PHOTOS: Adam Lambert Stole From Jacko, Beyonce, Madonna + Elton


Let us count the trends Adam Lambert is incorporating into his latest album photoshoot with Robert Sebree: There’s Michael Jackson (the glove), Beyonce (the armor), Madonna (the pose), Elton John (the tuxedo), and Sarah Jessica Parker (the hat). Yes, everything has been done before. But now there’s a montage!

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  • Liberace's Wallpaper

    Oh my, did you have to post those pics? My eyes hurt. Why doesn’t he just rip the interior out of a mint condition Chrysler Cordoba and drape himself? The buttoned crush velour, the faux gold medallions, it would work. Bend the grille into a tiara. Lambert Landau Brougham.

  • dgz

    loves the ruby slippers.

  • schlukitz

    The dude does like his leather.

    And like the old Irish Spring Soap commercial with the pretty lady touting the virtues of the product says…

    “Masculine yes, but I like it too!”

  • vernonvanderbilt

    Now this is a set of pictures worth clicking through. Adam Lambert…there is a Universe full of reasons to love this wonderful man. Add an amazing wardrobe to the list.

  • schlukitz

    Winks @ vernon!

    Let his detractors eat their hearts out! LOL

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @schlukitz: I’ll give you an amen with a bonus hallelujah. Adam Lambert could (almost single-handedly) make pop music something I’m not ashamed to listen to.

  • BobMackieThrewUpToo

    Oh yeah I really envy Lambert’s wardrobe, almost as much as I envy queens who have those Mardi Gras masks on their walls. The little ex (and future) tubster can sing, but even Bob Mackie would blow chunks at seeing this getup.

  • schlukitz


    Considering the constant stream of references to “fat”, there certainly are an awful lot of people on these threads suffering from anorexia nervosa it appears.

  • Tessie Tura

    …when a bitter old queen uses such terms as “landau” and “brougham”, she is only showing her age…

  • SillyQueens4AllAges

    Agreed, Tessie: Lambert’s tasteless feathered queenapalooza wardrobe proves that witless gauche “tastes” are not confined to the aged.

    And yes I don’t see what the fuss is over Madonna, Brittany or Paris H. is about either. Cue the pissy flame throwers!

  • Carver

    When will his 15 minutes be over?

  • Adolfo

    This guy is a hack, like the rest of the AI alum. Pure marketing, no content. A perfect example of why the music industry is dead

  • vernonvanderbilt

    @BobMackieThrewUpToo: As if any under 90 gives a shit about Bob fucking Mackie. Go get something lifted and stay off the keyboard for a while.

  • Liberace'sPutti

    Vern and irony don’t click, like Lamby and those threads.

  • Josh

    Anyone who doesn’t think that Adam is vocally talented should listen to his Feeling Good studio version from AI….


    He also has some original music from his past and I’m sure his upcoming album will be much better than his AI work (which of course were covers).

    I think it is shameful that a lot of gays don’t like him because he is effeminate. If anyone should accept soft and effeminate (and flamboyant) men it should be the gay community! I bet many of you are more effeminate than you realize too.

    Sadly a lot of the gays on these blogs sound like right wingers.

    Adam has amazing vocal talent and just by being himself he will change a lot of people’s minds about gays. His audience on AI was mostly conservative women.

    But we should wish him well in his career simply because he has a lot of talent.

  • slider

    Adam is a Rock star and he is supposed to do photo shoots like this..I have to say he looks hot in picture number 7 and he goes for camp, rock star fun and hot…so just let him be Adam….he looks great and hot and like a rock star and dudes I am betting between him and the photographer and his team he will create great photo shoots and I know great albums…..he channelled Elvis, Elton, Jagger, Bowie and a variety of rock stars….it looks like he had a blast doing the photo shoot….so really, who cares…he had fun..leave him alone!

  • Ohomo

    I like the guy. How can one not? But he needs a Barry Gordy to tone down the screech factor, and he need to stop trying so hard. I mean for neither of those things to sound cynical. Its a sincere comment.

  • Ohomo

    ANd one other thing — I had the pleasure once of working in a company populated entirely by musicians. Singers, instrumentalists, song writers. The owner was a maniac, but the musicians were the absolutely loveliest people I have ever worked with in my life. Just lovely. I like music people. There is something about what they do that sustains them and makes them less prone to insanity. Oddly, the prima donna aspects of the trade would indicate otherwise. On the other hand, my experience with writers, no matter how brilliant, is that they are all nutty as hell.

  • AlwaysGay

    1, 8, 10, 12, and 13 are great. I think they exude what Adam tries to present which is a masculine man that has a soft side.

  • Felix

    Nice package, pic no. 5 :)

  • Wry Bred

    Damn, he’s got a nice mouth. Perfect complement to that great voice.

  • Laird

    I don’t envy his fashion sense, but I love this guy. The red chest hair with the black dye job is a faux-pas though.

  • scott ny'er

    I like #5 the best.

    #6. Those pants are REALLY tight.

    I don’t like the 1st pic where he is sitting. It makes him have no neck. Plus, that’s a lot of effin’ clothes.

  • Joe

    Don’t forget, he’s copying Christian Siriano with that hair.

    The theatrics and psuedo-Californian Ed Hardy wardrobe make me want to punch a baby.

  • Kiwi

    A nice photoshoot, I dig the wardrobe, he wears it very well.

  • Brian

    Okay, this is interesting to me:
    Always thought he was dreamy,, and super proud of him for all the obvious reasons, but not necessarily “turned on” by him.
    But I just watched that “Whole Lotta Love” vid with the dildo (funny when he kicks it). In it, he changes a key word. In the original, Robert Plant ends with “Woman, you need love”. As did Adam when he did it on the TV show. But on stage he sing “Baby, you need love.” And I felt a spark of “wood”. First time I actually thought of getting it on with the AL. Hence, the power of the pronoun in pop music?

  • vbn

    He totally looks like this boy from “The Adams Family”.
    BTW too much make up.

  • alexspade

    Josh, I totally agree with you. Many gay m?n have gone mad on their masculinity and ready to hate any person who looks androgynous, who uses make-up and a glamour wardrobe. But those people don’t think that Adam Lambert much more courageous man than they are. There is nothing womanly in his behaviour and his way of conversation. Also it’s necessary to be the very courageous person to pass up to the end this competition in an environment of gossips and hearings and only because of exclusive talent to win love of such considerable quantity of people. Adam Lambert is magnificent. Thanks to him pop music ceases to be boring and monotonous. I’m a lesbian. I love his voice, I love his performances which I can watch only through YouTube because I live in other country very far from USA. Any winner of “American Idol” NEVER interested people outside of USA. But Adam Lambert is worldwide star right now, and I assume that he becomes even greater when he will release his debut album. Think of it and be proud of this man. He not only has forced many people to change their opinion about gay men, he has forced many people to change their opinion about Americans.

  • The_FNG

    Wow. He’s lost weight – he was getting kinda pudgy on Idol. He looks Great!


  • Mark

    no matter how hard he tries, lambert always looks like a suburban person whos trying to hard to look cool to me.

  • StylelessOverSubstance

    To me, this isn’t about Lambert being flamboyant. Eddie Mercury, David Bowie and many other true artists gave us serious content with serious visual overkill. But with Lambert, we’re just getting this constant rehash mishmash of stuff draped all over him, while he sings covers.

    Rock and Roll? If you mean the kind you get on an RSVP cruise floor show, well, okay I guess.

    Mark at No. 31 nailed it. In the future, Lambert will be headlining in his eponymous venue at some tired gay version of Branson, MO.

    And that’s if he’s real, real lucky over the years. Right now, he’s basically Wayne Newton with worse fashion sense, if you can imagine that.

  • StylelessOverSubstance

    oops FREDDIE baby FREDDIE not Eddie.

  • Ramble Redhead

    Adam you had better hurry – your 15 minutes are almost up!

  • WTF?

    He is… Sashay Fierce!

  • mark

    and the purple pants from Prince, and the red pumps from Pope Ratzi

  • J467

    Anyone who trashes my Adam for any reason is going to have to deal with ME. I’ll find you and take you out in the parking lot and beat your brains in with a golf shoe.

    This guy doesn’t give a rat’s ass what a bunch of bitches think of him – he’s a major talent and he knows it, he’s out at the BEGINNING of his career, and every inch of him rocks. I love, love, love this guy. I’d like to see some of you queens pull off anything remotely like this. More, Adam!!!

  • B-Gad

    Regardless of what people think of it right now, I’m pretty sure he’ll be groaning (or laughing in hysterical nostalgia) at this photo shoot in a decade or two.

  • Wicked Glitter

    OMG, you men are all the same! I don’t care if your gay, straight, white, black, green, fat or thin. Your just like my husband , and my sisters husbands, and my friends husbands and boyfriends. You’re all so jealous of Adam it’s hilarious! We love Adam because he is sweet, gorgeous, talented, and funny. And lets not forget about that perfect combination of being masculine yet having that sweet softside. We also love his big babyblue eyes(with or without eyeliner). His thick black hair and strawberry blond chesthair. We just love him ,so get over it. I also want to add that I really like pictures 3,4 and 11 the best. Bye, Bye

  • Wicked Glitter

    Oh! I forgot to mention his perfect lips, and the fact that he is muscular in all in the right places, Thanks, love ya!

  • Tawny

    I like the pictures. They are interesting. Adam has a lot of fans and a fantastic voice and range. I am sure he will go far in his career. He is shaking up the music world. He is a breath of fresh air and a greatly needed change from the pop cookie cutters. Bravo Adam!!!

  • Josh

    Oh my god he wore a hat, how dare he, only one person has ever worn a hat. blah blah blah.

    Are you kidding?

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