True Colors

PHOTOS: 15 sexy & stylish looks to get your Pride on for the 50th anniversary

Finally. The sun has returned. The air has warmed. People have stepped out of the house once again. And all just in time for the queer Xmas: Pride season.

So pick out a sexy outfit. Put the liquor in the freezer to chill. Ring up your friends. Put on the dancing shoes, it’s time to celebrate!

Don’t know where to find the nearest Pride party around the block or across the globe? That’s why we’re here.

Check out the awesome GayCities Pride Finder to find the best pride events and interviews near you and beyond.

1.The Romantic

2. The Beastly

3. The Themed

4. The Matching

5. The Formal

6. The Patriotic

7. The Shady

8. The Family Friendly

9. The Holy

10. The Angelic

11. The Shiny

12. The Divine

13. The Adorable

14. The Discreet

14. The Uniformed