PHOTO: British Athletes Get Naked For Cosmo UK And Cancer Awareness

The July 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan UK offers a cornucopia of eye candy for fans of the male form. Members of th British Olympics team pose in the altogether for a special photospread raising awareness of the testicular-cancer campaign Everyman.

Don’t they know that a key part of prevention is self-examination? We’d be happy to show any of these lads, from the UK ice-hockey team, how to check for irregularities.

Other Olympians showing skin in the issue include cyclist Ben Swift, gymnast Louis Smith and runner Conrad Williams. The pics aren’t up on the Cosmo website, so head to your better bookstore ASAP and grab a copy today!

Source: Famous Males Forum (NSFW)

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  • LancerLaw

    Field Hockey … not Ice Hockey. Those aren’t ice hockey sticks.

  • tom

    i love this web site but they sometimes dont edit very well nottt ice hockey

  • InscrutableTed

    Okay, now I’m convinced that Queerty is making these mistakes on purpose. How could you possibly confuse field hockey and ice hockey?

  • Rex

    LMAO these guys are playing field hockey then again queerty and it’s writers/editors aren’t ones to actually report facts. ;)

    Why are they covering their intact penises? They should be fully nude and unashamed.

  • LandStander

    The UK ice hockey team? Those are some very strange ice-hockey sticks :P

  • Bryan

    It might be a gay website, but that doesn’t mean some of us gays don’t know our sports.

  • EvonCook

    I want to see their REAL sticks. And skip the pucks for the balls.

  • Jason

    Seriously, how can anyone, especially an editor, not know that ice hockey is a winter olympics sport?

  • JD


    Because they’re not REAL hockey players, that’s why! LOL

  • BrokebackBob

    God forbid they would ever show any actual testicles
    in an ad about testicular cancer prevention. Sidenote:
    prostate cancer vastly outflanks any form of cancer
    that women get and we quietly ignore it because we
    must save the boobies at all costs.

    This other meme that:
    women’s sexy parts = beautiful so show some of ’em off
    men’s sexy parts = ugly so always keep them out of sight
    is one of the sickest diseases of so many societies.
    Men should grow some and then show ’em.

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