PHOTOS: An Appreciation Of The Courageous Ordinariness Of Robbie Rogers


There’s been a lot of chatter lately, and some disappointment, about the fact that we can’t choose who’s going to be the poster boy for Big League Gay Athlete. It’s as if the person should be someone on the order of Peyton Manning to make the biggest splash. Who cares, the logic goes, about an NBA free agent nearing the end of his career or a retired and then rehired soccer player. As if soccer is even a real American sport!

Yet it’s just that kind of ordinary bravery of a few individuals with their own particular motivations and timetables that makes this phenomenal out-in-sports moment so radical and awe- inspiring. With each new “revelation,” being gay and playing sports becomes a little less of a contradiction in the public mind, perhaps a small step for human kind but a huge step for the homo kind.

So Robbie Rogers is not Tim Tebow (he’s actually better at soccer than Tebow, a horrid quarterback with a weak arm, is at football). He’s not Tom Brady. He’s about a foot shorter than LeBron James. He’s a relatively well-known professional soccer player who had the courage to tell the world the truth, before almost anyone else at his level of athletic accomplishment.

We browsed his Facebook page, and fell in love with his sweet and cute ordinariness. That’s a pretty damn good reasons for him to be one of the elite guys sharing the glow of this moment in history.

Browse through the pics of Robbie…

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  • boring

    I didn’t know one of the requirements for being ordinary is also being highly attractive, but that’s Queerty for you, I guess.

  • tardis

    Boyfriend/husband material!

  • jvp3299

    Wow, ordinary?? If he is ordinary, then Ryan Gosling and company must just be so-so.
    He is amazingly handsome and not ordinary in any way. The first to come out in soccer/football where it is one of the major past times in Europe. The biggest sport
    outside America. Where fans yell homophobic things and want to kill guys they suspect of
    of being gay. Sorry, but you really missed this one with your description of him.

  • jvp3299

    Sorry, not all football/soccer fans. but many

  • Kieran

    Lindsay Graham is what you call ordinary.

    Robbie Rogers is extraordinarily adorable.

  • Fidelio

    I love this kid.

  • miagoodguy

    Typical gay response that the posterboy must be an attractive guy.

  • ncman

    If it is true that he is a Republican, that erases much of the “cute”.

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