PHOTOS: Adult Film Star Brent Corrigan Tries His Hand At Hollywood Acting

Adult film star Brent Corrigan made a name for himself in 2004 when he appeared as a power bottom in Cobra Video’s first double penetration film. Since then he has performed in over two dozen pornos. Lately, Corrigan, whose real name is Sean Paul Lockhart, has been trying his hand at Hollywood acting. He’s already appeared in several films, including as a featured extra in 2008’s Milk. The twink is keeping his clothes on (for the most part) as the lead in Truthwhich opens in New York this weekend.

Truth is a psychological thriller about an online chance encounter between two men who fall in love and find themselves tangled in a web of truth and lies. Sounds riveting. Check out the trailer here.

We loved Corrigan/Lockhart in the adult films Every Poolboy’s Dream, F-ck Me Raw, and, of course, the classic Buttf-cked. So we’ll be curious to see what he brings to Truth. The film has already been screened at several LGBT film festivals, including Chicago’s Reeling Film Festival and FilmOut San Diego. It’s currently available for pre-order on Vimeo and will be released on DVD in March.

Scroll down to see some of our favorite pics of Brent Corrigan/Sean Paul Lockhart from over the years.

Photo credits: Brent Corrigan