Wrong Number

This photographer shot an ad of a same-sex couple. Then the scary voicemails started…

Lacy Hillard

Lacy Hillard, the proprietor of Wandering Elm Photography, has gone public with harassment claims. She says that she received a cryptic, threatening voicemail message after publishing a photograph of a same-sex couple.

The Somerset, Kentucky-based photographer told local NBC affiliate LEX18 that’d she’d published the image as part of an ad in the local Money Saver publication–one of those mini newspapers chock full of coupons and ads. The image of the same-sex couple was one of several photos included in an ad for her business.

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Then, this past Saturday, a caller left an intimidating voicemail at Wandering Elm Photography. “I really hope this is a mistake in the top left corner that looks to be a homosexual couple embracing each other,” the caller said. “If you think this is going to fly in Somerset, you’re wrong.” The caller then went on to ridicule queer couples, using words like “abomination.”

Hillard shared a recording of the call on Facebook, both in hopes of identifying the caller and to further the message of love and inclusion she wanted to send with her original ad.

“I want to make sure my ad is inclusive,” Hilliard said. “All people are welcomed at my studio regardless of race, color, sexual orientation any of that.” Hillard also told LEX18 that she would love to “have lunch with” the caller herself, to explain that nobody can claim to love everyone and still exclude a whole class of people.