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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: All About GetUp!’s Australian “Dream Cub Husband” Julian Shaw

It took us about a minute to want to drop to one knee and propose through our computer screens to Julian Shaw after watching “It’s Time,” GetUp!’s gay marriage PSA. At exactly a minute and a half, he did it first. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones wanting desperately to live vicariously through a public service announcement.

Julian has proposed to not just us but to over 3 million other people on YouTube. The 25-year-old actor from Sydney who plays the “dream cub husband” has made the world swoon over with one smile. No surprisingly, our fantasy proposal quickly turned into a viral sensation.

According to SeattleGayScene.com, Julian Shaw doesn’t just play the perfect fiance but may in fact be a real-life, trophy future husband himself:

“A filmmaker, journalist, novelist, and actor who made his first documentary as a teenager, recently completed another, and written a couple of novels as well. His first film, Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story focused on acclaimed South African activist and drag queen Pieter-Dirk Uys and his work educating… South Africa about the threat of HIV/AIDS [and] features interviews with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. His second documentary, Cup of Dreams was… about New Zealand’s quest to win the Rugby World Cup.”

Multi-talented. Activist. Rugby fan. Ok, now are you ready to see some more photos of this hunky fox? Julian was even generous enough to send Queerty a shirtless shot! Tell him thank you on Twitter and learn more about his projects here.

Photos courtesy of Julian Shaw.

Julian Shaw is a published author whose first book was titled Modern Odysseus.

We get another look at that tattoo thanks to this portrait by Alex Vaughan.

Filming the World Champion New Zealand All Blacks for Cup of Dreams.

This champion has also gotten rough on both the football field and the rugby field.

Just this weekend he was at an Australian Labor Party rally in Sydney.

Try not to get lost in that gaze, captured again by Alex Vaughan.

Julian Shaw and Pieter-Dirk Uys on the Berlinale film festival red carpet for Darling! The documentary got shout outs from Charlize Theron and Desmond Tutu.

Up close and personal in Toronto for a screening of Darling!

Portraying New Zealand rugby superstar John Kirwan in the docudrama All Blacks Don’t Cry.

Photographed in his native Sydney by Belinda Rolland.

Signing more copies of his novel Modern Odysseus.