Double standard?

PHOTO: Fire Island snapshot gets famous gay photographer deleted from Instagram

Photographer Tom Bianchi smiles on the beach

Without any warning, Instagram deleted the account of famous out photographer Tom Bianchi (above). And while the photo sharing app has since reactivated Bianchi, the censorship is just another example of LGBTQ content creators having to jump through hoops to avoid being deleted off social media platforms.

Bianchi is known for photographing the nude male form, having produced 21 books of photos and poetry throughout his distinguished career. Two of those books feature photos from Fire Island Pines, the popular gay retreat off the coast of New York.

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It seems one of the images he took on Fire Island was the reason his account was suddenly deleted. The photo in question, which you can see here, features a man sitting on a bed with his back to the camera.

On Saturday, Bianchi posted about the situation on Twitter:

On Sunday Instagram reversed its decision and Bianchi’s account was fully restored.

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He posted this update:

“Sorry for the interruption – the powers that be turned the music back on. Please continue dancing. I’m touched deeply by all of you who raised your powerful beautiful voices for my reinstatement here. Thank you”

Check out some of Bianchi’s work, via his now-functioning Instagram account, below: