PHOTOS: 20,000 Celebrate At Johannesburg Pride 2012


On October 6, more than 20,000 people attended the 23rd annual Johannesburg Pride, the largest and oldest LGBT event in Africa.

With a theme of “Protect our Rights,” the parade made its way from the Zoo Lake Sports Club in Rosebank to TK. Shortly after 11am, though, demonstrators blocked the parade with an “die-in” protesting a series of deaths in the city’s gay community.

Things got back on track soon enough, and the crowd moved on to enjoy performances by Ola, Crazy White Boy and Flash Republic. Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development Andries Nel made a surprised appearance, telling the crowd that while there was work to be done, his office was “proud to be proud with you today.”



















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  • Dumdum

    I liked it better when it was about freedom. Seems like people forget the fact that this all started at Stonewall cause we queers got tired of being beaten up by the police and any and every Homophobic ass that wanted to f**k with the f*gs. Yea it’s all fun and games until somebody loses an eye people. But don’t forget most of us are dead now. We marched and fought and bled and cried and died so you bi**hes could dress up and party ONCE a YEAR. To SHOW YOUR PRIDE. But people are still suffering in places like Africa, Russia, and the Middle East. Just to name a few.

  • neuromancer

    @Dumdum: there’s nothing sadder than a jaded, cynical queen…you DO realize that johannesberg is in Africa, right?

  • p-candotorg

    ENJOY past “JOHANNESBURG” Pride Parades “there is no “berg” in JOHANNESBURG :-)!i=831619463&k=qzztBCS
    By the way:
    Did you know that the South African Constitution implement by Mandela was offered
    as a gift from the Canadian government and remained quite similar even after local implementation. I spend 10 years in South Africa 97-2007 and the gay life was way more
    fun that it is in the oh so Gay Vancouver.

    Sadly drugs and police reaction closed down some of the best known dance palaces I could only associate with Studio1 in LA or NY. Such as Stardust that used to pump with near 5000 men every week end.
    Now for visitors, who don’t know , there is “Ramp Diva in Boksburg” a special purpose Dance Palace with in and out doors dance floors that has managed to exist oh miracle for near a decade.
    Make sure you have a car/taxi or friend to drive you there. It’s outside the town center close to a highway exit. For those not familiar it may look scary at first as it is located behind a main strip of daytime shopping malls on an open field.
    And Boys beware of “gay butch woman who like to pick a fight, if you repond that is” :-)
    When I was there they were they were the only ones that always “butchedUP” stepping on feet, knocking people with their elbows in your stomach on the dance floor without ever saying sorry. Beside these few minor situations I never had a bad dance evening there.
    The car park is watched by security and big.
    Beside that Cape Town HOT HOUSE is the best looking Sauna I have been to. I has an awesome suntanning terrace with jacuzzi sea view and everything else expected in the center of town.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @p-candotorg: What’s so gay about Vancouver? As far as I can tell, gay life there consists of mostly just a bunch of Asian muscle queens roaming Davie street.

  • Dumdum

    @neuromancer: Yes I do know where Johannesburg is located. I spent a year in Africa in the Peace Corp from 1983-84. I didn’t get much chance to go out and party there. I was digging wells and taking food to starving children. Don’t get me wrong the fact that they are even allowed to celebrate Gay Pride is amazing. It just seems like people have forgotten WHY we celebrate. I am jaded and definitely cynical. In the Gay subculture once you hit 40 you begin to become invisible at 52 I no longer exist. If I were wealthy I could get a face lift, travel, take a cruise and somehow convince myself that I was relevant. Yes it is sad, thank you for reminding me.

  • Eric Auerbach

    @Dumdum: This is the second time you misspell it. It’s “Peace Corps.” Weird that you wouldn’t know that, having been a volunteer.

  • Dumdum

    @Eric Auerbach: I type too fast and don’t check my spelling. So sue me it is a minor mistake. That was 28 years ago. And I did get to meet Audrey Hepburn. While in The Peace Corps. She sometimes came to camp to give a pep talk to the newbies.

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