PHOTOS: “A-List New York” Star Austin Armacost In DNA Magazine


PHOTO: We teased Austin Armacost’s photo shoot for DNA magazine, and now the issue is out. It might be cold as a witch’s tit here in the U.S., but February is summertime in Australia, where the mag is produced.

Check out Austin modeling skimpy Andrew Christian, 2xist, and aussieBum swimsuits alongside porn hotties like Dominic Pacifico and Jake Genesis.



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  • RomanHans

    Did he ever do anything about his penis?

  • Eric Auerbach

    @RomanHans: What happened to his weewee?

  • Spike

    Austin who? At least that himbo Reichen got it over and jacked on cam4 . . . Gay porn is so in the future of this d.list gay, and the sooner he does it the last we will have to hear from him.

  • ousooner1997

    Good for him. He looks great.

  • James

    I’m glad he lost the fat that he had from drinking so much. I hope it doesn’t mean he switched to a different substance. I guess this guy just gets points for chutzpa, but I can’t think of anyone who needs the advice more: “get a job.” And a life. And a purpose.

  • mz.sam

    With all the trash bruhaha, Austin sure looks like he sporting a yummy load!

  • Dawson

    Please make it go away!!!

  • Christopher

    lol, this irrelevant bitch.

  • mito718

    Why Type anything Negative about a fellow Human being .. The A’list of New York was all a choreograph reality show … I admire his Instinct of Survival he is been around in the spotlight since he is 16 years old … He play his role I thought very well in the A- list and He is one hot young man … as to get a life comment he is doing the Cover of DNA ? and has done many Underwear commercials… I wish Him the best … And happy he is back in the Spotlight … He is very relevant He stands in front of the public and fight for fredoms that many take for granted …

  • Frank646

    Never heard of this show. Looks annoying.

  • I'm Black, and HIV-Positive.

    @Christopher: I guess you thought you proved you were relevant here with that trash! Can’t wait to see you on your hit reality tv show. Oh, you ain’t got one? Bye girl bye!

    @Dawson: Poof! You’re gone. Ha ha ha! Or you could always just take pills for our benefit.

    @James: You should talk. And what’s your life beyond reading up on people on the internet who are somehow or another beneath you while insisting to an empty computer screen that they need to improve by your call? Maybe you should get a job. And a life. Ha ha! And a purpose.

    @Frank646: Clearly because you don’t have cable then bitch!

    You bunch of jealous, two faced, irrelevant, sour puss bitches. What’s funny is you don’t think it’s noticeable. Or you hoped this was a pity party for your sorry asses. Queens complaining about a supposed D-list when you bitches ain’t even on dee list! Get it? Ha ha ha! Sitting at home, sad as fuck, behind your computer screen, catching up on all the stars (Read: the movers, and the shakers of the world.) Get some therapy you irreverent bitches. I Love Austin! Haters gone hate playa! Just do yo thang witcho white tail! Ow!

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