PHOTO: Church Launches Billboard Apologizing For NC’s Amendment One

Our Hearts Are With You, a faith-based campaign offering support to those denied the right to marry, has erected a billboard along Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte, NC, that apologizes for “the narrow-minded, judgement, deceptive and manipulative actions” committed by those who endorsed Amendment One “in the name of God.”

A statement on the group’s Facebook page offers more details:

In 2008 when Proposition 8 passed in California, Missiongathering Christian Church wanted to make a statement that some Christians don’t speak for all Christians. San Diego was ground zero for Prop 8 and the churches that started the ballot initiative. Within a week of Prop 8’s passage, we put up a billboard apologizing to all those who were hurt by the voting results. Then the billboard went viral. With emails and phone calls coming in from all over the world, we decided to create the “Our Hearts Are With You” campaign giving people a place to dialogue, post stories, discuss, and be encouraged by this message, join the movement, and spread the apology on their own.

Now in 2012 with the passage of Amendment 1 in North Carolina, the apology has started making the rounds again. After many Facebook changes over the last few years, we have recreated the “Our Hearts Are With You” campaign here as a fan page. At the end of May the apology billboard will go up in Charlotte, NC, to say to the LGBT community and their allies, that they are not alone.

The sign cost California-based Missiongathering Church about $3,000 and will stay up for a month.  Pastor Alex Roller told reporters the intention was to remind LGBT Carolinians that they have straight allies across the country, including those with religious convictions.