PHOTOS: A Seattle Couple’s Gay Lumberjack Wedding

Corianton Hale and Keith Bacon shared their wedding album with Freedom to Marry in the lead-up to Washington’s very first same-sex marriages under Referendum 74.

Cori and Keith got married this  August in an elaborate, three-day wedding at the Sleeping Lady Mountain Resort in Leavenworth, Washington.

“The resort looks and feels like an upscale summer camp, so we did everything there we could in the outdoors to enjoy the beautiful mountain-y setting,” Keith said. “Our goal was to throw the best, most immersive three-day party ever,” Cori added.

With a dress code of “lumberjack chic” for men and “cocktail party in the woods” for women, Cori and Keith hosted three days of summer camp festivities, including a talent show and dance party. Then, inspired by an old Bavarian tradition, the newlyweds sawed through a log to symbolize the future hardships that can be solved with teamwork.

At City Hall on December 9,  six years and one day after their first kiss, Cori and Keith will finally make their union legal.

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect,” Keith said. “After three separate wedding celebrations, this time we’re just going to show up ourselves, without friends or family. We’re really excited to share this occasion with all of the other people who will be making history.”

You can see the rest of the photos and read more about Cori and Keith’s wedding at Freedom to Marry.

Photos: Kristen Marie Parker