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PHOTOS: A Sizzling salute to Omar Ayuso’s flaming hot Instagram feed

If you thought the reign of Elite’s Omar Ayuso’s rugged sex appeal ended with his departure from the series, babe, you might want to follow the Spanish actor on Instagram.

The even better news? Ayuso is reprising his role as Omar Shanaa for the final season, making him the only OG still present. That’s considered royalty in Bravo.

Starring in one of the gayest and sexiest hit TV shows ever has put Ayuso on our radar, but he keeps us refreshing his feed all on his own. Whether it’s the hair on his chest or between his eyebrows, we can’t explain the actor’s alluring essence. 

Clearly, others like him, too, because Ayuso is now coming to the big screen. The 25-year-old recently shared a new promo showing himself amid the throes of passion from his upcoming Spanish-language movie, One the Go.

Elite might actually be the Hollywood school for becoming a gay sex icon, so we’re looking back on Ayuso’s hottest photos sizzling on Instagram.

Grab a tall glass of cold water and check out our favorite spicy pics from Omar’s Instagram page…

Ayuso’s acting career is worthy of praise and boners.

Not Ayuso, but we like what he is promoting.

The hottest picture of the batch if you have a good imagination.

This is definitely a worker’s union we’re interested in joining.

If you were wondering about Ayuso’s legs and feet, we have you covered.

Just like Troye Sivan, Ayuso knows how to keep his gay functioning at full speed.

The actor probably wasn’t expecting how well-received he would be in a pink ski mask. As long as there’s a hole for the mouth!

Keeping it real is hot! But also, we hope he pees sitting down.

Kink visibility! Ayuso knows your foot fetish is real.

We’d be remiss not to include a photo of him clothed just to show he looks just as good.

Can someone please clarify if we’ve all just been sleeping on unibrows? Or is it Ayuso?

Crawl up in those armpits and let us know how gay Netflix stardom smells.

The warmth of the hug we feel every time the Elite actor posts a thirst trap.