PHOTO: There Will Be Plenty Of Cornholing At Tybee Gay Days

PHOTO: The publicist for Gay Days at Tybee Island, Georgia, deserves a big fat raise. Not only did she send us a cute photo of two hot guys amusing themselves on the picturesque island. But she titled the image “playing cornhole”—which naturally sent it to the top of our in-box.

For the uninitiated, cornhole is an old-timey game in which players take turns throwing weighted bags at a raised platform that has a hole in it. (It’s also known as “corn toss,” “bean-bag toss,” “baggo” and “bags,” but none of those names make us giggle.)

If this sounds like fun, is sponsoring a whole weekend of events for the LGBT community at Tybee Gay Days 2013, being held May 3-5 on Tybee Island, a pastoral paradise just 20 minutes outside Savannah.

Below, bone up on some common cornhole terminology.

220px-CornholeBack door: A cornhole that goes over the top of a blocker and into the hole.
Dirty bag : A bag that is on the ground or is hanging off the board touching the ground
Gusher: Four cornholes by a single player in a single round
Hooker: A bag hitting the board and hooking or curving around a blocker and going in the hole
Nothing But hole: An expression that means the bag passed through the cornhole without touching the rim
Sally: A toss that is thrown too weakly and lands on the ground before reaching the board
Swish: A bag that goes directly in the hole without touching the board

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  • BJ McFrisky

    For anyone new to cornholing, I have but one suggestion: Relax.

  • jstepp88

    I’m so excited to see this! Living in Savannah, having eating at that restaurant, and knowing the guys posted makes the world seem smaller. It is impossible to not love the area! Hope to see some of you guys there!

  • Ronjamin

    Back in ’96, Gay Pride Day in Savannah was just 50 guys at the local state park having a BBQ, most of them worried that someone might know they were there. How wonderfully things have changed.

  • viveutvivas

    A pity that reality never lives up to the promotional pictures. :)

  • jstepp88

    Viveutvivas, it doesn’t get much more real than that. Those are local guys, at a local restaurant, playing cornhole on the deck.

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