PHOTOS: Newly (Re-)Married Dan Savage And Terry Miller Are So Pretty In Their Tuxes

Dan Savage and Terry Miller were among the first same-sex couples to wed in Washington this weekend and though the two were married previously in Canada, they wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for the world.

“We fought hard to get this law passed and we wanted to be part of this day,” Savage told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “On our first wedding, we didn’t have guests or friends there. We snuck off to Canada and eloped and went to our tenth anniversary party without telling anyone they were at a wedding reception. We are doing it a bit more publicly this time and inviting family.”

Savage spoke with Hayes in New York prior to renewing his vows in his hometown of Seattle, and the columnist just happened to have a spare bottle of champagne thanks to a mix-up at his hotel. Savage and Hayes shared a toast, even though it was before 8 in the morning, but hey, we’re certainly in no place to judge.

Before getting tipsy at the crack of dawn, however, Savage soberly reflected on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear two marriage equality cases. “If we lose at the Supreme Court,” he said, “there’s other cases because we are going to keep living, existing, coming out, marrying and suing until we get justice.”

Congrats to Dan and Terry on their wedding day…and their wedding night. After their ceremony, Savage reportedly said, “We’re heading out. It’s time to consummate this thing.”

Photos: Terry Miller’s Instagram, kateleroux’s Instagram