PHOTOS: 10 Fun Facts About Andrew Christian Models


PHOTOS: When it comes to underwear models, no group is more famous or infamous as the men from Andrew Christian. They are cute, adorable, and fairly cheeky, in all senses of the word. But, besides the jockstraps, twerking videos, and boy next door smiles, how well do you know your favorite Andrew Christian models past and present? Check out ten fun facts we found out about some of these models.  Also, it’s an excuse to share some of these hot pics.

Brandon Robert Brown


Did you know Brandon Robert Brown is a certified chef?

Sam Garfield


Did you know Sam Garfield was a Warbler on Glee?

Noah Wright


Did you know Noah Wright is also a florist?

Steven Dehler


Did you know Steven Dehler’s first campaign was with Timoteo?

Brandon Howell


Did you know Brandon Howell is outspoken about not posing nude?

Quinn Jaxon


Did you know Quinn Jaxon has a dream to be on a billboard?

Daniel S.


Did you know Daniel S. joined Andrew Christian after winning a contest?

Pablo Hernandez


Did you know Pablo Hernandez is Spanish and Lebanese?

Jon Varak


Did you know Jon Varak has a pet shitzu?

Sean Paul Lockhart


Did you know Sean Paul Lockhart and Brent Corrigan are the same person? Of course you did.

For 20 more facts about Andrew Christian models, head on over to The Underwear Expert.

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  • Sweet Boy

    One not-so-fun fact…..they are all twinks

  • Dixie Rect

    Did you know this is really uninteresting?

  • Dxley

    1 quick fact: this is stupid. Who puts on an underwear like that, anyway? Might as well go commando!

  • Katbox

    @Dxley: Yup. $40+ for a pair of underwear… Mostly for circuit queens.

    @Sweet Boy: No they’re not. Sean Paul Lockhart is the only twink-ish guy on here.

  • viveutvivas

    Using models with a little bit more meat in the legs might be nice, especially for underwear ads.

  • darkorient

    Not so fun fact no.2: No person of color

  • J.c.

    I love all their models. They have a playful sensuality without losing their masculinity in the process. Its marketing genius. I have purchased several of their designs for my models and the models love the under wear . Very high quality materials and extremely comfortable. Unfortunately Queerty my friends, you have too many bitter fat queens who negatively comment on every article you post but keep up the good work anyway.

  • QJ201

    OMG none of them claimed to be straight or bi; though one said something about “boundaries.”

    25% have done porn and probably another 25% will wind up doing porn.

  • Niall

    Could have just said: “here are pics of 10 Andrew Christian models, enjoy”. The fun facts were pointless.

  • Fitz

    As a waif or a twink or a hunk, Sean Paul turns me on. I really hope that he goes back to raw porn. I will be the first in line.

  • fredo777

    It’s almost cute that I came in here expecting to see Sean Zevran.

  • fredo777

    @darkorient: That said, I’m fairly certain Pablo Hernandez is Latino. So, there’s that.

  • halfahomo

    Personally I think Noah can put some roses between his legs and I would be down there sniffing them ALL day…

  • Jackhoffsky

    Okay, the list started off with fun facts… then they went to sad facts… then just regular “facts”. LOL.

    @darkorient: There are ‘people of color’, just not the color you want.

  • middleagespread

    @J.c.: as a fat, older “queen”, I appreciate the models. It can’t be easy to be that disciplined. So a big FAT thank you to those guys!! :-)

  • offbeatoh86

    @QJ201: Many of them work as go-go dancers in Gay clubs.

  • yaletownman

    David Gandy certainly has nothing to worry about. The first two facts were interesting, the rest, not very interesting.

  • auntsharon

    In the composite shot, isn’t that Topher DiMaggio, third from the left on the top row? He’s the only guy who’s topped the ultra-hot but sadly gay-for-pay Paddy O’Brian.

  • J.c.

    @middleagespread: You don’t sound like a queen. More like a very nice gentleman.

  • Eiswirth

    How would we know or care about any of this? Any shameless promotion of crappy underwear.

  • fredo777

    @Jackhoffsky: “There are ‘people of color’, just not the color you want.”

    As far as I can tell, there’s “person” of color, not plural. Just Pablo. But, yeah, I was really hoping for Sean Z.

  • BrandoPolo

    @fredo777: Latinos can be white, hence that confusing questionnaire box “White, not of Hispanic/Latino descent”.

    Thank goodness for white Latinos though. They just not-white-enough to allow gay companies to pretend they’re “diverse” while not really challenging anything at all.

  • fredo777

    @BrandoPolo: haha Yeah, I was thinking pretty much the same thing the other day.

  • Jackhoffsky

    @BrandoPolo: Thanks. Some guys can only go to the tanning bed so much before they start looking like an orange Kardashian. There is already a display of dark-skinned vs. light-skinned condescension from our own nationality, BUT it’s always nice to get it from other groups as well.

    Andrew Christian specifically targets the gay community and it’s important to have open, out gay models as much as possible. These would be models who possibly couldn’t be as open with who they are in other companies. By default, they are already representing a minority.

    Should there be more of the “color” you want? YES. But that requires an open and out black or (your type of) hispanic model who fits within the realms of the company presentation. You might think that ethnicity is important to those types of models – especially in that industry. So instead of complaining about the exclusion of such from the company, you might think that maybe models of that caliber have pride in their work and choose to make money in other company campaigns by strongly representing their ethnicity rather than their sexual orientation.

  • BrandoPolo

    @Jackhoffsky: Man, I love the lengths people will go to to defend segregation. Now it’s nonwhite models’ own fault Andrew Christian won’t hire them (for campaigns). That’s rich. How exactly does a nonwhite model go about reprsenting or not representing his ethnicity over their sexual orientation? Newsflash: the only people concerned about the ethnicity of models is Andrew Christian who clearly goes to great lengths to include only models who look white in his campaigns.

    So maybe instead of making up complete hogwash about how nonwhite models are allegedly responsible for not being hired by Andrew Christian, maybe you should stop trying to defend bigotry by ignoring the obvious. There’s no shortage of out, goodlooking models across the ethnic spectrum in West Hollywoid where Andrew Christian is based. Nice try though.

  • Jackhoffsky

    @BrandoPolo “How exactly does a nonwhite model go about reprsenting or not representing his ethnicity over their sexual orientation?”

    UHHH… because people like you only notice skin color. You do not notice smile, composure, stance, lighting, fit, nervousness, confidence, innocence, tone, sexiness, sensual lips, or eager eyes… you ONLY see skin color.

    And because of people like you, non-white models (gay or straight)… have to combat a SKIN TONE issue before they get to smile, composure, stance, lighting, fit, nervousness… etc. etc. Because of that, designers look at things SOOO superficially.

    Then you make every post about race while insulting my brothers who are not dark enough for you just… all because you get offended at a concept of social mass marketing. I’m trying to celebrate the idea that non-white models are off doing more serious (and less gay) campaigns with their careers. You are still stuck on the same argument you post on EVERY post.

    What is really sad? This is SUCH a non-issue. If not having enough non-white models in a gay-target-audience underwear post is that horribly offensive to you, or impacts your life in the negative in any way, you have WAY bigger problems than discrimination in advertising.

  • fredo777

    @Jackhoffsky: Nice, flowery words, but that is really just a lovely way of wording a bunch of utter nonsense.

    “UHHH… because people like you only notice skin color. You do not notice smile, composure, stance, lighting, fit, nervousness, confidence, innocence, tone, sexiness, sensual lips, or eager eyes… you ONLY see skin color.”

    Hilarious. Downright comical. We only notice skin color, unlike the casting decision-makers who certainly don’t make a conscious decision to include only certain physical types. I’m sure they’re never ignoring equally talented, viable black models. For example. Those models just aren’t available because they’re off working campaigns for organizations that will cure cancer + end world hunger.

    “What is really sad? This is SUCH a non-issue.”

    What’s really sad is that you think that dismissive tone will excuse a definite issue of commonplace exclusion/discrimination in advertising, etc. Don’t try to sugar-coat it by saying that the reason they’re not included in these fluffy campaigns is b/c they’re so busy doing more weighty, significant projects or because they can’t combat *our* singular focus on race. Oh, please.

  • BrandoPolo

    If you don’t think segregation and the continued devaluation and marginalization of nonwhites in gay culture is an issue, then it is you who has the big issues. But of course we both know it is an issue: if it weren’t you wouldn’t be so bent on defending at all costs Andrew Christian’s exclusionary racial hiring. You would just like to convince the rest of us to ignore the obvious. That’s not going to happen.

    The people who’ve made this an issue are those like you, who continue to promote gay Jim Crow with your apathy. It’s as silly as suggesting that unwritten rules which once excluded gay actors from film riles was a non-issue. But we know that was an issue for people like you — because white gays were affected. When nonwhite gays are relegated to the margins — well everybody should just shut up and accept it.

    If the gay community would stop discrimating, I would stop posting about it. But as long as there are people like you to defend, excuse, and enable segregation, I will continue to point out that bigotry is unacceptable.

    You can bury your head and the sand and pretend that the reason all AC models look alike had nothing to do with skin color and that nonwhite models are simply unavailable for use all you want. I’m not that silly. And it takes a healthy dose of delusion and chutzpah to chastise me for only seeing skin color while defending Aryan Youth Underwear Company. Comical to the point of tragedy.

  • BrandoPolo

    @fredo777: Thank you for making sense and for laughing at the audacity. Yeah, Andrew Christian only hires white looking models not because he only sees skin color but because that’s all that’s available and because the rest of us dare to point out that he only hires white looking models, which means that we — unlike him — only see skin color.

    Bigot logic never ceases to amaze.

  • Rockery


    Just had to point out you are being ridiculous. First assuming he was talking about Black people, what about Chinese, Indian, middle eastern, Filipino, etc. For you to blame people of color for being closeted as the reason why Andrew Christian doesn’t have a good mix of people is so silly! Especially since some if these models are STRAIGHT. Then you seem to insinuate that these models happen to focus more on their race rather than sexual orientation??? What? How does someone do that in a modeling interview? And that people of color should only be doing serious non sexy ads? You’re thinking is just illogical and pathetic.

    It’s funny that you say people only see race, when it suits you, you didn’t say it about AC when you saw the homogeneity of the models and I bet if all but one were black (or Indian etc) you definitely would be thinking something was odd

  • sportsguy1983

    Fun fact about most (not all) of these guys: being dumb as rocks.

  • balehead

    The sad and jealous are back…..

  • Alan down in Florida

    Next thing you know someone will start complaining that, at best, these models are only ordinarily hung. Maybe that’s the difference between advertising and porn.

  • Jackhoffsky

    I agree with what the three of you have said. But this is an ineffective format to cause change.

    So I ask: Do you like the underwear? Do you wear the underwear? Are you a consumer of this product? Those who spend outrageous amounts of money for underwear are more interested in the quality of the product then how it is presented. The ‘Studio Gay Porn Star’ look is just the bait, and it works (not universally, obviously) but the quality of the clothes still has to prevail or else the bigger money maker doesn’t appear: repeat sales.

    If you do not purchase this product, then why do any of you care? Why fault the makers with discrimination by using the SAME tactic yourselves in discriminating against the way a designer chooses to present their art? You make a good point, but you are making it by using the same tactic they are.

    Unless you’re an active consumer/participant of the product you are protesting, you are only affecting the bait & hook side of things and not producing change for the company as a whole. If complaining makes you feel better, then complain away. But if you REALLY want change, there are more effective ways of going about it without the hypocritical use of a discriminatory tactic that NO ONE should be using.

  • Jackhoffsky


    We, the gay collective, tend to make things about the models all the time and it’s annoying to me because it’s critically superficial without knowing the person in front of the lens – what color they are (or aren’t), whether they are overly trimmed or too hairy, too twinky or too beefy, too gay/too hipster/too young/too old etc. etc. “Homogeneity” is a good word to use because in many ways it’s the easiest (albeit lazy) way to have the models “blend” together with some sort of cohesiveness just like the clothes – whatever that cohesiveness might be. I’m not going to fault anyone how they choose to display their product. Most artists/designers are like that. As an artist myself there are about 20 other things I notice in people (as people) before I get to skin color.

  • BrandoPolo

    @Jackhoffsky: Nice try, but point out that a company is discriminatory is not discrimination anymore that pointing out that the military’s ban on gay soldiers was discriminatory. Moreover, the notion that one should shut up an institution’s discriminatory policies unless they are an active participant in that institution is utter nonsense: should only soldiers have been able to criticize the military’s ban on gays? Should only Russians be concerned about gay rights violations in Russia? In the 1950s, should only people who rode the bus in Birmingham or went to school in Arkansas complained about segregation? Of course not. You don’t have to get the clap to know you don’t want it.

    It is not surprising that a person who downplays and makes excuses for bigotry and segregation suggests that people should only “care” about injustice when it affects them personally. This, of course, is the difference between changemakers and people who stand idly by an enable injustice with their silence and apathy. The suggestion that “sales” are a legit excuse for discrmination didn’t work for whites only restuarants in the 1950s and it shouldn’t work for “whites only” gay underwear companies in 2013. It’s amazing that anyone would advance this long discredited Jim Crow argument.

    The fact that simply pointing out that Andrew Christian’s might be discriminatory has spurred so many furious defenses from you proves that calling attention to this is effective as a visibility tactic. You may not notice skin color, but it quite obvious that Andrew Christian does when choosing how to displaying his product, and I *will* continue to fault gays who continue to display the product of gay culture as all white, all the time as happens constantly in gay advertising, porn, nightlife, and entertainment.

  • Rockery


    well said


    I’ve got it now, Andrew Christian PR Team

  • Jackhoffsky

    @BrandoPolo: let me make one thing perfectly clear: you are not wrong. okay? you have a greatly powerful and just argument.

    in my opinion there is no injustice here… just exclusion. injustice would be Abercrombie and Fitch turning people away from catalog shoots AND their stores based off the color of their skin. THAT is an awful injustice… and with that it still took DECADES before they allowed people of color in.

    now, they discriminate against the overweight and unattractive. *sigh*

    you can “continue to fault gays who continue to display the product of gay culture as all white” all you want but you are minimizing the effect shows like Noah’s Arc have on our culture. (side note for me: there hasn’t been a major Latin gay character of note since Justin in Ugly Betty).

    but this here… its marshmallow fluff based off preferences and marketing numbers. that’s it. and i truly believe its a good thing men of color are off doing other campaigns. you are adding depth and meaning where there is NO depth and the only meaning is how these underwear look when you’re getting laid.

    **please note** i never said, nor intended to imply to just shut up and take it. i explained that the nature of the beast (also i said it sucked), and said this is not the forum to discuss this. ANYONE who puts weight on products like these is already superficial (generally speaking), so (again) adding depth where there is none is pointless exercise(to me)in this forum. i also said your argument (that i understood and agreed with) would work better if you did not use the same discrimination tactic that you accuse Andrew Christian of using. i find it hypocritical.

    no where in this am i being dismissive to the real problem as a whole. but(once again)im not going to fault a designer for how he presents HIS WORK. different would be how Queer as Folk presented OUR COMMUNITY (that had me arguing just like you).

    i tend to argue toward the presentation OF the gay community… a cross section should be represented – all of us. i do not argue like this toward presentation TO the gay community… that is only based off numbers and financial analysis.

    I hope that makes sense… because its a very important point for me.

    our community is young and growing. there is much to complain about… but as a person who grew up with a lot of older gay folks… im just so freaking happy we are at this point and still moving forward. we are not a group of young white party boys with 6 pack abs and waxed everything. that image only lives in retro remnants like the above. and thats fine… i love thinking back to 2002. in the real world we are getting married, open in the military, getting federal benefits, business owners, fathers, husbands, dinner with friends and quiet nights in. the face of the gay community has changed and campaigns like this are becoming a sub genre… NOT the norm.

    let them have it. its fun and pointless. its Zima while the rest of us are at a wine bar.

    as well structured as your argument is… i find it out of place here with no real footing to land on… mainly because the ground is nothing but soft wet sand. I will say once again (third time now) you make a good point… i just wish you would make it somewhere where it counts.

  • Female

    I just did a google search. He does have black models.

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