PHOTO: Perez Hilton Is A Daddy

PHOTO: Perez Hilton is the proud father of a newborn baby boy, according to a post on the gossip hound’s website.

Dear Friends,

I want you to hear this directly from me, right here.

I am ready to announce that earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy – with lots of hair on his tiny head!

My family is overjoyed at this newest and most cherished addition.

Thank YOU for welcoming into your homes, offices, classrooms, cell phones and wherever else you may read my five websites.

And thank you for welcoming ME into your lives!

I am so humbled to welcome this little man into my life. And I am honored and ready for the challenge of guiding him through his.

With love,


That child is either going to be the gayest thing on two legs or totally rebel and become a Mormon politician. We’re taking bets now.

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  • Sohobod


  • oilburner

    I’m so disgusted

  • Ogre Magi

    Is he breast feeding in that pic?

  • Katbox

    @oilburner: I think we all are. :)

  • Dixie Rect

    Ugh. I thought this self important no talent ‘know it all’ queen went away?

  • BigWoody

    anything for publicity…

  • yaoming

    Klassy how he combined a birth announcement with promotion for “my five websites”.

  • Rockery

    @Ogre Magi:

    LOL! Yes definitely, but I don’t think he should be

  • Malibu Eric

    I have instant flashes of publicity seeking Mommy Dearest and poor Christina. You do have to love a birth announcement that slips in “my five websites.” Vile.

  • tidalpool

    a child is a child is a child, and all of us in the amazing village owe that child love and protection, The sins of that father is another tall tale told by str8s. We know love is universal, please wish this child the best in his life. as A FAIRY I wish him health threw out his life..may he be strong and true….

  • Red Meat

    A disgusting human being having a child? He either turn out a drug addict or a self entitled prick.

  • Sohobod

    That is probably the most nauseating, saccharin and vomit-making post I’ve every read.

  • Matthew

    Perez looks like Tyrion Lannister after falling down a flight of stairs. I wish the kid luck. His dad has a mean soul, no matter how much he tries to hide it.

  • rcs831

    He’s a complete douche and that poor kid has no chance of growing up to be a good person.

  • rcs831

    No one cares at all.

  • Dionte

    @tidalpool: that was very sweet, good Fairy.

  • Chad Hunt

    Children have a way of changing people. I hope Perez and this child “grew up” together in a home filled with love, understanding, and mutual respect. Can’t we all turn aside our vile rhetoric toward Perez and just maybe for once think about the innocent child and hope for the best.

  • vonlmo

    Baptise that kid at Westboro stat.

  • Kieru

    I registered JUST so I could post a big ‘Shame on you” regarding this post. So you don’t like Perez Hilton. That’s fine. His particular niche of ‘news’ is fairly atrocious and it’s easy to see why anyone would hold him in the same level of disdain as one does the paparazzi.

    … but then you make a bitchy, catty comment that his kid is going to “either going to be the gayest thing on two legs or totally rebel and become a Mormon politician”. First…. as a gay news source you should probably NOT be reinforcing erroneous stereotypes that gay parents raise gay kids.

    Secondly… holy christ the hypocrisy. If you don’t like Perez because he posts gossip and unverified news and makes catty, bitchy comments about people based on loose context why would you in turn do the same?

    Try and be a bit more classy than the people you hold in so little regard Queerty. And if you don’t like Perez; don’t post about him. He’s only popular because he gets celebrity gossip. He only gets the gossip because he’s popular.

  • Charli Girl

    yup.. apparently its ok to post horrible things when a child is involved but i make a refference to a homophobic redneck and my post got the boot! Go figure…

  • fortin

    @oilburner: and why are you disgusted?

  • rcs831

    Look, Perez made his own bed. This is feedback from the gay community, just think how this appears to the breeders. Why is he all of a sudden a great guy? He has maliciously hurt a lot of people and he made money from it. No one cares about him. Even when bitch slapped him, no one cared.

  • jmmartin

    Gosh knows I have no kind warm feelings for Ms. Hilton, but I wish her well. Instead of calling the glass half-empty, I’d like to see if it can’t be half-full: work a change on Perez so that she really is less the bore she now seems. The responsibilities may make the girl.

  • mz.sam

    I never knew someone so Butt-Fuck ugly and with mammary glands could give birth to a baby!

  • n900mixalot

    @Chad Hunt: Or maybe the child isn’t even his. Or maybe he’s just doing it for publicity. Maybe a DNA test is in order, people pull scans like this all or the time.

    Funny how here you say kids change people but then you turn around and throw a fit when a lesbian gets her arse handed to her in one of the most homophobic towns in the US.

  • Teleny

    I wish Perez and his baby boy the best of luck. I hope he has a strong support system, kids are a lot of work.

  • LadyLady

    Maybe… just maybe, this little guy will help him become a better man. Good luck to him.

  • Bean

    Poor kid… But plenty of people have grown up and overcome the terrible hand dealt to them when it comes to their parents. So, good luck, little guy.

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