PHOTO: What Kind Of Underwear Is This Guy Wearing?

It’s time for another installment of Debriefing, where we team up with our friends at The Underwear Expert to find out what the man on the street is packing inside his pants.

So the next time a strange man comes up and asks what sort of underwear you have on, remember it might be one of our intrepid reporters!


Age: 21

Occupation: Applying for School

Residence: Berlin

Self Proclaimed Style: Leisure wear.

Wearing: ”Salt & Pepper” Boxer.

Favorite Underwear: No favorite brand, but always wear boxers.

Words to live by: Try to do the right thing!




Source: The Underwear Expert

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  • RayJacksonMS

    Am I the only one that noticed he’s 50 feet tall and about to step on Tabitha Coffey?

  • the other Greg

    Mmmm he looks hung. Or is it the boxers.

  • Franklyn

    Boxers or briefs? If he were with me it would be NEITHER. I’d have him out of his underwear and naked in my bed.

  • Peter Fitz

    Bet he’s uncut MMMMMM

  • Aidan8

    Mmmm…. Tobi from Berlin… Sie sind sehr sexy. I don’t care what underwear you have on… I’d have them off in a flash. :)

  • Eddie

    Oh, life… My twenty one has gone long ago… Never more, never more…
    He seens to be charming. For me, he can wear anything and be always good-looking.

  • shannon


  • Derek

    Shannon the questions wasn’t what kind of underwear were you conceived in…jeez read much?

  • Kayak

    Pretty cute guy, but boxers are so icky. Gotta be straight.

  • Aidan8

    @Kayak: Boxers are icky? Gotta be straight? Really? What, gay guys only wear thongs or boxer briefs?

  • Sammy

    Whoa! That’s waay too much information. No free samples, Pleeze!

  • Louie

    @Aidan8: Du bist sehr sexy…..danke schön !!!

  • Brandon

    Queerty get rid of this feature nobody cares about it.

  • Cyndi Brady

    He’s pretty cute, for a man (!) but c’mon dude, those floral print (?) boxers gotta go. Nein, nein, das kan nicht sein! Get the boxer bon€r brief; enjoy the best of both worlds amigo. Easier to get them off you when your gentleman friends want to, errrr, see you in the buff.

    Advice from an older gal: get’em tagless, so you don’t get yr hindside chafed. Unless u want to, of course. Or, pretend you’re part Dutch and wear nothing downstairs except your jeans.

  • Fred

    Hey Brandon why don’t you STFU and STOP speaking for others. You are as clueless as you are stupid.

  • Rando

    @Cyndi Brady: As a Dutch person, I don’t know anyone who goes commando, much less with jeans.

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