PHOTO: It’s A Portrait Of Whitney Houston—Made Out Of Prescription Pills!

Artist Jason Mecier has gained a following by making celebrity collages with unexpected materials: circuit boards for Lady Gaga, bathroom notions for Carol Channing, household doodads for Tina Fey, etc.

He’s also paid homage to stars who have gone too soon—Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse and Heath Ledger—with a series of prescription portraits made out of brightly colored pills. And now he’s given Whitney Houston his aesthetic treatment.

While some might call it “too soon,” we’re calling it “brilliant art.”

Photo via Jason Mecier

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  • axon

    And I call him and you heartless, juvenile idiots. It’s not funny. The woman died.

    So did Michael Jackson. But not from presription pills.

  • plazaboy

    The woman died and so what?! I think the reasoning to use pills is a little crass but at the same time utterly brilliant. Juvenile possibly, heartless…. nope. Idiots? Hmmmm, casting stones?

  • MKe

    wow that is a good f–king artist if there is no pic super-imposed.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    oh dear, i resolutely refuse to find this big, funny, or clever; and on a strictly moral basis i can’t approve — and yet…

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    next… maybe a bobby brown out of turds. oh wait, yeah, nature got there first.


    enough said!

  • Avenn

    If we’re taking this so literally, then by definiton…

    A picture made with pills = Her death had something to do with pills
    A picture made with paints = Her death had something to do with paints

    It’s just a medium. A brilliant one.

  • Truthful

    oh fuck all of you. this is brilliant!

  • Kyle


  • Red S.

    I don’t find it disrespectful at all. To me the statement it seems to be making is about the two sides to Whitney: the medium reminds us of her tragic death, but the face it shows is of her at her prime and that’s how she should be remembered.
    A great piece of work.

  • Kyle

    @Red S.: Well, that settles everything.

  • mike

    @axon: lighten up

  • mike

    if you mess with derugs thats what you get

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    @mike: contemporary art?

  • Oh, ok.

    Tacky and childish. I guess if you have no real talent then using a celebrity’s name while being crass will do the trick.

    Whitney had talent that gained world wide attention, this hack will be remembered for all of 5 seconds by those who bothered to read his name(I didn’t).

  • Cam

    I’m not sure why people are acting like Houston was Mother Theresa. She was publicly a drug addict, and now somebody made a picture out of drugs. Sort of pop arty, but clever and fun.

  • Paul

    @Cam: Agreed. @Red S.: Brilliant reply! 100% spot on.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Cam: No one thinks she was Mother Theresa, but she was a woman, with a private life. She had a drug addiction.

    There’s an article on this same site crying because a drag queen made fun of HIV/Aids.

    Why is dying to a drug addiction funny? What’s “fun” or “clever” about sitting atop a high horse lambasting a woman who’s dead?

    It’s sick and some of us have enough principles not to find it cute. It’s not about Whitney the star, it’s about Whitney the person.

    If this tool made a picture about a deceased homeless man out of trash bags I’d still be saying the same damned thing. He’s a tool and very morbid. Support him being an asshole all you like doesn’t change a thing.

  • Tyler

    Well said Axon.

  • Noe Hilyard

    Taking this too serious
    Its very clever and that’s that
    Nobody made Whitney do what she did we need to
    get over it and realize when it comes down to it
    our cherished whitney became A MESS!!! and
    that this portrait is very clever

  • Oh, ok.

    @Noe Hilyard: Cause you have no skeletons in your closet right? Your entire life is squeaky clean.

    It’s easy to sit on your high horse when no one knows your personal business and it isn’t on display for the world to see.

    It’s also HIGHLY ironic for anyone in the gay community to be lambasting this woman considering how frequently drugs are passed around and used casually by GAY MEN all weekend. Ho, sit down.

  • PeterPiperBoy

    This was a poor choice of art work to pay tribute to a late dynamic performer! I understand she struggled with the valley of the dolls…but, this was a very tasteless depiction! no class whatsoever!!!

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