PHOTOS: 10 Fun Facts About Andrew Christian Models


PHOTOS: When it comes to underwear models, no group is more famous or infamous as the men from Andrew Christian. They are cute, adorable, and fairly cheeky, in all senses of the word. But, besides the jockstraps, twerking videos, and boy next door smiles, how well do you know your favorite Andrew Christian models past and present? Check out ten fun facts we found out about some of these models.  Also, it’s an excuse to share some of these hot pics.

Brandon Robert Brown


Did you know Brandon Robert Brown is a certified chef?

Sam Garfield


Did you know Sam Garfield was a Warbler on Glee?

Noah Wright


Did you know Noah Wright is also a florist?

Steven Dehler


Did you know Steven Dehler’s first campaign was with Timoteo?

Brandon Howell


Did you know Brandon Howell is outspoken about not posing nude?

Quinn Jaxon


Did you know Quinn Jaxon has a dream to be on a billboard?

Daniel S.


Did you know Daniel S. joined Andrew Christian after winning a contest?

Pablo Hernandez


Did you know Pablo Hernandez is Spanish and Lebanese?

Jon Varak


Did you know Jon Varak has a pet shitzu?

Sean Paul Lockhart


Did you know Sean Paul Lockhart and Brent Corrigan are the same person? Of course you did.

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