PHOTO: Matt Bomer As Blaine’s Brother “Cooper Anderson” On Glee

TVLine’s Michael Ausiello has the first look at out hunk Matt Bomer‘s star turn on Glee, where he’ll be playing Blaine’s older brother, Cooper Anderson (cheeky pun intended). In the episode, titled “Big Brother, Bomer and Darren Criss will sing a mashup of Duran Duran hits from the 1980s. (We’re sure “Wild Boys” will be in there somewhere.)

Bomer will appear on Glee on April 10, when the show returns from its winter hiatus. Producers have promised a lot of surprises before the Season Four finale on May 22, including revelations about which characters will—and won’t—be returning next year.

For more images of Bomer on Glee, hop over to TVLine.

“Big Brother,” the spring premiere episode of Glee airs Tuesday, April 10, at 8pm EST. Photo: Adam Rose/FOX


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  • Torrie

    Gorgeous! I’ll watch ANYTHING with Matt Bomer in it! *drools*

  • tj

    The man is perfection, triple threat talent wise. Can’t wait for Magic Mike, new White Collar and Normal Heart. This episode should be fun.

  • redcarpet

    So when is the sex scene?

    His beauty disturbs me. How the hell is anyone ever supposed to compete with that?

  • Marie Cohn

    I’m having an anticipatory gleegasm as I type . . .

  • Red Meat

    Cooper Anderson? Really? LOL

  • Cam

    He came out, good for him, I love that he did it by introducing his family. I think too often Hollywood wants these celebs to pretend that their family’s don’t exist so congrats to Bomer.

    AS for Glee, I still get zero chemestry from Blaine and Kurt, I really get a much better vibe now from Kurt and his former Bully.

  • Kirk

    @Cam: Totally agree on both! Big Bomer and Colfer fan. Never got any chemistry between Colfer and Criss but not a Criss fan at all, maybe my issue. I really think that Kurt will go down the path of a relationship of some sort with the former bully.

  • Jeff

    I cant stop looking at Matt Bomer. What a beautiful face!

  • drums

    Sorry, isn’t the Blaine kid half-filippino? Bomer, though beautiful, is one of the whitest guys on television.

  • Ok, ok

    @drums: Plenty of white characters on television are played by people who aren’t actually white but just look white. Former Prison Break star Wentworth Miller for example, there’s also pretty much every Vin Diesel character(except in Fast and the Furious), and one of the girls on Pretty Little Liars(I don’t know the character’s name since I don’t watch the show).

    It’s really not uncommon anymore, though it’s weird they have them playing white characters just because they could pass for white but whatever.

  • Ok, ok

    @Ok, ok: Actually I shouldn’t say uncommon anymore because there were many black actors who passed for white since film began so it just plain never was uncommon.

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