PHOTO: Daniel Radcliffe Films Naked Beach Scene For “The F Word”

It’s hard to shake typecasting, especially when the world has watched you grow up in one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. So we happily forgive Daniel Radcliffe’s seemingly pathological need to get his clothes off, as he did during filming of his upcoming romantic comedy, The F Word. (See the full NSFW-ish set of candid snapshots here.)

We get it, Daniel—you’re more than just Harry Potter. You don’t have to prove it by dropping trou in every movie and play you’re in. (Radcliffe gave the Full Monty in Eqqus and is also allegedly going bare as Allen Ginsburg in the upcoming Beat era movie, Kill Your Darlings.)

What do we have to do to keep you dressed?

We’re kidding! We’d hold a hunger strike if we thought it would get DR to star in a one-man version of Naked Boys Singing.