PHOTOS: A “Briefs” Encounter With Adam Rothfelder And Friends

Adam Rothfelder

UNDERWEAR EXPERT @ QUEERTY: We’re almost into underwear-party and skinny-dipping season, when more than just your hookups will see you in your drawers. So we teamed up with the Underwear Expert to present some fine specimens.

Oh, and they’re wearing cool underwear too.

Click through for more photos from our friends at the Underwear Expert

Photos: Baskit/Thomas Synnamon, James Demitri,e=fu8/Spiritus Photography, Calvin Klein/Rick Day, Ristefsky Macheda/Ronen Zilberman, Timoteo/Tom Cullis; Teamm8


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  • christopher di crapito

    #7 fills out his undies rather nicely!

  • Mark

    Why do people have to ruin their bodies with so much ink? #5 has a great body and package but that ink – yuck

  • Belize


    1. Because some people don’t think that they’re ruining their bodies with ink.
    2. Because not everyone shares your idea of beauty which, in my opinion, is rather dull and drab.
    3. Because if they are “ruining” their bodies, it is still THEIR bodies. Not yours. AKA, it really is none of your business considering the fact that you can look away.

    Ugh. Republican queens. Always so delusional with their illusory crowns.

  • LandStander

    @Mark: Well good, we do not have to share him then. I think his tattoo’s are sexy as hell. To each their own :-)

  • Ryan

    Ok, I can’t tell the models names from the photographers, doe sany one know the model from picture #1?

  • christopher di crapito

    @Spike: The numbering has been modified from when the article was first posted. The model I’m talking about was #7 at the time this was first posted.

  • Frank

    Too much ink…

  • Addyboo

    Tattoos are fucking sexy.

  • dewin

    Love the guy taking his own pic – so serious-

  • Nut Busters

    Stop the jealous Bullying!!

  • Belize=moron

    @ Belize…

    Well go paint “happy faces” on a fucking flower with a crayon you moron, and then expound on its “natural” beauty to others. If that is your preference fine, but leave other people to their own taste and quit being such a shithead about it when their superior taste clash with your own bad taste.

  • MJ

    @Belize=moron: and you wonder why a lot of people jump on people who don’t like tattoos. if you like them on people fine. don’t go around saying dumb shit like you have superior taste though. you are not some higher being so don’t go trying to swing your dick around like you are one. if you or Mark did not like the one guy with tattoos, you had 5 other guys to wack off to so nobody even wants to hear you act like whiny bitches over it. don’t come in here acting like you are better than somebody when you are not.

  • MJ

    I meant to put a don’t in the second sentence

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