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  • Scott

    I went no further than the first picture, he looks like a serial killer!

  • The Don SF

    #8 and #9 would make an awesome date.

  • Alexander

    Numbers 7, 8, 9 and especially 12 are my choice :)

  • Patrick

    Well done queerty…great choice for MG. Keep giving us more men and less of the hairless feminine twinks!As a gay man I’m turned on by other men not girlie bois!!!

  • InExile

    Finally a real man! So much better than the twinks who are just skin & bones.

  • shaun

    YES! You got it right! More please!!!

  • dvlaries

    Goddamn, yes! Is Wednesday gonna be the ‘good’ day from now on here…?

  • galefan2004

    @Scott: That is sad because the first picture is probably about the worst. Personally, I wanna play with his glowSTICK.

  • Woof

    Geez FINALLY! I have skipped MG for the last 3 months because of the hairless fetuses you have been putting on here. This is more like it!

  • timncguy

    Jordan is featured in your cuurent “Gratuitous Skin” post of the underwear ad. He is also in one of the three videos at the end of that post. It’s worth a watch.

    In that same post another of the MEN featured in a behind the scenes “making of” video is Simon Howard.

    These extra pics of Jordan in Morning Goods are GREAT.

    Now, if you can find more of Simon Howard, it would finish me off. IT may be more of a challenge for you those. I checked out Simon’s web page and many ofthe pics he has posted there of himself are waxed versions of him. Find him at

    But, fur fans should watch his video on Gratuitous Skin.

  • slingshot

    # 12 Awesome! Yeah for real men! Not the prepubeless little boys!

  • Matt

    Love it! Love it! Love it! Nice to see a man without plucked eyebrows or highlighted hair. His chest hair is not waxed off and he actually has armpit, arm and leg hair. If a guy is smooth naturally, that’s fine. But I love hairy guys who leave what mother nature gave them alone.

  • bgb808

    Can it be… an actual adult male human? Not some waxy little puppet?

    O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!”

    (Not perfect, but who, if not photoshopped to abstraction, is?)

  • prissysissy

    Drooooooooooooooooooool! ;-P

  • Fitz

    very sexy. I would do anything to have such a cute tummy. Well.. not anything. Not like diet or exercise. but, HOT guy.

  • joe

    Finally a hot sexy man! pure example why im gay.
    Im attracted to Men, NOT smooth little disco bunnies.

  • Bob R

    Now that’s a man! Let’s have a whole lot more like Jordan.

  • Andrew W

    Definitely a step in the right direction. Still a bit skinny, though!

  • I pliss

    I’m sorry I don’t like it at all. I can’t lick him with out getting a fur ball down my throat. Give me clean hairless men anyday of the week!

  • Donald

    I love #8 with the long hair Jack Russell Terrier!

  • tavdy79

    There’s a point when a man can get too perfect. Fortunately Jordan is just the right side of the line.

    I went no further than the first picture, he looks like a serial killer!Scott

    I was thinking more “serial fucker” – and I’d be more than happy to be his next victim.

  • Jaroslaw

    Where do we find or buy the “full” unedited photos of this guy? He is scrumptious….

  • dlpca

    This photo spread is artistic pleasure; creative, exciting, seductive and charming with elements of sophistication. I know this is an exception, I just wish this quality of photo art was the rule. Nonetheless, I am grateful for share of Jordan’s beauty and talent as model.

    Good choice Queerty!

  • dlpca

    …BTW #15 is my favorite; so dark with provocative subtlety.

  • mark

    thank you, thank you, thank you


    I love a man you could run barefoot through his chest, and for the life of me I can’t understand the attraction to shaved men.

  • mark

    clone ’em

  • Rick Heintz

    Ummmm… HOT! Wow, finally you’re realizing that not everyone is into the manscaped look.

  • anonyy...

    wow…hott pics. If anyone only has time for one pic… # 9 is amazeing. btw when will queerty get a gallery so we dont have to click on individual numbers. Most times its a hot guy but I dont bother to click because I dont have time to click on each individual number. GET A GALLERY.

  • Maverick69

    Hot DAMN, Make me wanna stick my own hands down his jeans. In the meantime, I’ll touch myself. Yeah, that was great to grab my nuts and think of him.

  • Z reveals

    What a bear! Woof

  • Bitch, Please!

    I am writhing in extasy. OOhh yeah, baby! More, more, more….!!!

  • Bitch, Please!

    #9 is the best! Makes me think of dirty, nasty, deeply exhausting sex!

  • Steven

    @Scott:I see what you mean. They’ll let him do fun pics, judging by pic #8, but heaven forbid they go so far as to LET HIM SMILE!!

    He must hate being pigeonholed into ‘brooding or nothing’ shoots. He looks quite tired/ bored of it all.

    Anyway I think I like #16 best myself. Very hot!

  • RainaWeather

    WOW. An actual MAN!

  • TANK

    gross hirsute midget. It’s like staring at robin willims’ ballsack.

  • Bitch, Please!

    @ TANK: Move along little one, this area is for grown ups only.

  • galefan2004

    @TANK: I’m sure many men would be turned on by staring at Robin Willam’s ball sack; although, I am definitely not one of them. Also, how would you know what Robin William’s ball sack looks like unless you are into it?

  • TANK

    @Bitch, Please!:

    shut up, fuckyface. I have just as much a right to give my opinion as you.

  • TANK


    yeah, and there are obviously men who are turned on by bruch vilanch opening a jar of pickles naked, too. No judgment…really…it’s just disgusting grossness.

  • TANK

    bruce even

  • dvlaries

    Of course, the downside is how much of a crash landing is tomorrow’s selection going to feel like? Two in a row this good is too much to hope for around here, if we’ve learned anything.

  • Bitch, Please!

    @ TANK: It’s sad as I watch you take out your frustrations on everyone, all day, in these pages. I pity you and your inability to get laid because of your ugliness and your wet-noodle “condition”.

  • BrianZ

    I love #3. Really.

  • David G

    @Rick Heintz: Yes! Yes! Yes! I agree with Rick (on most things) — give me those hairy Furr men!

  • alan brickman

    woof! don’t be jealous…

  • Bitch, Please!

    @TANK: Like I said, I pity you, you miserable wretch of a live being. I know you cannot afford it, being so impoverished, but there are charitable organizations that might help you get a pschological evaluation done to see whether you should be put to death for what you MIGHT do. Get that done pronto, cause we are hoping they do put you down like a rabid dog and out of your misery!

  • Suburban

    the 1st pic isn’t the best. 12 is nice (up close) but 15 is gross (take a fuckin shower). There’s the pic of him with his hands in his pants screaming, not sure what to make of that one.

  • TANK

    @Bitch, Please!:

    Is this projection from you? You appear to have a fourth grade education, and reading level. There isn’t a singe topic you fail to lend your worthless fat ugly queeniness to in some poorly worded screed. I think you’re too old for psychological help, that’s why I suggeseted suicide. It would be an improvement.

    I mean, of all the scores of intelligent useful gay men of your generation felled by aids, you managed to survive like a resilient bacterium. It proves that there is no justice. Smart attractive and intelligent people dead and stomach turning flotsam like you remains to waste another day.

  • Bitch, Please!

    I pity you, whoever or whatever that sired you, and all that has made you into this vile and repulsive THING that you are today. I will no longer respond to someone who is obviously beneath a human being. Just kill yourself and save humanity from listening to you for, yet, another day!

  • TANK

    @Bitch, Please!:

    You just keep coming back for more, trash. Get fatally bashed, you maladaptive retard. It’s fat elderly drama queens like you that keep people like me from enjoying rights.

  • TikiHead

    Wow — this man is really sexy!

    @ Tank: wait, am I 1) too gay 2), not gay enough 3), too self loathing, 4) too old, or 5) not ‘Tankie’ enough?

    …because I find this man lovely?

    I do forget without you ever-fountaining source of advice! (would that it were cum and not immature boushwah.)

  • Fitz

    I have the strong impression that Tank is either loaded or has a serious mood disorder. Look at how smart and insightful some of his comments are, and then there is this kind of vile animus. He isn’t in control of himself.

  • Bitch, Please!

    @ UGLY BITCH TANK: LMFAO! If I am supposed to be that, then why are YOU the one who is coming across as the angry, bitter, troll? Is it because the boys never give you a second look because you are ugly and vile? Like I said, you are just pitiful! Again, just kill yourself, please.

  • TANK

    @Bitch, Please!:

    Support for who? Old used up garbage. But you are so infinitely inferior to me that continuing to berate a toxic sack of excrement like you is like trying to humiliate a waiter–the only one who’s humiliated is the customer. That’s because people like have nothing to lose and no dignity.

  • Disgusted American


  • TANK


    And look at how unambiguously insipid and ignorant ALL of your comments are.

  • Fitz

    @TANK: Yes, that must be it. You are disabled. Poor Tank.

  • TANK



  • getreal

    Wow this guy is hot! I love seeing men that don’t look so self-consciously over manicured. Good one queerty.

  • getreal

    #9 Perfection!

  • Bitch, Please!

    @BITCH TANK: And YOU have class and dignity?! Now that HAS to be a joke! Do you even know what those words mean? Judging by your comment, it is evident that you have never dined in a decent restaurant. It’s okay, we understand. You were only trying to disassocaite yourself from your low-skill, low-paying job as a pizza delivery person. Poor sap! LMFAO! Once again, kill yourself, please.

  • JT

    Absolutely delicious! What a beautiful man!

  • James

    An incredibly attractive, sexy man. Where can I get a chest-hair transplant?

  • hyhybt

    What’s with all the Morning Goods/Gratuitous Skin pages with broken image links lately? I don’t too much mind opening a new page for a new picture, even if it turns out not to be to my taste… but *no picture at all*?

  • david

    Who are you pepole to make such comments: too gay, too hairy …
    Are you perfection ?
    Just enjoy!
    And thanks for sharing photos with us.

  • Jaroslaw

    David – people get to have opinions about people who offer themselves up for public consumption. Are you really that naive?

  • Anarchos

    @Scott: Then clearly you haven’t looked at many pictures of serial killers.

  • shelby84

    This dude is so hot! he is the reason why I’m gay! I wanna be in the sack with a furry man! WOOO! I’m at work and I have to go the bathroom now. May not be back for hours!!! HOT DAMN

  • yacoub

    je taim i love you

  • Jeremy

    Guys like him are a dime a dozen here in the middle east, but I still can’t get enough of them! They are a sight to behold for fur lovers like me, look at that chest! That beard! Those eyes! :)

  • michael

    All I can think of is what it would be like to have him fuck me for hours. I cannot stop thinking like that and I have work to do!

  • hyhybt

    @michael: You’d probably do better, then, despite the name, to save “Morning Goods” for after you get home.

  • Bigrizz

    @I pliss: Ipliss obviously you have’nt done much licking if you think that the fur comes off and gives you hairballs, it attatched quite nicely and has a wonderfull texture. WOOF

  • OMG

    Tank = a Tool, I have to say it (yet again). Let’s just hope he won’t procreate, y’all… Tank, stay gay, no matter what! Don’t put your semen near any women, EVER, you hear? The world thanks you in advance.

    Now…let’s talk Sexiness. That’s right. Sexiness. This guy’s got it going on! I love the hairy torso, and the moody brooding eyes. Serial killer? I see sensual hyper-sexual and sweet. He can butter my bread any day…

  • pseudo


    No he doesn’t.

    Serial killers:







  • mike

    hot dayumm. reminds me of the student teacher i had freshmen year of high school. I had so many wet dreams about him….

  • kiwifrench

    What’s this guy’s last name?

  • Greg Theron

    @Scott: Then I love Serial Killers. He is kind of cute.

  • js90

    He is PERFECTION. #13 ugh!! oohh booyy

  • Christopher in VA

    Um, moderators? Wouldn’t now be a nice time for you to step in and remove obnoxious comment wars like you alluded you were going to in your etiquette post a little while back? Sincerely, a reader sick of the insult-slinging back-and-forth.

  • Aiden

    You’ve posted an old guy and a hairy guy, now post black guy.

  • UWSguy

    thanks love this model. Keep it up

  • dvlaries

    Oh boy, I remember Jordan. By my count, you put a helping of him up in September ’08 and June ’09 …and I saved every one of them. Bonus points for maturity, bonus points for natural body hair, bonus points for avoiding all temptation to mar an exquisite body with ink.

    Thanks for hearing our cry. We know you can’t extinguish the twinks but after a half-dozen or so of them, remember us, the smaller group that like a seasoned player. Like Jordan. Like Dallas Walker. Like Alessandro Calza. ;)

  • declanto

    Oh, sweet manhood. After all those chips we finally get to big, juicy, furry bearmeat.

  • scott ny'er

    No. 12. Very hot.

    And you added credits on your 1st photo page! It’s a start.

  • Kasnar

    @Scott: Like a serial killer? To each his own……..and more for me….LOL.

  • lohen

    @Scott: i would be grateful if he was the last thing i got see before he killed me

  • dvlaries

    Some suggestions …and from your own vault:

    James Guardino
    Jack Mackenroth
    Allan Clippinger
    Dennis Nathanael van der Eijk
    Ben Pamies
    Vladimir Brichta
    Eduardo Jimenez
    Fernado Alves
    Nick Russian
    Raoul Bova
    Tim Robards
    Matthew Shaefer
    and of course, Alessandro Calza

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