PHOTOS: 12 Hunky Calendars For 2012

When the new year arrives and you decide to finally start using the gym membership that’s been vacuuming money out of your checking account since last January, you’ll need some aspirational motivation. And since you also need a functional way to keep track of your cousins’ birthdays, your parents’ anniversary and your vacation days, why not combine the two with a hunky calendar?

You’re bound to have a good 2012 with these studs on your kitchen wall.

Images via Dieux de Stade (feature), Rugby’s Finest (this page)

We’ll start with the winner of the you-can-look-but-not-touch award: Aussie stud Daniel Garofali may be straight, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the sight of him all year long in his 2012-2013 calendar.

When they’re not on the field bashing into each other, the Rugby’s Finest lads find the time to strip down and shine for the camera. They’ll keep you warm through the winter and help you let off some steam in the summer. Need more incentive to buy: How about a bonus video of the making of this musclebound timepiece.


The Found Animals Foundation is striking our fancy feast with a new “6 Packs/9 Lives” charity calendar, featuring 12 months of frisky felines posing with friskier boys.


Benefiting the It Gets Better campaign, the Men of Stacks calendar offers real-life sexy male librarians and is sure to get you searching for your library card.

Ben Cohen isn’t just a veteran pro rugby player and anti-bullying activist, he’s okay with being the object of our gay affections—as evidenced in the new 2012 Ben Cohen calendar.

As far as we’re concerned next year can’t come fast enough!

If you don’t know who George Quaintance is, just think of him as a male-physique precursor to Tom of Finland. Here’s an oh-so-classy 2o12 Quaintance calendar from Tachen for the new year, sure to spark some lovely conversations when your parents come to visit for the weekend.

Okay, so we don’t speak French—you probably don’t either. But that shouldn’t stop us from enjoying next year’s edition of the legendary Dieux du Stade calendar If only American athletes were this uninhibited.

The tag line for this x-rated Bel Ami “Oversized” calendar says it best: “Imagine a world with no prick smaller than 8 inches and you are on the right track.” (There’s a starting point if we’ve ever heard one.) Forget going to the gym—this one might motivate you to stay home.

Hunky, mud-splattered athletes may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Seattle, but these guys featured in the Men of Rain City Soccer 2012 Calendar prove there’s more to the Emerald City than clouds, coffee and grunge music.

Want to keep it hot all year long? Latin Men 2012 won’t disappoint: Photographer Paul Culver got a dozen of the sexiest Hispanic studs stripped down and on the beach for this wall calendar, a best-seller for over a decade.

If you’re trying to get outdoors more in 2012, this Wild Boys wall calendar shot by famed Spanish fashion photographer Joan Cristol offers rugged, barely clad jocks—and is just the motivation you need.

Whether you’ll actually encounter one of these hunks in the wild is another story altogether.

We’ll leave you with a lighthearted entry—drag queen Seida Bacon’s 2012 calendar, featuring vintage beefcake ads with campy new captions. She’ll have you cheating all year by flipping to the next month for a sneak peek.