PHOTOS: Alex Minsky In Gold Lifeguard Briefs Will Help Get You Through Your Monday

We can’t think of a better way to jumpstart the week than by looking at pictures of Alex Minsky half-naked and rolling around in the sand on the beach.

The tattooed veteran-turned-insanely good-looking model was snapped sporting flashy swimwear and gold lifeguard briefs by designer Matthew Zink in a new photo shoot.

Now you might want to grab your sunscreen and shades because these photos are sizzling hot!

Scroll down to see the sexiness.









Photo credit: Eric Pietrangolare

H/t: Accidental Bear

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  • Tackle

    I don’t understand why Queerty keeps promoting this guy.
    And I can think of a better way ( much better) starting my week then looking at pictures of him. Goodbye!

  • tdh1980

    I don’t understand why all of gaydom keeps trying to make this guy happen for us. What is it about him that should warrant so much of our attention?

  • arteest1

    Wow, yeah, I don’t understand why he is being promoted either. He’s honestly not that attractive. The only reason he has any name for himself is because he served in the military, came back, and took his clothes off. (Yes, I’m ignoring the fact that he is an amputee because I believe them to equal to non-amputees).

    I hate how we have a severe military worship complex in this country. All I see anywhere is the military this and the military that. I don’t believe he or most of the enlisted folks are heroes and they certainly don’t deserve this publicity they receive.

    Let’s talk about the real heroes of our country…EMS, Firefighter, Some police officers, teachers, health care providers…give them the publicity and a raise.

    And most importantly of all…let’s stop being so stereotypically gay.

  • BeachGuy2014

    I don’t get this. I honor and respect the fact that he went to war to protect our country, but I don’t understand it. I don’t think he is attractive and the tattoos take away from trying to sale the underwear.

  • packymc

    Love how people take others at face value. What I don’t get is why people would post on something that they have no interest in. If you don’t like it move on and let the rest of us enjoy the person that is Alex. He is a super nice guy who by the way embraces the fact that he has a Gay following. Can’t say the same for other straight maybe better looking guys the majority of gay men admire.

  • tdh1980

    @packymc: The last time I checked the comments section doesn’t exist merely for offering affirmative feedback on the content published. It’s for an exchange of a range of ideas, even the ones with which *you* don’t agree, which means we with feelings contrary to yours have just as much a right to post as you do. Moreover, Queerty has a responsibility to its readers, so if the majority of us don’t have an interest in a topic, it behooves them to evaluate whether or not repeatedly posting about it is wise.

  • LuckyboyLA

    Let’s separate the political from the Military. Those young men same age as most of Queerty readers who get blown up volunteered. Yes Iraq/Afghanistan are huge F-ups. Those young men had nothing to do w/it. They just get killed/blown-up for their choice of career. A chance to learn skills and college. AM was given little chance to live and was kept in an induced coma for 58 days. Then it was his will to live that kept him alive. The Tats cover surgical scars and burns. They all mean something to him and his way to deal with his body image. Snarky little Queens who’s world doesn’t extend past shopping and good selfies are an embarrassment. Harvey Milk would tell you to go back in the closet..

  • Stefan

    I’m force fed how that this guy is by the Gay press that I’m starting to believe it. I’m not sure he’d be hot without his extenuating circumstances and constantly wore speedos or less

  • Bjk

    I really hate it when the Queerty staff member comes to my house, holds a gun to my head, and forces me to read every article and view every picture. I really wish I could pick and choose what I read and view. Focusing on Queerty keeps me from my favorite past-time of hanging out at the buffet, telling everyone that I hate broccoli and why they should hate it, too.

  • MarionPaige

    When you read the stories about returning soldiers living in their cars because they can’t get jobs, you might take the position that anything that helps this guy make a living after losing his leg to war is a good thing. I actually read that the Department of Defense now contracts out debt collection to private firms and that these private debt collectors are destroying the jobs of some vets who do get jobs and bankrupting other returning vets who can’t find employment (therefore can’t pay their debts). And let’s not forget all of the former vets who have turned to porn / escorting because they can’t get jobs. I think as least one of those American male strippers who died in a quarry in Montreal was a vet from PA who couldn’t find work.

    AGAIN, I have to bring up the fact that, on more than one occasion, in New York, I was on a temp jobs with a “guy” who alternated back and forth from going out on temp jobs dressed as a man and other times dressed as a woman. I just kept wondering, with all of the Black and Hispanic men who can’t get work (and former disabled vets who can’t get jobs), how the fuck does not guy dressed as woman get a job? I’m willing to bet money that the transgender population is a tad smaller than the vet population and the Black male population and the Hispanic male population.

  • BlowdyJenner

    So tired of y’all motherfuckin trolls and haters though.

  • BlowdyJenner

    y’all bitches wished you look like this. stop hating.

  • Bjk

    @arteest1: you didn’t ignore the amputee bit, you drew special attention to it in the most condescending way. Almost as bad as “some of my best friends are ________”.

  • DjARD


    Queerty. By using stories like this, all you do is promote the ingrained heterosexism of our society. Please stop. You’re doing harm to the community; serious harm. How about hot gay, bisexual, pan, omni, asexual (huh!?), trans, or otherwise queer men? There’s plenty out there worthy to chronicle, instead of more straight men. Please, just stop.

  • DickieJohnson

    Oh, F*CK all you hateful C*NTY bitches! Just don’t read the articles; it’s that simple. Many of us enjoy hotness, regardless of his sexual orientation, unless he’s an a$$hole, as are many of you.

  • fredo777

    This dude’s face + body are hot. I don’t know why some of you are bitching + moaning about him in an article which you could have just as easily avoided, but nobody cares. There are way important causes to cry over.

  • fredo777

    * way more

  • DickieJohnson

    And a big THANK YOU to all of you who have written in Alex’s defense. The ways in which our veterans are mistreated is a horrible disgrace to this country’s government!

  • tdh1980

    I had no idea that expressing a dissenting opinion around here would send so many people into an irrational tailspin. I must have missed the memo requiring all of us to view him as hot, thus necessitating so much gay media coverage. Obviously, I know better now.

  • fredo777

    @tdh1980: Thinly-veiled sarcasm aside, there is no irrational tailspin on our part. There is nothing wrong with a “dissenting opinion”, but it gets old when every article gets the same snarky, above-it-all comments from people talking about how disinterested they are in topics they constantly keep commenting on. It’s annoying.

  • litper

    Tired of this closeted faq

  • BlowdyJenner

    @fredo777: yes! Thank you!~

  • Dakotahgeo

    @Tackle: Good riddance!

  • Bjk

    @fredo777: exactly!

  • DjARD


    Oh, right. Like the causes Queerty covers on a daily basis?

  • DjARD

    @DickieJohnson: Not many were insulting his service to our country. I, for one, respect it.

    What people are attacking is the shoving of this man down our throats (uh, no pun intended). We are bombarded by these images of straight masculinity. And whether or not he’s hot, all it does is reinforce to us that HE and THEY are top dog. We’re about the bottom of the food chain, and we can only wish and long for men so much ‘better’ – at least, that’s the implication.

    And yeah, when I come to queerty for the occasionally good story, and continually see garbage like this? I have every right to complain.

  • fredo777

    @DjARD: “Oh, right. Like the causes Queerty covers on a daily basis?”

    Not at all like the stories posted on Queerty, which only reinforces my point that this site’s content isn’t worth getting bent out of shape over.

  • hotshot70

    I have the nudes of him, so why do I need to see more? Unless you have him fully “up” and in mid orgasm!

  • Sfoor07

    As a police officer myself, i consider anyone who wears a uniform a hero. so to arteest1 who thinks that EMS, nurses, police officers are very different than military personnel, you are an idiot. i did not become a police officer because of the glory, the uniform, or anything along those lines. i became a police officer to help people and to keep our cities safe just like the military men and woman do to keep our country safe. It just kills me how ignorant america has become these days and how self centered people have become.

  • sdterp

    Despite all of the negative comments, I think he’s lovely and only hate him for apparently being physically unable to take a bad picture. I don’t care that he was in the military (not that I have anything against it, I served for 6 years myself) but he’s pretty and in the interviews I’ve read he seems genuine and sweet. What’s so bad about him serving up large helpings of eye-candy?

    I see some who commented say that they don’t think he’s that attractive. Well, there’s the whole freakin’ Internet out there for you to go find pictures of people you DO find attractive. If you had some sort of ethical objection that you cannot in good conscience remain reticent on, then say your piece and move on. If you’re just here to squeal, then why bother? Some have complained that he’s straight. Unless he’s straight AND homophobic, or actively fighting against our civil rights, why in the hell would you turn on a straight ally? Are most of the snarky comments from our Queer Millennials? Not trying to stereotype, just a curiosity of mine.

    Finally, if you’re that upset about Queerty’s content, then cancel your subscription and demand 10 times the subscription price back. That comes to a whopping $0.00!

  • Dakotahgeo

    @DjARD: And remember, you have every right to remove your sorry ass from Queerty!

  • Gothrykke

    Hot damn! This is the type of real looking man, unlike all those primped and pressed models, that I wish would hit on me. I like the fact he’s not ‘pretty’ but almost average looking. With that body, I got no complaints. His girlfriend is the one I am jealous of.

  • hayleymills

    How anyone cannot recognize that this man is a TOTAL BEAUTY blows my mind.
    Oh, well. I can’t get enough of him Queerty. More please.

  • tardis

    I think he’s a good looking guy, too. Not a fan of body art, but still a good looking guy nonetheless.

  • DarkZephyr

    I still can’t get past his comments about when he was discovered at a gym. When the photographer first approached him, he thought it was “yet another gay dude” hitting on him, so I have no interest in this guy.

  • Soldier_Medic

    I have to admit,many of these comments are poignant, on target and funny in a way that’s like a breath of fresh air.

    I can’t excuse his comments of thinking the photogs was “another gay guy trying to hit on him, because there’s tinge of arrogance. But There are several marines I know how show there wang off on the net they know are majority gay sites.

    That’s what I’m mainly commenting on. I’ve served Iraq a few times and consider it a sincere honor to fight for the right for guys with campy comments to voice their opinions that have me rolfing in stitches. Straight humor has it’s quirk that makes me miss coming to a site like this and hear interesting perspectives.

    For those of us that know him on the military side of the house, there are a few ehem… military types especially Marines that noticed he’s popping up all over gay media.[ which is cool] and I’ll reserve opinions about why for now cuz I could get into trouble,

    Query,= What if, Just an if,[ maybe not/ who knows]. But The guy’s young. What if He just haven’t figured it out yet. what if he’s one of those burgeoning gay men, banging the broads, until he realizes he’s family? How would that change societies take on him if any at all?

  • MarionPaige

    Or, maybe Alex just has a smart social media team behind him. Sex and The Fucking City appeared all over gay media and tied in the gay audience for its idiot tv series and movies. Does that make Sarah Jessica Parker confused sexually and trying to figure out their sexual identity? There is a whole gang of celebrities who have consciously gone after the gay audience not because they give a shit about gay people or gay causes but because they recognized GAY AS A DEMOGRAPHIC stepping stone to a wider audience. Alex Minsky is TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING and provide for himself and his family! And, I will volunteer to you that all MEN recognize what it means for A MAN to be able to make a living and provide for himself and the people he cares about. BITCHES AND QUEENS, on the other hand, are generally convinced that they are invincible and that they can just run off at he fucking mouth without any consequences.

    One can probably divide the comments on this topic into two groups: people who work for a living and recognized what that involves; and bitches and queens who are convinced that they will be taken care of my someone or something.

  • Ben Dover

    @MarionPaige: “Alex Minsky is TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING” … “One can probably divide the comments on this topic into two groups: people who work for a living and recognized what that involves…”

    Yes, tattoos are expensive.

    Cigarettes too, probably – another necessity of life!

  • Ben Dover

    I realize it’s evil of me but… every time I see his ridiculous tattoo that says “DON’T LAUGH” – I laugh!!! Hahahahaha, lololololol.

  • vive

    He’s one of those small-boned guys who look great with just a minimum amount of muscle. I have to work 10 times as hard just to compensate for my enourmously knobby knees and elbows. :)

    I didn’t mind his tattoos before but NOW HE’S CLEARLY GONE OFF THE DEEP END TATTOOWISE.

  • vive


  • mz.sam

    Bravo to a brave vet with drooling sexiness doing his thing and being successful at it. But social media over-saturation is another thing. Not to mention with all his monetary fame, Alex is becoming (if not already) an inked carnival attraction in the truest tradition.

  • MarionPaige

    Now that Michael Musto is out on the street working for a living, I wonder how he feels now about shitting on people trying to make a living? I think it was the famous and renowed philosophers “Hall and Oates” who said: “It’s easy to hurt others when you can’t feel pain.”

  • Soldier_Medic

    As I read through the commentaries of other posts, I just dawned on me a lot of the blogs are geared toward demographics of a certain audience. Alex is WaAAy too young fro me to oogle over.

    I’m going to be careful how I respond. I too observe from a distance as some of us military guys enjoy him hamming it up like only a marine could.

    Some of us who still interact with him infrequently give him sh!t about his dong being everywhere.

    The few of us progressive leaning types are cool with a recent article that proclaim him to be a “Gay Icon” when we ran into him last we told him that was pretyy amazing. it dawned on me after the pregnant pause he has 2 audiences and..well,

    now we know why he abruptly lost contact.

    WE know you’re reading too! Alex, we know you’re reading and we still love ya’ no matter what.
    -semper fi brother-

  • Soldier_Medic

    As I’ve said before in other spaces, reading through the commentaries of other posts, I now know comments that are hot for Alex are geared toward demographics of a certain audience. Alex is WaAAy too young fro me to oogle over.

    I’m not one for outing people, I think it accomplishes nothing. I will say he seems to be comfortable in his element around “family” It’s not uncommon now a days for some of us military guys to enjoy the attention of guys and gals that are hot for you, which is awesome!!

    Alex used to laugh when we’d interact with him and give him sh!t about his d!ck being in all the gay blogs, it’s interesting how he loves the gay following but often seems stumped gay military guys know. It’s like dude, It’s not a secret since THERE ARE GAY MEN IN THE MILITARY STILL,.

    As I said before, I KNOW YOU’RE READING Alex. I’m not outing, just supporting. So many of us military brethren, in particular those who were in since Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, love and support you.

    -semper fi brother-

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