PHOTO: Dan Savage, Ben Cohen And Kyle Dean Massey At “Wicked”

PHOTO: Do-gooders Dan Savage and Ben Cohen joined forces for a special benefit performance of Broadway’sWicked on October 11, when a portion of proceeds benefited Savage’s It Gets Better project and Cohen’s StandUp Foundation.

After the show, the guys posed with hunky out Wicked star Kyle Dean Massey, who returned to the role of Fiyero in July.

Photo: Sammy Butler


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  • Dumdum

    With guys like this there really is hope. It makes me so proud to know that there are such wonderful role models. These men and women are the cornerstone of the Gay Subculture. THANKS GUYS!

  • balehead

    More “media bores” making money for themselves and off the troubles of others…how

  • balehead

    “Role models” for self promotion you mean…..Gee where’s Dan Choi and Kathy Griffin in this

  • MikeE

    @balehead: please share with us your contribution on a national scale to equality and justice?

  • balehead

    If getting your picture taken (symbolic gesture) is a contribution to anything then
    sign me up!!
    Charities and Foundations are the new ponzi and pyramid schemes!!
    Kony 2012 anyone???

  • balehead

    Dan savage is a media bore….

  • balehead

    If everyone stopped their bullying on this site of good looking men …we would do more than Dan Savage and Ben Cohen ever could!!!
    Think about it!

  • MikeE

    @balehead: I am, and realizing that you are contradicting yourself at every turn. the only one “bullying” here, is you.

  • balehead

    charity is a good gig…beats working!

  • Ronbo

    @balehead: The only thing you’re working is your loud mouth. Try engaging your brain, dude. Achieve more than just a bad attitude.

  • EricinChicago

    Despite the vile excrement flowing from the heart and mouth of balehead – these are three very fine men. Dan has done a lot to promote anti-bullying initiatives for GLBT youth – even getting it discussed on the national stage. Through his column and books he has brought so many GLBT issues to the public from gay parenting to gay marriage and beyond. Ben Cohen has gone out of his way to promote anti-bullying especially in sport. Kyle Dean Massey has been out and proud since his career took off as a role model to other GLBT youth.

    I have had the pleasure of meeting Dan on several occasions – he is a really great guy. Have heard Ben Cohen speak several times in person and he’s a real champion on spreading the message. I’ve seen Kyle Dean Massey on stage and he is a bright talent.

    Never let these negative people rain on the parades of others who are trying to make a difference. If they were worth anything themselves they would be making the difference. Cowards behind computer screens.

  • gppm1103

    @balehead: I think you are being a bit harsh, but what you are saying is basically true. Unfortunately in most charities they work like the evangelical organizations…three quarters of every dollar goes into someone’s pocket and one quarter goes for the actual work of the charity.

    The worst one is United Way. These creeps actually forced our managers to try and make us sign up to donate. Our managers got angry when we didn’t sign up (and most of us didn’t) which means they were being forced to make the sales pitch.

    People really need to know what the charity is up to before donating.

  • the other Greg

    I’ve seen criticism here before of Ben Cohen’s foundation but never any specifics. (Is that because there aren’t any?) Certain commenters b1tch that it’s supposedly like Kony 2012 and that AIDS bike scam, but they never seem to provide any facts or links.

    Cohen is already a wealthy guy through his original vocation, as is Dan Savage. It seems unlikely they’re the type to turn to moneygrubbing via scam foundations which eventually, inevitably get exposed.

    It’s a serious charge – is there really any reason to suspect Cohen of wrongdoing?

  • GerryB

    Ben Cohen is the Chairman and not the CEO of the Standup Foundation.The CEO of the Foundation is Patrick Davis of Davis Brand Capital which Linkedin says “specializes in the creation and management of brand capital. We serve clients worldwide, helping them to identify, allocate and deploy brand capital for maximum value and return on investment.”
    I hope that any charity, especially one that states it seeks to prevent bullying and prevent exploitation, does not do what it seeks to prevent ie exploit people (ie us gays) who have been affected by bullying.So I have been trying to find out from the Standup Foundation what proportion of their income is spent for their stated purpose. I emailed the Foundation with that question and got an automated response stating I would get a response. I did not. I wrote to the CEO Patrick Davis in Atlanta by recorded mail and got no answer. To comply with their 501 (c)(3) status they were required to file their financial report last month with the Internal Revenue Service in the USA but do not appear to have done so.I await that information.
    I heard Ben Cohen speak last year.He spoke to an audience of gay men.I also spoke to him. He is indeed a nice guy.It was striking how many of us in the audience had experienced bullying and intimidation, including me.That is why I am pursuing this.I have no difficulty with Ben Cohen earning a living from the Foundation, if that is what he is doing, but I do want to know that the proportion used in salaries/administration is proportionate and I think people should know what that proportion is so that potential donors can make an informed choice whether or not to donate. Otherwise people who donate,esp us gays, could be exploited again and yet again.

  • GerryB

    @the other Greg: see my post re Ben Cohen

  • GerryB

    @balehead: See my post re Ben Cohen

  • GerryB

    @gppm1103: See my post re Ben Cohen

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