PHOTO: Zac Efron looks like he’s cruising in a sauna

In an age of near-daily political bombshell reporting, one story of personal triumph managed to rise up and make its mark.

We’re referring, of course, to Zac Efron‘s thirst-trap return to Instagram after a three-month hiatus.

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The actor posed in his personal sauna giving his best cruising look, and the internet took notice.

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?? ? @clearlightsaunas100

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People decried, “Red Hot!” Elle took the bait on some wordplay, calling it “steamy.” Who cares if that’s a dry sauna and not a steam room? It’s the thought that counts., however, took a more investigative approach.

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“A phallic-shaped detail on his white shorts drew eyes crotch-ward,” the site reported, “with many pointing out that from afar – it looked like an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.”

A close analysis determined it was just the drawstring of Zac’s shorts poking up.

And the beat goes on.