PHOTOS: 7 Times Dolce & Gabbana Invoked Non-Traditional Families

dolce and gabbana non-traditional

After their boneheaded and offensive comments about non-traditional families, noted homosexuals Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana found themselves swirling in the middle of a shitstorm. In the aftermath, they have settled into an awkward silence, perhaps because they know they have marketed around and profited from the kind of life they now denounce.

The former couple has a history of depicting non-traditional families in their advertising — whether they intended to or not. Below, a few of the times D&G put the “hip” in hypocrite.


That time these sapphic sisters did it for themselves.


That time these dapper dudes got hitched.21

That time they caught these two willowy gals in flagrante delicto.


That time Tony Ward was an adorable single dad just trying to raise five sons by himself, the premise of which later became a failed Ryan Murphy pilot.


That intimate moment between these two lovers.


That time they used Madonna in an ad campaign a few years after her adoption of young David Banda. 16

Oh, and that time they considered being a non-traditional family. Translation of the headline: “The Desire to Be Fathers.”

Les Fabian Brathwaite, CEO of Douche & Go Bye Bye