PHOTO: David Beckham Leaves L.A. Galaxy, Stays Hot As Ever

This week David Beckham announced that he was leaving the L.A. Galaxy on December 1. Though the superstar soccer player says he wants “to experience one last challenge before the end of my playing career,” we can’t help but think that end is near.

On the one hand, no more images of Beckman’s bulge flopping around in those football shorts gives us a frowny face. On the other, he’ll have more time to appear almost naked before the cameras, which give us—well, nevermind.

As we ponder his next team—and his next step—let’s take a walk down memory lane with stops at some of David Beckham’s sexiest moments.



There was that collaboration with H&M in February, which had him posing provocatively in his own line of undies.



Before that there was the Armani campaign. Here’s an image from June 2008


…and one from February 2009


…and June 2009


There was also that Elle UK cover from July 2012—their first with a bloke!


And last but not least a Burger King ad in April 2012


Photos: H&M, Armani, Elle UK