PHOTO: Dapper Protesters Want To Ban Abercrombie From Famed London Fashion Street

On Monday morning, immaculately dressed protesters headed to London’s Savile Row—a legendary fashion district—to condemn Abercrombie’s plans to open a children’s store there.

They even sang a cute protest jingle, as hosting organization The Chap reports:

The protest began in earnest at 10:15am, when chumrades in arms marched around the corner to Abercrombie’s flagship store on Burlington Gardens, stabbing the air defiantly with home-made banners declaring “Give Three-Piece a Chance”. On the very steps of enemy HQ, Mr B The Gentleman Rhymer led the troops in song, chanting “All we are saying is, give three-piece a chance” adapted from John Lennon’s original.

I have a bit of cognitive dissonance when it comes to Abercrombie.

Pros: I think their ad campaigns are super hot (especially this recent one where two flawless jocks finally completed the circle of homoeroticism and made out), and I did date a football player who wore almost exclusively Abercrombie (the sag was kind of hot).

Cons: I think Abercrombie legitimizes a lazy sartorial attitude. Not to mention that the overpriced overbranded nature of the clothes strike me as the lowest denomination of American retail capitalism.

So I guess for now, I’ll stand in virtual solidarity with The Chap‘s protest, especially because this is a kid’s Abercrombie store. God knows the Fitch should not be foisted upon unsuspecting children. But that doesn’t mean I won’t silently admire incredibly sexy Abercrombie Adonises from afar.

Check out more photos from the event on Stephanie Wolff’s Flickr.

Source: Styleite. Photo via The Chap

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  • iltman

    It’s also worth noting that the reason they choose ‘give peace a chance’ as that the building that a and f is opening in was the original beatles apple store, personally I fully support the protest, there’s plenty of places more suiitable for a and f then Saville Row

  • JayKay

    Look at those fucking hipsters.

  • Belize

    @JayKay: Don’t you just wish they could at least level with the likes of you by wearing overhauls?

  • That's the impression I get

    I also get a hipster impression from this crowd, as if they are doing it somehow ironically and were on their way to a Steampunk convention anyway.

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