PHOTO: And Now For Something Nice And Gay From The World of Soccer

homophobia soccer poster
A German pro-tolerance ad featuring two football (read: soccer) players in a passionate kiss has been whipping around the Interwebs. Created several years back by the German anti-LGBT violence group Maneo, the public-service-announcement translates to,”Would you also beat up your favorite player for this?”

The posters originally appeared in subways and kiosks around Berlin in 2006, when Germany hosted the World Cup.


Source: Huffington Post

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  • D P


  • jason

    This is simply male bonding. It’s not sullied by the promise of sexual intercourse. Therefore, stop trying to make it a gay issue. I get quite irritated when Gay Inc tries to make it a gay issue.

    A lot of you fail to understand the concept of male bonding because, put simply, your sex drive does not allow you to experience it with men. Your interactions with men head in the sexual direction with not much room for spiritual bonding. That’s why a lot of men get depressed on the gay male social scene. Many gay men – being first and foremost men – yearn for spiritual bonding but they’re never going to find it on a scene that is built on a sex act.

    I truly pity a community built on a sex act. I pity the fact that many of you will never experience male bonding. I pity the fact that many decent gay men are going to end up depressed and lonely in a scene built on ageism and fucking.

  • tom

    @jason ok dude calm down its good that they made the poster for a good cause to support lbgt there is no need at all to fly off the handle. many of the gay men who see this poster think it is great and will experience male bonding just like myself. You are jumping to conclusions

  • Regen

    It’s such a nice poster with a nice message. If people feel OK with 2 straight men kissing after scoring a goal in a football match, why can’t they accept when 2 gay men kissing ?

    And it was promoted by an LGBT support group so to anyone who says that it’s not gay issue, you’re so wrong.

    I feel bad for those trollers who keep saying negative things on every post. They must be truly depressed and lonely because of their negative thoughts on everything.

  • The Real Mike in Asheville

    @jason: What a pathetic lonely life you live, poor misogynist and misandrist jason. You really are crazy if you believe that most gay men don’t have gay friends except for gay sexual partners.

    In my 20s and 30s, I probably engaged sexually with several thousand men (and not 1 woman, so please don’t label me as a closet “all men are actually bi bullshit you sell); but the gay men I encountered and shared my time with socially, must be ten times more.

    And, why, with such a beautiful photo of two men kissing, would you sully it with your innuendo that should these two hotties decide to share themselves with eachother, that that sex is sullied? You really do hate everything: cute guys can’t kiss because that means they will engaging in sullied sex VS. the bi-double-standard that its okay for 2 girls to kiss/make-out but that damn double standard never also shows guy guys kissing or making-out.

  • Thomathy

    Jason, it’s a photo of two men kissing shot for a poster by a LGTBQ anti-violence organisation, it’s clearly meant to be depicting gay men. Kissing doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex and certainly it never occurred to me that a ‘sex act’ was a feature of the poster that was supposed to indicate that the men were gay.

    I would suggest that you are the only person who sees anyone reasoning that these two men are gay because of an imaginary, implied ‘sex act’. It’s kind of telling that you are focusing on one narrow aspect of what makes a man gay, whereas the other, overwhelmingly obvious, information about the poster is the cue for everyone else. Why is it that you think the author is seeing these men as gay because of an imaginary, implied ‘sex act’ and not because of all that other information?

    You clearly have a problem with aspects of some gay culture, so your projecting here is understandable, even if it demonstrates that you’re irrational and unbalanced, so why don’t you take those problems somewhere where they’re relevant instead of misconstruing an advertisement about anti-violence as depicting gay men because of an imaginary, implied ‘sex act’?

  • 1equalityUSA

    This is a very effective ad campaign. Perfect in every way.

  • Chuck

    Cute. But I can see Jason’s point about this perhaps just being a moment of male bonding rather than the kiss of a lover.

    And the question shouldn’t be: “Would you beat up your favorite player for this?” but instead be “Anything wrong with this picture?” (The answer being no.)

    Asking people if they would beat up someone is kind of setting a standard that the norm is to beat up gay people. >_>

  • darrin

    ronaldo comes out next

  • Lasatekas

    @darrin: You think? :D That will be the day

  • Bryan

    @ Jason: Don’t pretend to know the experience of gay men if you, yourself, are not a gay man. You cannot say we are incapable of bonding spiritually with other men because our “interactions with men head in the sexual direction with not much room for spiritual bonding.” I say that your argument is completely fallacious. It is your opinion, so it must be true, right? I am a gay man. I do have very good male friends, both straight and gay, with whom I have bonded spiritually without pretense of a “sex act”. I affirm that we are not all alone and depressed because our culture is a “scene built on ageism and fucking”. Being sexually attracted to members of the same sex does not define us. The desire to bond spiritually with another member of the same sex is what truly defines us as gay. In short, and here is my fallacious argument, you are a total fucktard who knows fuck all about what it is to be gay.

  • t money

    chuck is wrong. the ad campaign can be read in a couple of ways, but the primary concept of the campaign is to destigmatize expressions of male bonding, be it romantic or otherwise.
    that is the point they are making. two guys kissing, for whatever reason, should not matter. and it doesnt mean they are gay. no one is making this a gay thing. other than to combat homophobia with.
    anyone who watches sports (particularly futbol) knows that guys kiss each other all the time. nothing gay about it. it is just another expression of affection. so when two gay guys kiss eachother, it should not matter either. its just another form of expression.

    this also reminds me of the time when pres. bush held hands with the saudi king. so many people were in an (bigotted) uproar about it. when really there is nothing gay about it. thats customary in many middle eastern cultures. it should not matter. in the same way it should not matter if two gay guys were holding hands.
    this behaviour should not elicit any negative reaction from people. unfortunately it does. but thats based on peoples own stupid generalizations.

    which brings me to this bonehead idea that gay men cant have meaningful relationships/frienships with other men. thats just as silly as saying that straight men cant have meaningful friendships with women because all they want to do is get in their pant(ies). ~ ya, including their sisters and including cousins and college friends and co workers. men think with their penis so they cant seperate their lust for females from normal/healthy interactions. gee i dont know how they are even able to talk to their mothers with out reminiscing about breast milk. ~ [end sarcasm]
    all men are different, all are capable of having nonsexual relations with other men and women that are fully bonded. including gay men.
    its not all about sex.
    stop projecting.

  • Richard Ford

    This ad shows two men celebrating a moment with a joyful kiss. The image is neutral (or ambiguous) enough to allow each viewer to construct his or her own context and back story. That’s what makes the ad effective. This could be seen as a representation of male bonding or two horny guys in love, or whatever else one might bring to the table.

    Jason (#2 above) chooses to read sexual intercourse into the scene, which leads to his obligatory expression of pity (contempt, actually) for men who can’t bond, men who are slaves to sex, as he apparently believes all gay men are.

    Well, we can all pity each other for one reason or another, valid or not, but that’s not what we need and it doesn’t get us anywhere.

    There is much diversity among gay men. I am gay and I have “male bonded” with several straight guys over the years. The problem many heterosexual men have (which is given credence and compounded by attitudes such as Jason’s) is that they feel they can’t bond with a gay man because no gay man is capable of being just a great friend, even a soul mate. That’s so bogus.

  • sat

    @Chuck: This foto doesn’t depict two actual football players (the jersey always have the club logo on it and the blue ones here are non-descript) and although there is a lot of hugging football players usually don’t kiss on the mouth when they celebrate goals.

    Also: Maneo is an organization who helps victims of homophobic violence (I think they operate a helpline). I hope that helps explain the tag line a bit better.

  • Red Meat

    why does everyone keep feeding the troll? It’s not like he hides himself under another name.

  • Cam

    @jason: said…

    “This is simply male bonding. It’s not sullied by the promise of sexual intercourse. Therefore, stop trying to make it a gay issue. I get quite irritated when Gay Inc tries to make it a gay issue.”

    No Jason, Actually the ad was made specifically to reference gays and gay activities. You may want to try actually reading the article.

  • jason

    Darling, I’ve been on the gay scene for over 20 years. I know what I’m talking about. By the way, I don’t consider having sex with thousands of men as progressive or liberating. I pity anyone with a history of promiscuity like that. I think you’re looking for something you’ll never find.

  • Richard Ford

    Jason: More pity? Do you have any other arrows in your emotional quiver?

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