PHOTO: Friends Kiss (And Tell) At Chick-Fil-A In Cedar Rapids

Clayton, a Queerty reader from Iowa, sent us these photos of him and his friend Jerri (mohawk and sunglasses) smooching at the Chick-fil-A at Cedar Rapids’ Westdale Mall during Friday’s National Same-Sex Kiss Day.

“Jerri was told he was not allowed to hold his sign by mall security and a police officer because it was private property and a manager had complained. So to compromise we put the sign down and discussed our cause with people who out of curiosity came up and asked. 2 hours of discussing, 1 of holding hands, and a final (3 takes before we got the photo right) kiss at the end.”

Clayton was quick to clarify that he and Jerri are “just friends” are both single. With cute pics like these, not for long!

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  • Hassan

    Adorable, absolutely adorable.

  • IonMusic

    I applaud these guys, and any same sex duo/couple, who stood up for their convictions. It may not always be popular, or appreciated, but it is the RIGHT thing to do…to stand up for what you feel is right. Not to mention, so incredibly rewarding for the soul after you do it.

  • Mike J.

    Congrats guys. The kiss ins we were part of in another city was a total success. We met and befriended some amazing gay couples. It was peaceful, simple, civil and actually quite romantic. The kiss ins included kisses here & there, all appropriate and nothing out of line, and other than that, it just included holding hands, like the guys above. That was the experience, and we were met with a lot of support actually. People telling us we had a right to exercise our freedoms. That’s exactly what it was about. Embracing our freedoms too.

    So thrilled to have been part of it.

  • Dynex

    Very cute! and I’m sooo glad to hear they had open discussions with the other customers and engaged them. That is awesome. That’s what we need more of, Visbility, and not being fearful to be forthcoming about being gay, while also respectfully chatting to straight people about why equality means a great deal to us. Hard to do that when you’re in hiding.
    Nice going guys.

  • USC Trojans Fan

    I’ve long stated that same sex couples sharing affection is NOT offensive. Nor is a kiss we routinely see straight couples exchange offensive. If you are offended by same sex kisses, that’s on you, and you may want to ask yourself why. But it’s not the responsibility of gay people to censor themselves or natural human actions for the approval of straight people in mind. That’s not equality, and certainly not the equality I yearn for. I hold my partners hand in public very often, and we have kissed before too. It feels special. It feels right at times. I owe my happiness to myself. I don’t owe my happiness to anyone else. I hope everyone can share that level of happiness too. It really does feel good.

  • Steve-ATL

    Our local news covered a story on the kiss ins and to my surprise, they were very pleasent and perfectly civil. In contrast to the incredible bigotry I saw in the videos of conservatives on Chik Fil A appreciation day, all singing dramatically the national anthem in stores, and I’d say our side can hold their head high knowing we made our point, and didn’t make a shameful mess in return either. I too clap for the people who stood outside the restuarants and protested, silently or with signs, you guys are speaking your truth and no one can fault you for it.

  • Kayla

    Good for them!

    Proud of you guys for standing up for what you believe in!

  • hector

    And this was what all the concern trolls were worried about? I swear that the moment things don’t go well in one particular battle, everyone gets all: oh we better not do this or do that, it might be too provocative. What utter rubbish.

  • Nick Makteryan

    Yeah, I thought the gay apologist (or as another poster mentioned, it very well COULD be bisexuals posing as gays. they do love to rip us apart) stated this would turn violent, how this would create riots, how the news media would run with the kiss ins as a lead story. Uhm, by all accounts, they were fine, peaceful, great even. Heck, there was one near our schooland a few friends went and actually had a GOOD time. Not a single incident reported.

    But that’s what some of these types want us to do. Instell fear in us to get us to go back in the closet. Go in hiding. Not ever be identifiably gay.

  • dax

    You go boys!
    well done.

  • Spike

    @USC Trojans Fan: Agreed, besides being a pointless effort to retaliate for the appreciation day nonsense, the idea that two guys kissing in public would be offensive to people in the store is just plain sophmoric and offensive in itself to the dignity of the LGBT community.

    Good luck boycotting fast food, about as pointless as boycotting Google, the reason so many Americans are fat asses is because they are addicted to that crap, and that Chick fil a place will survive not because the haters go there, it’s because fat asses like that crap food they sell. I don’t go there because of the owner’s views on marriage equality, I don’t eat that crap food they sell.

  • Carlson

    I was hesitant how this would go, but having driven past my Chik Fil A on “kiss in” day, and seen a band of gay people lined up, peacefull holding hands in unity, and part of me warmed up. My next thought was, I wish I would have joined them. And my thought process quickly turned to, it actually was a great response to the wacky ‘appreciation day’ hype
    Where as the appreciation day by the bigots felt like Fast Food Armagedon, the staged kiss in was surprinsgly far less flashy. You would think it would be the other way around, ey? well, the kiss in (more like holding hands) I saw was pretty calm, cool and collected.

    I do think there is something to be said about holding your partners hand in public. It all facilitates in desensitizing the taboo that comes with being gay. Being in anyrelationship, affection is natural, necessary even. And in 2012, in the United States, as tax paying adults, that mild affection should hardly be strictly reserved for closed doors. Holding hands as a same sex couple, after a few years, will take the shock factor away from heterosexuals and soon it’s just seen as something they’ve seen before. That’s visibility and it goes hand in hand with being a full member of society.

  • Jose

    @Mario: They look really cute to me. Not hetero looking enough for you? There’s a picture of Chris Brown on the recent page of this site. HAH. there’s your answer.

  • Granster

    @Mario: I would much rather be “ugly” on the outside (which these two are NOT) than ugly on the inside like you obviously are.

  • randy

    I like how the one guy cut and dyed his hair to look like a rooster. Pretty clever.

  • scoobner

    I didn’t participate in the ‘Kiss-in’. Whenever me and my partner (or any condusive male) are passing a chik-fil-a I will be stopping in for a smooch, just to remind them. I think it’ll be more fun – the way I got revenge on my sister as a kid by saying “When you least expect it…expect it”. Another way we can turn everyday into Christmas.

  • the other Greg

    @Spike: Actually, I heard several of the patrons vomited! Of course they blamed it on the same-sex kissing, but we know it was really just the disgusting food.

  • David

    This is completely pointless.

    If you don’t like CFA-their food, politics, etc. don’t go there and go to a silly kiss in, or give the restaurant any attention. It’s easy just don’t buy anything from them.

  • NetworkNash

    This is awesome! Good for the guys who didnt care and practiced their freedoms too

  • Josh

    Wow what a bunch of douches. Gay people want equal rights? Then just fucking let it go and dont make a big scene about it. you dont see straight people making a big deal to everyone that theyre straight. the whole reason gay people arent accepted is because they have to act like fucking flamers and rub it in everyones faces that theyre gay and its just annoying. be gay and let it be as it is, dont go around holding up a sign about it, you just look like a complete dumbass.

  • Navi

    @David: Is not just that. They have donated millions of dollars to anti-gay rights organizations. It is not just about the food and what the bigot said, it is about his actions. Please inform yourself.

  • Jose

    I love this kiss in! good for them. My boyfriend and I routinely hold hands and even kiss. Plus, same sex kisses are more romantic and charming than opposite sex kissing in my opinion

  • Tara

    That’s my little brother! I’m so proud of you, Clay. Fuck the haters :)

  • Jordan

    That is pretty precious. Something about the contrast of the rocker looking kid and the preppy looking kid makes for a cute pic. I also encourage anyone to respond to homophobia in any method and manner that feels right to them. There is no unfirom one size fit all for expressing your heart and what feels true to you, but so long as you do express it, and speak you voice, that is what matters

  • WillUK

    I agree Josh then again camp gays (or guys you call queens/femme in the United States) are annoying and give everyone that’s a gay man a bad name.

  • Classy Sassy

    Look: the same three posters on the Mika thread that were passionately defending bisexuality are here belittling the gay people who kiss, bashing feminine gays, making vile homophobic statements. Wow. I guess people’s suspecions on that thread WERE true: the mob of angry bisexuals are indeed behind the routine homophobia on this site. I never ever realized it until now.

  • Mikey

    @Classy Sassy: You JUST realized that? lol bisexuals intensely hate any identified showing of being gay in public. They reserve same sex interaction for behind closed doors. It’s a fetish for them, not a way of life or identity. Just a sexual fantasy of sorts. They find it shameful to identify as gay or be seen as gay. How many bisexuals have we all known who PRIDE themselves in being a passable hetero? exactly. I would venture to say 99.999% of hate speech against gays on this site comes directly from bisexuals. That’s why, by and large, the community shuns them.

  • Kevin Mendoza

    @WillUK: LoL this coming from a poster who was talking about biphobia in another article? but you bisexual freaks seem to be obsessed with being “st8 acting” and role playing. How many roles can you all play? One day you’re straight, then gay, then this, then that, are you all ever exhausted with all the FAKE personas you lead because you’re too fearful to face society and be who you are? You’re all so angry, bitter and jaded at identifiable gays because they face this world being themselves. Not hiding or playing a character like you bisexuals. I feel sorry for the unsuspecting women you expose yourselves to who have no idea the number of sexual partners (ANYTHING WITH A PULSE) you bisexual freaks sleep with. Before criticizng gays, you freaks need to look at yourselves and apologize for the number of STDs you have given to society because you have absolutely ZERO self control when it comes to sex.

  • Tex-Rex

    @WillUK: No, the only thing that makes gay men look bad are other LGBT trying to police us, our lives, and judge mannerisms of gays because they themselves are too insecure. Fem gays are actually a beautiful part of the LGBT. They are some of the most brave, beautiful, courageous people I know, and I’m proud to know. That you whipped up an assortment of judgments and cast people with those judgments based on being fem speaks volumes about the mental disturbance you have, the homophobia you harbor, the need for us all to act and be the same (much like a modern day Hitler) and also says you take issue with a great portion of the gay population. If you are really bisexual as other posters claim above, I would not be one bit surprised by that. We’re gay, we’re not bi, and for many gay men, being effiminate is inherent and they are part of our community. Truth be told, I wish bisexuals who are homophobic weren’t part of this community.

  • Rob

    Is this the same WillUK who was speaking out against bi erasure in another post? If so, the irony in this ignorant post of yours is all too timely and poignant. I actually defended against the idea that the bisexual visitors on this site are responsible for the anti fem bashing, and butch bashing and general anti gay tones on other posts, but you’re distatsetful post sure has me wondering. As far as your post is concerned, I can tell you that the many of us gay men who are comfortable in our sexuality and comfortable in our skin completely embrace our feminine gay brothers. They are part of the fabric that makes our community, and are not defined by what they wear or how they walk, but the content of their character. There are also many of them who are in our community and will always be in our community. Feminine gay men, masculine lesbians, and everything inbetween will never vanish or disappear from our broad LGBT spectrum. Nor should they ever have to. The entire point of coming out is to feel liberated enough to be yourself. So while you make speeches about defending the rights and respect of bisexuals, don’t come and school gay men on how to act more macho & manly to be accepted. Aside from being hilariously hypocritical, it stinks of ignorance, and does far more to invite harsh criticism of your side (as you can see above_ than it does to fgain support, or unite a very diverse community. And our community of LGBT will *always* be diverse. Fem gay, masc lesbian, asian twink, biker latin, old, middle eastern, skinny, young, tall, extroverted, introverted, and everything inbetween.

  • Heaven Dog 72'

    @Rob: Beautiful! absolutely beautiful. I’m planning on copy/paste your post and saving it for myself. Very nicely put and you nailed the principles of what that rainbow flag symbolizes and will always symbolize.

  • Salud

    Good for you guys for expressing yourselves and you’re both pretty cute to me. I love the picture with the sign and you holding hands. Thank you for doing this and showing gay is just as normal as anyone else and here to stay.

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