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PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: All About GetUp!’s Australian “Dream Cub Husband” Julian Shaw

It took us about a minute to want to drop to one knee and propose through our computer screens to Julian Shaw after watching “It’s Time,” GetUp!’s gay marriage PSA. At exactly a minute and a half, he did it first. Unfortunately, we weren’t the only ones wanting desperately to live vicariously through a public service announcement.

Julian has proposed to not just us but to over 3 million other people on YouTube. The 25-year-old actor from Sydney who plays the “dream cub husband” has made the world swoon over with one smile. No surprisingly, our fantasy proposal quickly turned into a viral sensation.

According to SeattleGayScene.com, Julian Shaw doesn’t just play the perfect fiance but may in fact be a real-life, trophy future husband himself:

“A filmmaker, journalist, novelist, and actor who made his first documentary as a teenager, recently completed another, and written a couple of novels as well. His first film, Darling! The Pieter-Dirk Uys Story focused on acclaimed South African activist and drag queen Pieter-Dirk Uys and his work educating… South Africa about the threat of HIV/AIDS [and] features interviews with Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. His second documentary, Cup of Dreams was… about New Zealand’s quest to win the Rugby World Cup.”

Multi-talented. Activist. Rugby fan. Ok, now are you ready to see some more photos of this hunky fox? Julian was even generous enough to send Queerty a shirtless shot! Tell him thank you on Twitter and learn more about his projects here.

Photos courtesy of Julian Shaw.