PHOTO: Chaz Bono And Jennifer Elia Put A Ring On It

THE SHOT – Accomplished cha-cha dancer Chaz Bono presents his girlfriend Jennifer Elia with an engagement ring on top of the Seattle Space Needle during her birthday. We’re not sure why Bono decided to have a photographer capture this moment (what if she had said no?), but Elia still responded, “Wow, it’s gorgeous. Thank you so much.” Congratulations, you two crazy kids.

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  • Buddy

    @Jennifer: Beauty is only skin deep. Ugly goes all the way to the bone. I’m talking to you, Jennifer.

  • JRL

    @Jennifer: You’re disgusting.

  • QJ201

    Ah those silly heterosexuals with a man securing a woman’s heart through expensive jewelry

  • Cinesnatch

    Hmnn. Was the question “Will you marry me?” proposed? And, if so, I didn’t read anywhere about a ‘yes.’

  • GayGOP

    Congratulations to them both. However late this may be, it is still due congratulations.

  • Bill Ford

    Ahh, normal heterosexuals in love with all the privileges therein. Let us all bow down and rejoice.

  • missanthrope

    Even though they’re het, depending on what state they marry in and the how Chaz got his Birth Cirtificate changed*, their marriage is on pretty thin ice on a legal basis.

    *Some states will accept top surgery as a requirement for trans guys, others will insist on bottom surgery, which a lot of trans guys don’t want because of the poor results usually involved.

  • Felicia

    @missanthrope: What does any of this bizarre stuff have to do with gay people? Gay people are not looking to have “top surgery” or any other kind of surgery to alter their bodies.

    “Chaz” demands that the world treat him as a male. That makes his relationship with his girlfriend a heterosexual relationship. The issues that arise from this relationship are NOT the problem of gay people. You have issues, bring them to your fellow heterosexuals.

  • Allen D.

    The transgendered can get married legally (my ex having recently done so, despite having a dick, like the groom). So, even the transgendered have more rights than your average gay American.

  • evanb

    Illustrating once again another reason why the transgender communinity has no business in homosexual struggles: they can and do happily embrace the rights and privileges offered by the straight hegemony, which are denied gays and lesbians by federal and state law. And yet they fuss at GL activists that we aren’t inclusive enough on employment discrimination and other issues. Please, dears; the door’s over there. (Oh, and happy congrats to Chaz and Jennifer!)

  • slanty

    Straight tranny is straight. He just couldn’t make it with a woman as a woman.

  • slanty

    @evanb: I think gays and bisexuals are very progressive about letting trannies in the bathrooms they arguably don’t belong in. If we didn’t support the tranny bathroom rights, I wonder who would.

  • Eliot

    Jennifer knows that he doesn’t have a penis, right?

  • JRL

    @Cinesnatch: @evanb: Right, because there is no such thing as a gay transsexual…

  • JRL

    That last comment was only directed @evanb, not @cinesnatch

  • Sam

    @JRL: Uh, there are gay transsexuals just as there are gay actors, gay scuba divers and gay Somalians. That doesn’t mean that gays are in one community with all actors, scuba divers and Somalians. Similarly, we are not in one community with transsexuals just because there may be some transsexuals who are gay.

  • JRL

    @Sam: What I was saying was that gay transexuals are in the same boat as non-trans gay people.

  • Wonka WONK

    @Eliot: She knows he doesn’t have a penis now, anyway.

  • Bill Ford

    I think in this situation, the girlfriend didn’t want to be labeled as lesbian, so that led Chaz on his quest to please her. One can only hope she’s not another Hollywood user waiting around to get her hands on Cher’s money. At any rate, if they do split up Chaz can always revert back to Chastity, as he wisely didn’t have the full surgery.

  • Henry

    @Bill Ford: Um, nobody would mistake Chaz for a lesbian. Not now! Not with that plus-size and the facial stubble.

  • Aiden

    Can you guys stick to the fucking subject.

  • Henry

    @Aiden: I thought that the subject was Chaz’s relationship to Jennifer. Since Chaz is a post-op tranny, his transsexuality naturally comes into the discussion. That’s why I pointed out to Bill Ford that he’s not a woman, and no one could conceivably think Jennifer is a lesbian. I guess there might be a homophobe or two who would say it, but it really wouldn’t make any sense.

  • kevininbuffalo

    So is Chaz’s 15 minutes almost up yet?

  • amo

    This is an BLGT site, but even if it was just BLGQ, and ignoring the transphobia in the comments, Jennifer Elia is bisexual.

  • Allen D.

    @kevininbuffalo: I thought they were over after her appearance on “Sell This House”… but, look at her go!

  • Aiden

    @Henry: Um, tranny, really?

  • Flummoxed

    I heard they had to get married because Chaz is pregnant.

  • Spike

    What is it with lesbians? So the GF was a lesbian when she met Chaz when Chaz was female. Now Chaz is male and the GF is not str8t? Apparently when some religious organization uses it’s teaching to changes gays to str8t it’s hate but when it’s a lesbian doing it on her own it’s like frogs changing their sex.

  • Observer

    Entirely appropriate that the moment was near water. Jennifer got engaged to a whale.

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