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  • kayakriver

    I loved the show in the first half of the season, but Bryan is kind of annoying and not funny. I love the other character tho, especially Shania (such a breakout star the girl is), Rocky and Jane. I like the dynamic between everybody, they have been focusing too much on the couple.

  • hephaestion

    I am crazy about this show! The whole cast is perfect and it keeps getting better and better. It will be a tragedy if it isn’t given a 2nd season, because it will surely get its audience soon. It’s my favorite show in years.

  • hyhybt

    Please keep this one, NBC! It’s not like your *other* shows get good ratings either…

  • Dixie Rect

    The characters outside of Bryan/David are great, but Bryan/David are quite boring, predictable and too ‘after school special’ – where are a valuable lesson is always taught. Too preachy! Please.

  • Volvoguy

    This show is the biggest yawn fest on TV.
    The characters are about interesting as tapioca pudding.
    NeNe, oh my goodness, you could have a cardboard cutout
    in the set and would still hold the same interest.
    I just hope the new season would do something to want me to watch.
    Until then let it go!!!!

  • Cam

    To the few naysayers I would point out that this show has had the pair kissing, they have woken up in the same bed and chatted and they have given you some history and shown you first dates, etc… i.e. why this couple is together, why they like each other.

    Compare that to the neutered sexless step and fetchit of Cam on “Modern Family”. The show where the straight actor playing gay told the LGBT community that we were lucky to even have a gay couple on TV when folks brought up the lack of any affection between the two characters.

    I’ll take the “New Normal” over that anytime!

  • Jay

    I love, and have watched, every episode of this show.

    And I loved what I hope was only the *season* finale. I cried all through the second half. What a perfect place for their wedding. The show needs to come back, though. There’s a lot of material left to cover: Goldie, Shania, and Nana aren’t going anywhere.

    Still, all of them (with J. B. Hickey) in Ocean Park: my favorite tv/movie wedding ever.

  • hyhybt

    @Volvoguy: What’s wrong with Tapioca pudding?

  • balehead

    So much lazy hatred for this show…one of the best shows on tv…

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