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PHOTOS: Adam Lambert Holds Hands With Boyfriend


OH SNAP — Enjoying his new celebrity with A-list access to hotspot Guys and Dolls in West Hollywood last night, Adam Lambert holds hands with boyfriend Brad “Cheeks” Bell while making his exit. (Bell’s name comes from a photo agency’s caption; others say his name is Drake. And yes, you’ve seen him before.) (Photos: Splash News, Fame Pictures)

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  • AlwaysGay


  • glamtastic

    others are reporting that his boyfriend’s name is Drake Labry

    oh and i’m so happy to see this!

  • christophe

    Good for Adam! He definitely has good taste in men!

  • dk

    Hooray! Hand holding?!? I don’t see the point of this “story”. I’ll bet they eat dinner, watch movies, and cuddle at night too. BIG DEAL

  • myrios123

    The hand-holding is very cute… so is his boyfriend.

  • spiffy

    I’m happy that he’s dating somebody; but the “BF” looks like a total douche.

  • AlanInSLC

    I guess there isn’t anything more exciting to report so far today.

  • Andrew

    That’s the thing about “books” and “book covers”… you never know. He could be a sweetheart.

    [but I agree, he kinda looks like a douche] :0

  • MB

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure Brad Bell is the guy Lambert was with in those kissing photos that were leaked ages ago. This is a different guy called Drake.

  • Brad

    Who. The. Hell. Cares??? I’m certainly not looking to this screaming tart to champion my rights.

  • spiffy

    @Andrew: Yeah, I was totally going by first impression of photo #1… He could be a nice guy. In fact, I hope he’s a nice guy — maybe the camera was just not kind to him.

    Plus I was feeling snarky. :-P

  • christophe

    A bunch of bitter old queen on here I see. Is the AC at the retirement home on the brink again today…………

  • stevenelliot

    call me old fashioned, but with this new gay generation one never can tell who’s the catcher and who’s the pitcher. These two look like the need a threeway just to get penetrated…..

    Both are very cute, androgenous(sp?), young men.

  • stevenelliot

    Oh forgot to add. I see Adam hooking up with a Pete Wentz type. The guy he’s with in these fotos looks like he should be hanging on the arm of a re-habbed Marc Jacobs….

    pete wentz is a hot piece!

  • Andrew

    Yes dear… the AC took off along with the missing “R” at the end of your pretentious name. You’re not really of France descent are you? Just dropped the “R” as it’s sooo pedestrian? :o (Just messing with you) :)

    (And no, I’m not old but definitely queer and frequently bitter) :)

  • ggreen

    He always looks like he’s wearing a black cabbage on his head with dragon lady eye make up.

  • dgz

    @stevenelliot: ew, that would be like dating his mini-me. and clone-fuckers creep me out. brrr.

  • Dave

    Adam Lambert is the hottest thing in showbiz right now, and the fact that the paparazzi are following him and shooting him holding hands with his boyfriend, and Adam doesn’t give a shit, is MAJOR MAJOR progress, folks! Bravo Adam!!!!!!

  • michael

    Cute boyfriend & the hand holding is nice. And to all you bitter, nasty fucktards, go hit an AA meeting and discover what its like to wake up not hung over or on a dry drunk.

  • Frank

    Big F$cking deal….

  • frisky

    Are you sure those aren’t the Real Housewives of New Jersey?

  • sarah

    Look! It’s George Michael and that Emo Boy from that…Emo band.

  • scott ny'er

    in that first pic. his bf looked really hot. Less so in the others but still hot.

    good taste for Adam.

  • Steven

    Lucky BASTARD! Adam was MY MAN! :P

  • Pitch

    The dude in the pic that “you’ve seen him before” takes you to is Brad Bell, AKA Cheeks. Adam’s Ex. Also, he’s the dude in the leaked kissing pictures.

    The guy he’s with now, in these pictures, is named Drake Labry. We HAVE seen him before, in the audience at AI, often.

  • mista

    His bf is Drake and his ex was Cheeks.get your info right

  • dantalion

    @spiffy you’re just saying he looks like a douche because you secretly want Adam.Not that I blame you.

  • Andrew

    I think the bf looks kinda odd (“like a douche”) b/c he’s irritated by the cameras/paparazzi.

  • Alx

    They make a cute couple, but as a couple of commenters have pointed out here, he’s not Cheeks, this guy is Drake Labry.

  • Scott

    “… but the “BF” looks like a total douche.”

    I’ve seen that pale, half-lidded look before on people befuddled by mind altering substances. Then again it could just be the picture was snapped mid-blink.

  • KyleR

    I think they look great together! And the BF, whatever his name; is YUMMY! I’m sure soon, we’ll see him on some gay rag with the headline ‘THE MAN BEHIND THE MAN’! HA!

    And you can tell in pics 5 and 6 that he probably wanted to take a different exit. He does not look happy with the paparazzi.

  • Kid A

    Wow, his bf is HOT.

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