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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: All About GetUp!’s Australian “Dream Cub Husband” Julian Shaw

It took us about a minute to want to drop to one knee and propose through our computer screens to Julian Shaw after watching “It’s Time,” GetUp!’s gay marriage PSA. At exactly a minute and a half, he did it first. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones wanting desperately to live vicariously through a public service announcement.

Julian has proposed to not just us but to over 3 million other people on YouTube. The 25-year-old actor from Sydney who plays the “dream cub husband” has made the world swoon over with one smile. No surprisingly, our fantasy proposal quickly turned into a viral sensation.

According to SeattleGayScene.com, Julian Shaw doesn’t just play the perfect fiance but may in fact be a real-life, trophy future husband himself:

“A filmmaker, journalist, novelist, and actor who made his first documentary as a teenager, recently completed another, and written a couple of novels as well. His first film, Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story focused on acclaimed South African activist and drag queen Pieter-Dirk Uys and his work educating… South Africa about the threat of HIV/AIDS [and] features interviews with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. His second documentary, Cup of Dreams was… about New Zealand’s quest to win the Rugby World Cup.”

Multi-talented. Activist. Rugby fan. Ok, now are you ready to see some more photos of this hunky fox? Julian was even generous enough to send Queerty a shirtless shot! Tell him thank you on Twitter and learn more about his projects here.

Photos courtesy of Julian Shaw.

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  • Joetx

    The Aussies couldn’t find a gay man to star in a gay ad?

    It’s one thing to use straight actors in movies/tv shows.

    It’s quite another thing to use a straight actor in an ad to promote equal civil rights for for LGBT people.

  • DenverBarbie

    Did he say he was straight? If I remember correctly, I only heard him say that he had a lot of gay friends, and he hopes to attend their weddings. I don’t think that necessarily implies one way or another. I’m sure we all have a lot of gay friends, and hope to someday see them marry. That does not mean we are straight, ourselves.
    I’m truly not arguing, just trying to get my facts straight. I could have missed it. :)

    It’s absolutely preferable to use real gay individuals in such ads (better yet, real couples!), but gay, straight, bisexual, asexual- it doesn’t really matter. The ad was absolutely beautiful, and made its way all over the world. Certainly, it’s changed a couple minds and hearts. That was its aim.

  • Tim

    @DenverBarbie Technically, you’re right. Here’s what he said on Ten News: “I’ve go so many gay friends. I want to be going to their weddings, and be a part of that, have them share their lives, have equality, have legitimacy.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=y6O2kFuCsnY Read literally, he never says that he’s gay. But, really, it’s pretty unusual to speak of gay people in the third person if you yourself are gay.

  • Tim

    @Tim: Of course, I meant “UNLESS you yourself are gay.”

  • Kile Ozier

    Speaking as a Creative Director and Producer, I’d be seeking to cast the perfect actor to give the most resonant and compelling life to the role; irrespective of sexuality (isn’t that at the foundation of the equality being sought, after all?). Looks to me as though that is exactly what was done in this instance, and damned effectively. Bravo to the creators of this powerful and virtually flawless piece, as well as to an exceptionally natural and talented actor…

  • CJ

    Nothing wrong with a straight guy doing this ad. It even speaks more loudly that there are straight people speaking out so boldly for LGBT rights. This video was done very well.

    I’m just getting a little tired of the mini-fantasies about him. He’s straight, he’s doing a great thing. No need to keep hoping he’s gay or trying to get a good look at his body, etc, etc, etc. My 2 cents for being a little tired of the cliche fantasies about straight guys that are so common.

  • George412

    Of course he is straight. That is why all of us gays are going crazy for him. They don’t make many gay guys as cute as him. I do think it is odd that they couldn’t find a real life couple to participate in the ad. It does lose some of its meaning knowing they are actors and not a real couple.

  • hf2hvit

    About as straight as the married men who love to suck dick or take it up the ass.

  • etre

    He’s straight, i don’t have anything against the guy but gay people should be doind the ads. he can contribuate expressing his supporto not doing our commercilas

  • bojojojo

    To be fair, according to the interview they picked him, a producer, as a last-minute decision after they couldn’t come up with anyone else for the role.

  • Jack

    He was chosen because he’s a good-looking white, Anglo guy, who’ll remind the straight folks that the gays could be their kids.

  • Chadboy


    and there are no gay, good-looking white guys in Australia that could have been cast in the part?

  • Astro

    a couple of friends of mine have complained that the ad is too heteronormative and is basically a gay shampoo commercial

  • Seth

    He’s one of the few people who succeeded in completely confusing my gaydar. If you look at that ad, there are scenes where he clearly gives off a gay vibe and other scenes where he appears totally straight. He obviously is a very good actor.

    Anyway, the fact that he is straight makes his participation all the more meaningful. It wasn’t so long ago that straight actors would run away from any role that even hinted at homosexuality. Here, he volunteers to be the face of a public campaign for gay marriage and he does so for essentially no pay. And when it goes viral, he doesn’t immediately tweet and proclaim his heterosexuality. He says nothing until asked. This guy is so frigging awesome.

  • Jeremy

    He may have used the wording he chose in the interview to iterate a fact. His own twiyter account is littered with him telling males they are handsome as well and this one in particular where he says “Most important thing is we r in this 2gether @bandanajack without our straight allies they will never be enough glbt folks to turn the tide.” Without OUR straight allies… so speculate as you will

  • iDavid

    Pic 5,7,9…He’s truly a striking beauty. Thx for that link Tim, he really said alot in that interview that was very authentic from the heart and soul. Very helpful in flattening the playing field so we can all feel togetherness more than not as people simply being people.

  • nicky

    Naaaah!! My gaydar isn’t ringing when I see this guy even when he was acting in the commercial.. And usually my gaydar is 100% correct.. =) U shld ask Perez Hilton.. He’s good at that.. I know he’s not the best person to be judging that but hey his gaydar is always right..

  • bagooka

    @etre: HAHAHA, he’s way too metro to be straight.

  • The Gays will make it Bachman2012 (John from England)

    If this guy was gay-he would say it. No biggie.

    Great job.


    Hmm, how old are your friends? In this day and age to be under 20 and use that term, is pretty odd. Especially as so many gay young men are getting married in their early 20’s.

    Well in the UK, they are.

  • Casey

    Aww, I think it’s wonderful that a straight man chose to do such a moving ad. He’s hot enough to get other jobs, I’m sure, but he chose this. It seems like a nice bit of solidarity to me, but I understand why other gay folks would want a gay actor. I just personally think the message is the same, and may even be stronger, that we are all one human family. Just an opinion :) There are so many actors who wouldn’t have taken this role for fear of being viewed as gay – good for him for being part of such a touching portrayal of gay family life.

  • Brett

    I saw Julian interview on tv here in OZ a few days ago. Apparently Julian Shaw was hired to produce the add, which needed to be produced in a very tight time frame. As the add was being paid for by the activist group in OZ to go to air the week before the Labor Party’s (dem’s oz version) [currently in government] annual conference. In seeking to have their platform on same sex marriage changed. It was looking like the numbers and the conference were firming up for change. They got to the a production meeting and needed to shoot very quickly & they had not secured or decided on the actor. The idea was thrown up that maybe Julian should do it. Screen tests were done the rest is history. He did a great job & the platform of the ALP in Australia was changed to support gay marriage, just a few days after the add was aired on tv. This add was just one of the many external pressures that has brought about change.

  • steven

    The whole point of the ad is for straight people to see someone who looks like any straight guy next door and like him. Then they find out he loves another guy. So when we find out the guy who looks a straight guy next door is exactly that, then the ad looses it’s impact. So there really aren’t gay guys who look like the straight guy next door.

  • Sean

    Wow steven, that’s kind of really harsh. There are plenty gay guys who look like the straight guy next door. Saying something like that is really hurtful to many gay men. Myself included.

  • lorenzo399

    FYI, he’s not Australian, he’s a Kiwi. He was born in Wellington and I believe now lives there again. Hence why his documentary was about New Zealand’s quest to win the Rugby World Cup, as it’s such a quintessential element of the Kiwi psyche.

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