PHOTO: Would You Hit It? (Ashton Kutcher Edition)

Two and a Half Men is like a slow-healing wound—you just keep hoping it’ll disappear. But the sexist sitcom keeps chugging along, now infused with the fresh blood of himbo actor Ashton Kutcher. The show has completely run out of ideas—but on the plus side, that means the writers have to keep coming up with ridiculous reasons for Kutcher to take his clothes off.

So long as we can find caps like this one, we’re fine with that.

So, to the point, does seeing Ashton tied and gagged above get you revved up—or would you rather watch reruns of The King of Queens?


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  • Ron Jackson

    I’ve never watched the show but unless Kutcher turns gay, who cares.


    hit it , lick it, etc etc

  • Mjl-428


  • Guillermo3


  • petensfo

    duh, like you have to ask?

  • jmmartin

    When Ashton started out he proved he was not much in the thespian department but adequately played light comedy with a flair. He also was one of the best looking men on earth. Unfortunately, he developed the nauseating habit of kissing and telling on co-stars (Brittany Murphy, “Just Married”) and used a dalliance with Demi as a career move. Unfortunately, we are onto him now. In “The Guardian” he actually allowed Kevin Costner to upstage him, simultaenously proving that playing a serious character is not part of Ashton’s job description. He could take tips from Keanu. Now that the tabloids have Demi close to suicide, the next headline ought to be “Willis Throttles Ashton.” Nice thought, that.

  • AxelDC

    Eww! No way!

  • hf2hvit

    Chicken legs… only good fried

  • the other Greg

    He’s so un-sexy. The whole premise of the show now is, all the women supposedly think he’s so hot! I don’t get it. And the episode where he agreed to a three-way with Alan’s girlfriend AND Alan! – barf. But they moved it to right after the best sitcom now, The Big Bang Theory (with an actual gay star!), so I can’t stop watching this train wreck to see how bad it’ll get.

  • Elmwoodmac

    I don’t hate Ashton Kutcher I despise him. One of the biggest no talents around these days. They may as well put that once funny show pre-Kutcher days to sleep, it’s just taking up space now.

  • Gotjee

    With a baseball bat.

  • erich40

    It goes to show how bad the show is when they have to stoop to ball gags and cuffing the so-called star of the show to the bed showing a hairless chest, knobby knees and what the hell is up with the shoes. On the show ( not talking real life) he is worth millions and goes around living in some shitty house, with another man (Alan Harper) who is always going on about how he would make a better lover and partner then the women Kutcher’s character goes out with. I have watched the show, and at times have found it funny, but it gets old, it’s like giving a blow job and the guy you are giving it to never shoots. You just keep watching and watching the show to see if there is going to be a happy ending.

  • Anthony

    maybe 10 years ago

  • Hillers

    Hell to the yeah. Up and down. All around. Inside up. BAM!

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