING*** >DISCLAIMER BEING PRESENTED< along with my PCP'S advice. Being gay is not a choice. When did YOU receive YOUR questionaire and check the "box?" Huh? You see, I WANT to live longer for not only myself but, my family and friends. I take PRIDE in being who I am without the excess weight. I also am PROUD of the MAN I have become. You can sit behind your little ISP's and type away. I would think you should take better care of yourselves and get up off that lazy fat ass, [and YES, I DO speak from experience…] and make something of yourselves' before it is too late. That might even be the case(s) in your world(s). Pity U. BBJ

  • Huh ...

    @BigBlowJob: Right. And you’re the kind of guy who thinks everyone who calls him on his bullshit is a “troll.” That’s what people without an argument do to discredit others.

    Oh, and thanks for letting me in on that whole “I used to be fat” thing. Certainly an interesting insight into your psyche. A lot has been explained.

    Oh, and the fact that you somehow link your pride about having lost weight with your sexual orientation? Sweet Fancy Moses.

    Hint: Don’t know if you see a psychiatrist, but if you ever do, start with that. Just repeat what you just wrote on your post. You will make her day.

  • rob

    i hate to break this to you, but while i’d rather date o’malley, i’d vote for christie.

  • Brand

    @rob: Which, to break it on back, without any context for why leaves us to guess perhaps you’re a self-hating masochist.

  • BigBlowJob

    >@ Huh… Your reply is filled with hollow rants. Nothing good to say about anyone HUH…? Let’s move on…

  • Greg ferguson

    Wow, I had no idea that man was so obese. And to think that the republicans are considering him for president. Dumb Alaskans, crazy Catholics, delusional Mormons and the morbidly obese oh my!

  • Jeremy Hwang

    I think Christie is afraid of following in the steps of McGreevy who was the last governor to sign a gay union law and then came out! Christie is already making people here fatter and more stupid by cutting education and food safety regulation! A fat agenda?

  • MJ

    is that seriously what gov. O’Malley looks like?! damn I hate being single!

  • MikeinBmore

    he makes me proud to be a Marylander. Go Old Line State :)

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