PHOTO: Cheyenne Jackson And Thomas Roberts Share A Super Bowl Mustache Ride With Their Husbands


Broadway baby Cheyenne Jackson and MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts showed their support for the Baltimore Ravens by sporting some serious ‘stache along with their husbands, Monte Lapka and Patrick Abner.

We wonder if they’re as excited as we are for Brendon Ayanbadejo to boogie down with Ellen now that he’s snatched that coveted Super Bowl ring?

Photo: Thomas Roberts’ WhoSay

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  • miagoodguy

    Words can’t describe how stupid these guys look like.

  • hf2hvit

    @miagoodguy: Not quite as stupid as most of the other fans

  • Eric Auerbach

    @miagoodguy: “…how stupid these guys look like.” I agree much very with you, they aren’t smart as how you and I are.

  • hf2hvit

    @miagoodguy: We’ll dismiss your poor grammar since you just arrived from a third world country. Otherwise, “Words can’t describe how stupid your grammar look like.”

  • Jonathan26

    I think they’re adorable.

  • HR

    @hf2hvit: I’m from a third world country, and I would venture to assess that my English is just fine. But I guess I’m just supposed to laugh away your rudeness. Thanks.

  • miagoodguy

    Someone please point out the grammar error in my sentence.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @miagoodguy: Is that a joke?

    @HR: HR, Queerty’s readership is often condescending and ignorant when it comes to other countries, especially poor ones.

  • Burlington

    @Eric Auerbach: Listen keybord queen. Why don’t you go to your pink closet and choose one of your many caftans, roll it around your neck and hang yourself in the living room chandelier ?

  • Burlington

    @Burlington: After a grammar queen like you come to say silly things I’ll correct: ” keyboard “…

  • Burlington

    @Burlington: Pardon me lady Auerbach…Again: “living room’s chandelier”. After all this isn’t the american constitution but Queerty, the place where lady Auerbach comes to get sick and throw it out…Have your salts, lady?

  • Fidelio

    I think the point is they mean to look funny. Thomas Roberts, like Rachel Maddow, does an awesome job weaving gay awareness into his morning show on MSNBC considering his responsibility as a news host and these type images of him and his buds cutting loose is great to see. He is actually a pretty funny guy and pretty hot to boot :)

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