PHOTO: “The Exact Moment I Became Gay”

Queerty reader Tommy Voter sent us a link to this vintage photo (well, as vintage as the late 1990s), which bears the caption “Found photographic evidence of the exact moment I became gay.”

Though most gays and lesbians say they became aware of their sexuality over time—that there was no bolt from the blue—we’re hard-pressed to deny this is clearly an “Aha!” moment.



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  • amoeba standstill


  • lookatme!

    I saw so far two times in my life a double rainbow, does it mean that I’m super-gay ?!

  • ronjayaz

    I dont really get it w/o an explanation. Pleze explain.

  • Scifiboy

    I had a similar picture taken of me in 1991, of a huge rainbow behind me when I was 12 years old……….It can’t be a coincidence that I kissed several other boys my age at the time.

  • LittIe,Kiwi

    phoebe cates made me gay

  • Ronbo

    I was in second grade sitting next to a sweaty senior basketball player in the school auditorium. His smell was intoxicating and exciting – like nothing I’d ever experienced. I knew, oh yes, I just knew.

  • Corben Dallas

    i was in the 7th grade, and would watch this cute boy from across the classroom get these gigantic boners in his karate pants lol, he’d sit there and press down on it, and Id wonder, hmmm… why is this so interesting?

  • MoJo

    SO cute!

  • Bob

    When I was a kid my Mother took me to see Debbie Reynold’s live show at the Westbury Music Fair on Long Island. Debbie did her nightclub act, 14 year old Carrie sang “I Got Love” from the Broadway show “Purlie”, and her opening act was Rip Taylor, confetti and all. If i wasn’t gay going in, I certainly was going out.

  • Navi

    Since everyone else is sharing their story… My dad bought me an inflatable seat once, and I just remember seeing the boy on the picture of the box and thinking, “cute”. For some reason I wasn’t attracted to a boy again until like middle schoolish

  • xander

    Maybe it wasn’t an aha moment, but when I was about 5, my 17 y/o neighbour used to wash his car in their driveway, which inevitably meant I would plant myself on the porch to watch him with his shirt off, while I pretended to play with my legos.

    How sad I got when he left for university! And I’m still partial to guys with bods and hair like his, Lol!

  • Shannon1981

    Mine was sunday school. I was 4. I didn’t have the language for it, but I was acutely aware of the fact that the way I viewed my relationship with a certain little girl was very different from the way she viewed me, and from the way other little girls viewed their friendships with one another.

  • Spike

    OMG, makes so much more sense then the knotted rope we climbed down thru the escape hatch. Yep, my brother and neighborhood kid were str8t, me, not so much, but they let me hang around cuz I really really liked to keep the tree house clean, go figure. Oh, oops, I didn’t even see the rainbow. Never mind.

  • not blind

    @ No. 15 indi.anna

    My goodness, you people are pushy. I used to be pro-trans, but now that I see the constant pushy, manipulative behavior and policing everyone’s speech, I want the T removed from LGBT.

  • Shannon1981

    @indi.anna: Seeing as you have been to every thread on this site with an anti- Queerty petition, and clearly created an account just to spam, I am considering giving feedback to Queerty reporting your account. The comment policy clearly says no derailing and spamming, and that is what you are doing.

  • Shannon1981

    @not blind: They aren’t all like that. Its a select few groups who go up against gays. Don’t write the trans people off who are also gay, and the ones who work alongside us rather than push against us.

  • Gus

    Always knew something was different. Was getting two new suits around age 12….it was the 1970’s. There was a poster of three people’s waists mid thigh to just above belly button. All three wearing small white bikini swimsuits. The one in the middle held my attention the entire time we were in the suit shop. About the time we were done in the fitting room, I realized the body in the middle was a male body while the other two were female.
    That’s when I figured out that *something different*.

  • Quarety

    For me it was the embarrassment I felt when the video for Jump by Van Halen came on tv. The guys were barefoot and I think I interpreted this as a form of make nudity. Later in life I gained a foot fetish as well…

  • Paul Mc

    I played in the outdoors a lot. Neighbours kids the usual thing. We built forts. We made like cowboys and Indians. We climbed trees. We jumped rivers.

    Not too gay so far.

    But I swept the forts and wove rush mats to sit on and had small kitchen areas as well as lounge and seating. Seemed normal to me and nobody made fun of it.

  • Member

    I wanna share my coming out! umm… from like kindergarten to like 2th grade I would crush on boys and girls and just be a boy. then when I had to move in 5th grade, I realized that I liked the boy more since I was gunna miss him more. Then I seen Brad Pitt. compared the most perfect men to the most perfect women, I lust for men but my instinct tells me women. I barely just recently labeled myself as ‘bisexual’ a couple years ago, and I think it’s pretty spot on. But to avoid that conversation I would just say I’m gay to get it on with a guy… and I’ve learned to not bring up my sexuality with a girl, even though I came out to my exgirlfriend who was freakin awesome about it. after that, I started hating girls, I would just rather get her drunk and rape her if I was stable enough to have a kid

  • weof

    It’s so beautiful

  • ronjayaz

    Just wanted to add to the Debbie Reynolds gay moment that he shud have sed for a laff, I was innocent going in but gay coming out!

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