PHOTO: Mario Lopez Streaks After Losing Super Bowl Bet

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 7.46.13 AM

PHOTO: Professional man candy Mario Lopez lost a Super Bowl to Extra co-host Maria Menounos bet and had to strip down to his undies and run through the streets of L.A. in nothing but his undies and a Ravens helmet.

If you’re wondering why Lopez looks so happy, it’s because it’s a free excuse to advertise his Rated M line of underwear. We’re not mad at it.

Photos: x17.com

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Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 7.47.13 AM

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  • MikeE

    this is most definitely one of those “who cares?” moments.

    first of all, he’s not “streaking” if he’s still wearing his underwear. that’s a bit like going to a nudist beach in a bathing suit.

    and it’s not particularly “gay” news either. As a gay man I can honestly say I am not attracted to men I know are straight.

  • fredo777

    @MikeE: Some of us find attractive men attractive, regardless of their sexual orientation. Fair point about the streaking, though, but Mario can still fill out a pair of briefs quite well.

  • viveutvivas

    That’s not streaking.

  • Gigi Gee

    @MikeE: I don’t have a problem with straight guys. It’s the homophobes I have a problem with.

  • Leon

    Definitively not streaking but worth watching to me

  • Thom in MD

    According to the story he had to “run through the streets of L.A.” Looked like a park to me.

  • Shadeaux

    I LOVE Mario and his body is CRAZY!

  • Spike

    Spare me, that guy has been naked in the shower on Nip/Tuck and he seems to take his shirt off every chance he gets, has a line of underwear and then he acts all oh I’m naked cover me up for this nonsense. How lame.

    Didn’t he tweet out of pic of his ass in underwear while decorating the family Christmas tree? Again, spare me.

  • Chad Hunt

    He’s a cute guy and who doesn’t appreciate a nice body that isn’t riddled with steroids. Str8, Gay, Bi doesn’t matter. To bad he wasn’t really streaking though. The run took place at “The Grove” which is a premier shopping mall in L.A. It is outside so therefore technically has streets.

  • Kieran

    Was using Nair to remove any trace of adult male body hair also part of the bet?

  • onalius

    That’s The Grove, the mall where his show is taped.

  • Rockery

    He does nothing for me. Just like on Ellen he stuffed his underwear and you can see how short he is. I guess he forgot to wear his elevator shoes (or sadly maybe he is wearing them) he is just too fake and unsexy

  • Chino1981

    Personally, I always liked Zack better than A.C! ;0)

  • casey

    Still an attractive man

  • Kasnar

    No, it’s not actual streaking for we, the porn jaded. Call it legal PG streaking. He’s hot regardless. I give all props to Mario for maintaining that body. I have nothing against him for being straight.

  • Scott Amundsen

    @MikeE: Oh he’s good-looking enough for eye candy I suppose, but STREAKING requires NUDITY.

    I dunno if I would go so far as to say “who cares?” but “ho-hum” sums it up nicely.

  • coffeeaugur


  • dave lopes

    He is an example for all men.

    No need to fall apart as we age.

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